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The Breeding of Jennifer-4

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Oct 26, 2005
Anthony looked at me as I knelt in front of him, a small smile playing at the corners of his mouth, a smile I would later know well from having seen it often -- the smile of the black man watching a white girl submit to him, want to serve him, please him. Anthony raised his hips and tugged on the loose-fitting pants that slipped easily over his hips and down to his thighs and he pushed hen lower on his legs, finally telling me to pull them off. I did but I could harly concentrate on what he was saying. He had no underwear so that his cock just leapt out at me. My eyes were fixed on his cock. I had never seen a man's hard cock before, my only previous experience being some random fumbling in the darkness of a car. This view was a lot different from the clinical images we had had last year in our textbook on human sexuality. My god... I just stared, that amazing hard black cock, the head of it, an even darker brown than the rest, peeking through the foreskin, that strange wrinkly sack that contained his balls. So this is it, this is what a guy looks like when he's aroused, when he wants to fuck you. I had two thoughts, one funny and the other not so much. I wondered how in the world a man ever even walked (let alone run) with all that hanging between his legs. I mean, doesn't it get squeezed and bumped and hurt? And then I wondered how even some of that would fit inside me. I also noticed his pubic hair... tight little patches of black curls dotted his abdomen, around his cock and for a few inches down the insides of his thighs. I compared his hair there with mine that grew in long blonde wisps, not even very curly.
Anthony just sat back looking at me as I stared at his cock, my eyes not wavering from his black manhood. Finally he said: "Girl, have you ever sucked cock before?" I answered, my voice a whisper: "sort of". He laughed as he reached for my face, raising my eyes to his. "Sort of? what the hell does 'sort of' mean?" His hands stroked my cheeks, my hair as I looked at him, trusting him, deciding to tell the truth. "I never really sucked before, just sort of had my mouth on a guy's cock, but..." "You're not 18 are you, Jen?" I shook my head. "What are you then? 15? 16?" "16." "Shit... I could get arrested for this." I looked at him and said "But you won't... believe me, you won't." I could feel tears welling up in my eyes as I saw Anthony's face become hard, wary. Then he reached out again and stroked my face, his finger lightly touching my lips. "I believe you... you want it too much...and you want to please me don't you? make me happy?" I nodded my head. He said, "Say it! Say it out loud!" and I said, "I want to please you, to....learn." "Good girl."
Anthony relaxed again, sat back against the cushions of the love seat, one again his hard cock the center of my attention, just inches from my face. "OK girl, cup your left and and place it under my balls so they lay in your hand like eggs in a nest. Now, with your right hand just slowly stroke me, long strokes, all along my cock... pull down a little so the head comes out of the skin there... yes, like that, slowly, feels so good..." I was pleasing this man, making him feel good, and as I looked at my hand I had another electrical jolt as I saw the whiteness of my skin moving along the almost black chocolate of his. I couldn't take my eyes off the contrast in our colors, I imagined how we would look when he was laying on top of me, his blackness covering my whiteness., my white body opening itself to him as I would spread my legs wide, begging for his blackness to be inside it.
After a few minutes Anthony said, "OK, now suck me...and you don't really suck, right?...you just do with your lips and tongue what your hand has been doing...see?" Still cupping his balls with my left hand I held his long, thick cock at the base nd lowered my mouth to the head, putting my lips around it, letting my saliva serve as a lubricant, pushing my head lower. I was surprised by how soft it was... the head like velvet, the skin soft and warm. I used my tongue to stroke the base of the head as my own head moved slowly up and down. I had once tried this with a banana but had pushed it too far and gagged. Anthony's crotch, his cock had a special smell and taste that I liked. I liked what I was doing. I had always thought that sucking meant just that... kind of sucking on a man like you would on a pacifier. I realized that it was really making love to a man, to his cock, with your mouth. I let his cock pop out of my mouth and licked all along the shaft down to his balls, then reached out my tongue and licked there too, but I was worried that I might hurt him because I knew that this was such a sensitive place. Anthony just held my head there and moaned his approval. I licked his balls and cock, then put it back in my mouth and resumed my up and down movements. "Girl, you are a natural born cocksucker... you are going to make me come so I want you to stop, because that's for another time..." I raised my head, I knew that my face was flushed and red, I could feel wetness on my cheeks and chin. Anthony got up, his cock pointing straight out in front of him, I wanted to keep sucking it. "Come on, Jen, get up. Let's see if you like fucking as much as you like sucking... this black cock is gonna fuck that white pussy..."
Utterly Superb can't wait for the next instalment
"So this is it, this is what a guy looks like when he is aroused, when he wants to fuck you".

This is quality writing, and equisitively erotic innocence.
wonderful story

I would love to be Jennifer. story 4 is just sending goose bumps of envy throughout my body. I am not into domination or vulgarity, but does it turn me on, wow.

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