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So Cal wife wants to try her first...any takers?

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New around here...
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Sep 8, 2005
She is 5'7", 125 lbs, long gorgeous legs, and is multi-orgasmic...contact us at swinglifestyle.com under alexnceleste in Ontario, CA.


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Those buns need some real nice action. Would love to be the first to explore the dark dungeon. :twisted:

Here is a resource in Ontario

There s alot more, you can makes contact there and move on to a group that suit your objective or may be find someone there.


anyway, nice meeting you, hope to see you there

Isabelle, Ottawa

thanks for the emails...here is another....anyone from vegas or so. cal?
correct file size

here she is...


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very hot

:wink: very very nice
Here in Socal..

Let me know when Celeste would like to play. I am located in Costa Mesa. You can check out my profile on Yahoo. phantasmic007 also you can drop me and email at ccedeno@sbcglobal.net I also have a myspace website. Heres the link to see more of me....http://www.myspace.com/phantasmic007
Hope to hear from you soon..

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