Southside of Chicago but of course if you wanna play

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New around here...
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Mar 4, 2004
Love to have you enjoy me in the same way


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another pic and ladies would love to here from you


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mmmm omg you are so sexy...keep em cumming baby!!!!
Hello ladies,
my other pics are too big to download onto this format but my yahoo profile at contains a pic and email me at if interested in others. I'm in the Chicago area and would love to get to know you whether you are a SWF or MWF drop me a line
Enjoy ladies
i'd like you to come after me.....
where r u????? been looking 4 u
Mahogony has a nice ring to it, and the chest in the photo is awesome. No doubt about it, a girl could get a good rutting with this stud, and afterwards a nice erotic massage using the surplus sperm instead of olive oil to rub her finery.

Wonder how this stud marks his new possessions when he beds them? He would need to put his ownership mark on them. Words written on them, or symbols?
you have a wonderful dick, but i would be afraid I'd end up being posted like that woman you show.