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The Breeding of Jennifer-6

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Oct 26, 2005
When Anthony slipped out of bed an hour or so later I woke up, kind of groggy, not sure of the time. "It's just after 9... I was thinking we could order pizza," said Anthony. I nodded, I was starving, but I added, "I need a shower first...I'm all sticky." "Me too," he said, "let's go togther." We jumped in the bathtub/shower and Anthony took the soap and began washing my back, my ass, between my legs that I very nicely and obediently opened for him, smiling as I thought that in the past 5 hours I had opened my legs a lot. I washed his back, soaped him all over also, we splashed water on each other like little kids in a pool and made a steamy mess of the bathroom. As I was washing his cock he began to get hard again and I stroked him with my soapy hands, looking at his cock, then into his eyes as his gaze met mine. Finally I kneeled and took him in my mouth, moving my head back and forth as my tongue tasted the soap on his cock. "Oh, god girl, cut that out... shit girl, you do like that don't you? can't get enough of that black cock can you? I told you you were a natural born cocksucker... a black cock sucker with those pretty pink lips..." His hips were moving again, rhythmically, as his cock pushed in and out of my mouth, and I held him there with my hands that held each ass cheek. I moaned as I sucked him and he let me do it for a while longer, then he pulled back and said, "We have got to stop this, get out of this shower and get some food. Don't worry baby girl, I'm gonna fuck you some more every which way, very soon."
We rubbed each other dry and I put my long hair up in a towel while Anthony called for pizza. I picked up my tee shirt but Anthony said, "Don't get dressed, just wear this..." and handed me one of his tee shirts that had a big fist in the front and the words "Black Power". It came down just below my ass, barely covering me in back and in front. He handed me a $20 and said that the delivery guy could keep the change. "You want me to answer the door like this?" I asked. "Yeah, of course!" He had on a pair of boxer shorts and he began making a salad, setting the table and opening some more wine. When the doorbell rang I thought "oh hell" but opened it and took the pizza box, walked over to the table and set it down (realizing that Mr. Pizza Guy had a great view of my bare ass), then went back to pay. The delivery man was white, in his late 20s -- his eyes darted back and forth between me and Anthony in his shorts walking around the kitchen, just a few feet away. Here I was wearing a "Black Power" tee shirt, my wet hair on top of my head, no underwear and a nearly naked black man moving around just behind me. I smiled at the guy and said "keep the change" and closed the door. Anthony was smiling that huge smile of his and I said "what?" and he answered, "You did ok girl. I wanted you to answer the door. I wanted him to see you and me together, that I just fucked you... I want you always to show your people, white folks, that you are proud that a black man fucks you... do you get that? do you understand?" I nodded, then laughed and said, "Well, if that's what you wanted you should have opened the door while I was sucking your cock." Anthony just looked at me and said, "OK, that's what we'll do next time." "What? Really? you're kidding." He continued to look at me in the eyes and said, "Oh no, I'm not kidding... you have a lot to learn girl, and especially that fucking is just part of it."
Our meal was salad and pizza and I abandoned all pretense of ladylike behavior and stuffed myself with food. We were relaxed, with no deadline. "So you can spend the night here, Jenn?" "Yes, please... yes." He started asking questions after telling me about his job... that he was moving around the country, spending several months at each stop, learning the ropes of the large multi-national corporation that was headquartered here. It explained why he seemd to live with so little in the way of furniture, possessions. In a month he would be on the west coast. He peppered me with questions: when my birthday was (September), why I was so young to be a senior in high school (I skipped 4th grade), what school was like for me? I told him I loved school, that I was an honors student taking AP classes, that I had a very good chance of being valedictorian, that I was a cheerleader and could do the splits and backflips and cartwheels (he immediately wanted a demonstration but I said I needed more room), that I had been elected Prom queen last May and was president of my class. I told him about the private school where I studied, about the suburb I lived in (he whistled because he knew it was a place where there was a lot of money). "Damn, girl, big money... I know some senior execs who live there. Now, just what will Mommy and Daddy think when they find out that a black man is fucking their little darling and that she wants to suck his cock 24/7?" I said that first of all, Mike was my step-father and a lot older than my Mom who was still young and very pretty. "As far as what they'll say when they find out their little baby is being fucked by a black man... well, something tells me they'll be fine with that." I think I surprised Anthony for the first time... he just stared at me. I don't think he imagined my answer, rather that I would say something like "they'll flip out, they'll ground me for decades..." Instead I kept my mysterious look and went back to my pizza.
When we had devoured every crumb on the table, fighting over the last slices of tomato, Anthony said, "OK, girl, come with me. Something we gotta do right now." I followed him to the bathroom where he took out a bowl, a brush and a razor. "Sit up here," pointing at the small, tile counter next to the sink. I hoisted myself up there, then sat at the edge where he told me. "Now, open wide... no, your legs, girl, not your mouth." I laughed and did as I was told. He took the brush and lathered it up, then applied the soapy froth to my pubic hair. "All right, girl, I will be very careful, don't worry... I've done this before... I'm gonna kneel down here, eye level with that pretty cunt." (cunt? did he just say cunt? the c word, the bad word, vagina is fine, pussy is cute, but the c word is nasty?). I felt him start to shave me, very carefully on the sides of my slit along the labia, and in a couple of minutes I was all bare. He washed off the soap, dried me and said, "What do you think?" I looked at myself in the mirror and thought that I looked like I was 12 again., when all I did was wait for my period and my pubic hair to grow. Anthony rubbed his hand over my mound and between my legs and said, "Nice, smooth... how often do you shave your legs and pits?" "About once a week or so, once every 2 weeks in the winter." "Well, you have to shave this cunt more often than that, keep it nice and smooth... maybe one day you can wax instead of shave, oh and don't wear panties anymore. Now come on, back to bed... I am going to show you what it feels like to be eaten out."
Jenniferb I salute you. This is utterly superb. Can't wait for more. By the way does her Mom get bred? :)

Unlike many of the stories in this forum category, yours have established a high degree of believability, which is why I am enjoying them so much. Also, the fact that you're stretching the chapters out serves to add interest. I see from some of the comments you've received that other astute readers are feeling the same way.

I hope you can maintain the flavor of our young honey's experiences and not let yourself go too far afield. I did think you embellished the girl's school credentials a bit much. It's quite enough for our curious hottie to be a talented cheerleader, without piling on all the other attributes.

Just a small dose of criticism to an otherwise well-composed story.

We're all waiting for Chapter 7.


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