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The Board new Look

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Oct 15, 2005
i aprrove very much
To tell the truth, I liked the old board format better. Maybe it was because I was used to it....and the fact that I don't like change.

Anyway, we'll see how things materialize.
the old was better. why is all the text squeezed in to the center on the screen . its very hard to find the thread i want
Yes...I prefered the old format also. It seems my posting options are more limited.
Your posting options should be greatly increased, with a more legible layout. We're gonna be doing a lot more work on it in the near future as well.
New Board

It doen't appear to be updated as it should be. A number of posts that say today have been on the board several days. It is very dificult to access the latest posts as you don't know where they are. It doesn't appear to be an improvement on the old format.

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