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The Breeding of Jennifer-8

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Oct 26, 2005

The nine days between my first night with Anthony and the return of my morther and step-father were a mixture of fearful anticipation and sexual and personal discovery. I counted the days backwards 9...8...7... and spent each night with Anthony. I tried to decide what to do when I saw Mike and my mom again. Would I tell them that I had seen the tapes, and how would I bring it up? I couldn't quite imagine a dinner conversation that would begin "Oh, by the way, I accidentally watched all the tapes in that box in your closet..." or "So, Mom, you're being bred, huh? what's that like?" or "What have I been up to? well, in the past two weeks I've been sleeping with a black man named Anthonyand I found out that I was a virgin after all until he popped my cherry, and he has fucked me in ways I never imagined and I love it..." I decided to play it by ear, see what happened and then bring it up, but I had decided I would talk about it with them, about the breeding, and about Anthony.
During those days, I had a wonderful time with Anthony, both inside and out of his apartment. I wanted to use every second we had, knowing that in just a few days my parents would be home and that in a few weeks he would be gone and that I might never see him again. I showed up at his apartment within an hour of his returning home on the days he worked. The first time I came back to his apartment, the evening after our marathon of lovemaking, he opened the door and smiled as he saw my short skirt, my low-cut top that showed that I had no bra on. He lifted the front of my skirt and when he saw that I was not wearing panties he smiled and said "good girl". Then he added, "When you come in here I want you to get undressed and stay that way until you leave." So it became my usual routine to toss my purse on the table and to undress. Sometimes he would have me kneel and suck him until he came, other times we sat and talked and drank wine, then made a meal or went out for dinner or went to bed. I couldn't get enough of sex with him, and it was obvious on some days that he had an urgency about him, that he couldn't wait to get his cock in my pussy or for me to take his cock in my mouth and when he came he would make loud noises of pleasure while he pulled my hair to keep my mouth on his cock while I swallowed his come.
We talked about our lives... his growing up in a poor neighborhood anbd getting scholarships to schools, his mother, sisters, sex for the first time at age 14 with the sister of his best friend, his reams, the job he wants to have. He wondered how it would be now for me to go back to school, back to high school and a daily routine, back to boys asking me out on dates. How would I fulfill my sexual needs now, because it was clear that I had needs. Would I go back into the persona of little Miss Perfect White Girl goody two shoes, or would I let people know that I loved fucking and that I preferred fucking black men? Would I go out looking for black guys now? and where would I find them? At age 16 I couldn't really go to bars and clubs so what would I do? Anthony said that if I looked at a black man, especially an older black man, he would know that I wanted it, wanted him, that I was a black man's "white piece of ass" and that the man would take me and fuck me. He showed me two clubs on the north end of downtown where white women went to meet black men and where things sometimes got a little wild. "But to go in there you'll need a really good fake ID."
On weekends we went for long walks together and I loved being in public with my black lover who held my hand or put his arm around me in that special, possessive way. We walked along the river front, we went back to the square where we had met, we went to movies. On Sunday we walked around the art museum, then went to have ice cream in a little neighborhood on top of a hill near the museum. While we were there three girls from my school came in, girls I knew very well but who weren't necessarily close friends. At first I didn't see them, having my back to the door. Anthony had his hand on my neck, kind of rubbing it and caressing my shoulders as they walked to the counter, then they turned and saw me and I saw them at the same time and felt myself blushing. Their mouths dropped open and they just stared at us. Anthony asked: "You know them?" and I nodded. "Well, then introduce me." So I smiled and said "hi" and they walked over to our table, and I said, "Anthony, these are friends of mine from school... this is Karen, Julia and Sara." They said "nice to meet you" and so did Anthony, they took their ice cream and sat at a table just across from us so they could watch us. Anthony was not about to let an opportunity like that go by, so he pulled me closer to him and kissed me on the mouth, hard, long, my mouth was open to his tongue, my hand on his neck, caressing him, touching his cheek. He held the kiss forever, then put his arm around me and I dropped my head to his shoulder. A few minutes later we got up to leave and as we were going out the door I felt Anthony put his hand on my ass and keep it there as I walked out. After a few steps he said, "So, are you ok with what just happened?" and I nodded and said "Yes." He said "Will they talk about it to other people?" and I laughed and said "Tony, they have already got their cell phones out and they're calling everybody they know. Remember, I told you that my nickname among the boys is 'ice queen', many tried but none succeeded." We laughed all the way down the hill but I knew that when school satrted in three weeks I would be looked at very differently than I had been before.

On the Saturday when Mike and Mom returned I ran around straightening up the house, doing some last minute dishes and laundry, then drove to the airport. I was so happy to see them as they came out of the international passengers area, and during the trip home and that evening they told me about their trip, funny incidents, people they had met, what they had seen. "And what about you, Jenn? what did you do during all this time?" I answered, "I studied." They assumed I meant in books! We spent a nice evening just chatting, I realized that with everything that had gone on I had not had a chance to miss them, but I had missed them and I loved them and it was great to have them home. The following Monday Mom went back to her office but Mike stayed home, having taken a couple of additional days. As head of the company it was easy for him just to tell people when he would be there. We were having lunch on the patio when I said to Mike, my words barely squeaking out of my throat, "Ummm, Mike, I have to tell you something... I was looking for somthing in Mom's closet two weeks ago and I found this box with tapes in it... and I know I shouldn't have but I watched them... you know which ones?"
"Yes... I do."
Surprise ending, so Jen will be able to go black with parent's approval.

A very nice eight chapter story which I enjoyed very much.
I have the same problem of my husband finding out, he will not approve. I must find a way to get him involved. Also a sfe way for a girl alone to find a black man in safety. I am so scared.

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