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The Breeding of Jennifer-9

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Oct 26, 2005
We sat there for a few minutes in silence, the older man in his 50s seemingly tongue-tied, unsure of what to say. I smiled at Mike, trying to show him that I was not embarrassed or angry or put off by what I had seen on the tapes. As if he could read my mind, he asked me: "Did you watch all of them?" I nodded. Mike asked: "Were you shocked? upset?" I thought for a minute and answered: "I guess at first I was a little weirded out, I mean seeing my Mom with other men, all of them black guys, and you there, and other people... and that she was having such a good time..." Mike laughed, for the first time seeming less inhibited about talking with me about this. "Yes, she does have a good time." I just sat there, looking at him, a quizzical look on my face. Mike said, more seriously than before, "Listen Jenny, you know how when you were little, when you were younger, and I told you that if you asked me a question you had better want the answer, because I wouldn't lie to you?" I nodded again. "Well," he said, "do you want to know what all those tapes are about, or should we just drop it? I'm good either way..." I answered that I wanted to know. He said "I'm going to get a glass of scotch, I think I'm going to need it." When he came back he had a tall glass of whiskey, his cigarettes and an ashtray. "Good idea," I said and got up, went upstairs to my room and took my pack from my purse. I had the cigarette already lit when I returned to the patio and was inhaling deeply to calm myself down. Mike looked shocked. "Jenny, I didn't know you smoked." "Yup, for about a year... didn't you ever wonder where all those packs of your cigarettes went?" It felt amazing just to be sitting in front of him smoking. Of course there were a lot of things about me that he didn't know and would soon find out.
"Well," Mike said, "not sure how to start... let's see... for the past four years or so your Mom and I have been part of a group of people here that keeps expanding, here and all over the world... The first people who ever talked to us about it were Jon and Terri." "The Harmons?!" I asked. "Yeah, they've been involved in all this for a long time." "OK, but what does 'all this' mean?" I asked. "'All this' is white people like us, like the Harmons, like some other people you know, and a who;le lot of people, thousands, hundreds of thousands you don't know, who feel that Black Men are the supreme achievement of the human race, that they are superior to us and we must respect them and serve them. Especially we feel that these Men are entitled to our wives, girlfriends, daughters and we must offer them to these Men. Does this make any sense so far?" I nodded, amazed that I understood. "And part of that is what is called breeding. That's when white men give their wives or girlfriends to Black Men knowing that the women are in the middle of their cycles and that there is a huge chance they can get pregnant with a black baby. Like, well, for example, you know the two little black boys the Harmons adopted?" "Yes," I said. "Well," Mike went on, "they're not adopted. Terri has been bred twice in the past 6 years. Those are her babies with some black man. At most breeding sessions the women have sex with 4 or 5 guys so you don't actually know who the father is. The black man won't be responsible for raising the child, he is just doing the woman or the couple a huge favor by impregnating her with a Black Man's sperm." "And what do you do while Mom was with these guys?" Mike said, "I wait with the other white guys, watching the scene, until the Black Men are finsihed with our women, then we take them home. This is going on all over the country, all over the world. There are clubs, breeding clubs that you can go to in big cities, like the Mandingo Clubs. There are breeding parties that are advertized on the internet and you register and go to it. In big cities there are breeding parties almost every day, in smaller cities like here about once a week. People come from all over, men with their wives or girlfriends, fathers and mothers with their daughters, all for breeding."
I had read the brochures with the tapes, and I had looked at the pictures of men who advertized their services as breeders, but this was amazing to hear, very erotic. Every day white females are spreading their legs for Black Men in the hope that they will become pregnant with a black baby. I asked, "So, if Mrs. Harmon has two kids from this, why don't you and Mom?" Mike looked sad and said, "We've tried... your Mom has been pregnant three times and lost the babies each time after around 3 or 4 months. Our trip to Europe was for her to get away from some of the bad news that she received from her gynecologist just before we left... that she won't have any more children. I guess because she was so young when she had you, something happened, she won't have any more." I heard myself let out a long, sad "ohhhh".
"So, what else is there? what else do you want to know?" I shook my head, not sure of what else to ask. Finally I said, "Mike, will you tell Mom about this conversation, that I know and that I'm ok with it?" He looked at me for a long moment, then asked, "But are you? ok with it I mean?" "Yes, I am ok with it." Then I thought back to when Anthony asked me what my parents would say when they found out that a black man was fucking their sweet little white princess daughter, and I told him that I thought they'd be ok with it. I was laughing to myself when Mike said "What's so funny?" I said, "I was just thinking about a funny conversation I had." "Who with?" asked Mike. "A man named Anthony... a black man... we were in his bed, we had just had sex, this was not quite two weeks ago... and he asked me what my parents would think about me being fucked by a black guy and I told him that I thought you'd be ok with it."
"OK with it? my god yes, I can't wait to tell Carol. Your Mom will be so proud of you. You have no idea how often we sat around hoping that just that would happen." I smiled and said, "You always have to be careful what you wish for!" Mike laughed again and I got up, took off my shoes and shorts. With my bikini on underneath I was ready and just took a running leap into the pool. Life is strange...I had always wondered how I would tell my parents I was sexually active. Well, I had just told my step-dad (who can't wait to tell my mother) that a Black Man is fucking me (and doing to me and with me just about everything else you can imagine) and his response is, "Oh, that is the answer to our dreams." Mike and Mom were hoping I would go black...and I did.
Hope there will be a no. 10 in this story. Ive enjoyed it very much.

This chapter adds a very interesting development to your emerging storyline, which I find myself enjoying more and more.

You have an innate talent for this theme...it's almost as though you have lived it yourself.....(or wanted to !!)

Anxiously awaiting the next sequel, girl.

Great story. So how about a 10th chapter?

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