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The Breeding of Jennifer-7

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Oct 26, 2005
The next two hours (or more, or less, I don't really know) will always be an erotic blur in my head, a cloud of sensations and feelings, both physical and mental, rather than a series of events that I can relate today. The main image that comes to mind is water, liquid, warm pleasure, and of a black man slowly but surely taking control of a white girl's body and mind. When we lay down again on the bed, freshly remade I might add, it seemed like such a natural place for me, for us, to be. We just lay there for a while on our backs, holding hands, and for the first time in my life I knew and loved the feeling of a man's body next to mine. I also knew that I was in love with Anthony, in love for the first time in my life. I propped my head on my hand and just looked at him and realized how much I loved his face, his body, his strong chest, his flat stomach with its chisled abs, the skin that covered the end of his cock like a special protection for a special place. In the weeks and months ahead, as more black men fucked me, I would come to realize that most men are circumcised and I would miss that sheath of skin. I loved the dark brown of his skin color, his blackness, and I also realized just how utterly beautiful black skin is, and perhaps understood that that skin color is a great present I could give to my children, just as my mother was trying to do with the men who were breeding her.
Anthony rolled over me and knelt again between my legs, but this time he stretched out his tall body so that his head was lying on my stomach. I could feel his warm breath on my skin there. I still felt a little self-conscious about my newly shaved pussy, feeling more ******* than ever, knowing that I could not hide that very private and secret place behind even a thin layer of pubic hair. But I also liked the feeling of being more available, and that by removing my hair and telling me not to wear panties Anthony was preparing a way for me to understand psychologically as well as physically that I was open and accessible, that my body was not my sole possession any longer. My bareness would come to be part of who I was, and black men in the future who would tell me to lift up my skirt and who would see my bare pussy would know that I had been trained properly.
I knew about men going down on women, licking and sucking on their pussies, and I wanted that to happen to me, but I also felt that it was a little nasty and yucky, worrying about how I taste and is it disgusting and am I clean? Where did all that semen go that he filled me with just a little while ago? When he put his mouth on my pussy (my cunt?) I felt excitement, felt his tongue licking along my inner thighs, my labia, along that crease between my slit and my thigh, then he lightly licked all along my slit... I wanted to reach down and pull myself open to him... then his tongue probed inside me, licking every inch, sucking gently on the folds of my inner labia, licking every inch, then his tongue touched my clitoris and I almost jumped out of my skin, feeling a pleasure I had never imagined as my hands carressed the back of his head. This was so nice, it felt so good... My reservations faded away...after all, I loved sucking Anthony's cock, so why wouldn't he like this?
I looked down and saw his head bobbing, and then, as if he knew I was looking at him, he peered over my mound and looked me in the eyes, still licking -- it was so erotic to imagine that he could see every bit of the pleasure he was giving me. I made a mental note that the next time I sucked his cock I would look up into his huge brown eyes so I could see his look as he watched his black cock move in and out of my mouth. He changed the way he tongued me, pushing his face deeper into my pussy -- he pushed his tongue as far as he could inside me, then pulled it out to flick my clitoris, then back inside me, and again I felt that wave of sensation that announced that I was close to coming, getting ready for the pleasure of coming, for the explosion in my whole body as I would give myself over to my orgasm -- and I came, hard, intense again but it was different than before, not stronger or weaker, just different, each time would be different from the time before, like snowflakes no two of which are alike. My body shook, I bucked my hips against Anthony's mouth, I cried out, louder this time that before, and Anthony lifted his body over mine and I opened my legs wide to him, and he kissed me deeply and I tasted my own taste on his lips and tongue, smelling myself on his chin and cheeks. I kissed his lips, drank my own juices from his tongue. I liked the taste a lot and later when a black man told me to go down on his white girlfriend I found out that I had no problem enjoying myself while I was licking her.
Maybe Anthony sensed that in my sexual newness was also a future willingness to try things and enjoy them, like performing oral sex on another female, or being fucked in the ass, or rimming a black man while he straddled my face. Anthony moved his cock closer to my pussy and this time the cockhead just slid in through the wetness of his saliva and my juices. He pushed all the way inside me, harder this time than before, taking possession of me, his desire more urgent, his need to be pleased by my body more intense, and almost immediately I came again, not like the last time, maybe less in intensity but it made my body tingle and my toes and fingers curl. He continued to fuck me, slowly, while I looked up at him, his face all scrunched up in concentration. After a few more minutes I felt him tensing, felt his body preparing for his own orgasm, I was waiting for that warm feeling when he would come inside me -- but then he pulled his hard cock from me and it felt like someone had taken away my soul, my insides, and he moved up across my stomach and chest, his knees on each side of my head and he said "Open your mouth!" and I did and he put his wet cock in my mouth and I closed my lips around it, loving it with my tongue that caressed the underside, I could feel his balls slapping against my chin and neck, and then I felt his cock become even bigger, pulsating as he started to ejaculate -- the first spurt of semen hit the back of my mouth with a strength that surprised me. I had innocently thought that sperm came out in a dribbling flow, not in huge gobs that seemed to be projected out of his cock like missles from a cannon. I couldn't move, his knees held my head, I tried not to gag or choke, opening my throat and he shot gob after gob of semen into my mouth and I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed, and everytime I thought he was done he would come some more (how much does a guy produce when he comes?) and I swallowed in audible gulps. Anthony pulled his cock from my mouth and let it lay across my face as he looked down at me, and said "You look good like that, you look good with a cock on your face..." and I smiled, sensing that I had passed another test, the "never waste a black man's sperm" test.
The following morning, after a sleep that was so deep and restful, I awoke to find coffee and muffins. I said "good morning" when I came into the kitchen and, seeing me naked, Anthony just smiled. I was learning. I dressed after a quick shower while Anthony got himself ready to go to his office. He said, "I'll call your cell and tell you what time to be here later, ok?" and I nodded, then went to get my car and drive the 20 minutes home. I was a very different girl than the one who had left the comfortable suburbs the previous afternoon. I had discovered my sexuality and my erotic side, and more than anything I understood the tapes I had watched, understood the power of a black man, of black men, understood why my mother lay on a bed in a hotel room or in someone's house and begged black men to make her pregnant.
Don't stop now, Jennifer. I hope we can soon expect a Part 2.

I thought you'ed like to know I found Part 1 to be a marvelous study in the awakening of a young girl's desire for something far beyond the ordinary.

".....and black men in the future would tell me to lift my skirt, and would see my bare pussy, and would know that I had been trained properly".

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