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The Breeding of Jennifer

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Oct 26, 2005
[This is fiction, it did not happen but I wish it had. I am in my 20s now and hope to be a writer, especially a writer of erotic fiction like Anais Nin, so any feedback is welcome from any reader. Most erotic writing is done by men and I feel that women should also have a voice.]

Chapter 1. The Discovery

I was just about to turn 17 and enter my senior year of high school in a suburb of a large American midwestern city. During a two-week period in July I was home alone, my parents having decided to go on a long trip to Europe culminating with a cruise in the Mediterranean. I spent most of my days reading, lounging by the pool and tanning, going shopping... a typical teenage girl's life. My parents trusted me to be alone and their trust was not misplaced. It wasn't that I was such a good girl...I had done my share of partying and fooling around last year but nothing to cause any worry in Mom and my step-dad Mike. I had lost my virginity in May, a not-so-great event with a boy my age, but I was happy with it because it was over. I actually didn't much feel like doing it again, at least for a while. And it's not for lack of opportunity. Guys like me and my looks and I get stared at alot. I'm tall at 5'9" with long and shapely legs, a small but round butt, breasts that, at 34b, I hope will still grow some. I am maybe a little too skinny at 120 pounds but that will change too. Until my growth spurt at age 14 I was a gymnast, but I am very supple and can still do the splits and cartwheels, something that comes in handy now that I'm a cheerleader. Last May I was the Junior Prom Queen. I am a natural blonde and have very fair skin that tans some but I have to be careful. If I have some tan lines at the end of summer I'm happy. And as I said, guys notice me... I'm pretty in a very cute sort of way, with long blonde hair that I've been growing for years and is now down to my lower back.
I get my looks from my Mom who, at 34, still turns heads all the time. She is young for being the mother of a girl almost turning 17 but she became pregnant at my age and decided to keep the baby, living with my grandparents until six years ago when she met Mike. He is a well-to-do businessman but, at 51 now and divorced twice, he is quite a bit older than Mom. He has been a great step-father and we are as close as if I were his real daughter. And unlike most of my friends I also get along great with my mother. They are a striking couple... he is tall, around 6'3" and fit and she is a little shorter than me, also a natural blonde with clear blue eyes and a body that I hope to have one day, especially her breasts that are 36C and her 128 pound figure with not an ounce of fat. She dresses very nicely, wears short dresses and skirts and very sexy lingerie, something she passed on to me, maybe because of our frequent shopping sprees at Victoria's Secret.

It all started innocently enough. I was planning to go to a friend's house for an overnight, but couldn't find my sleeping bag. I remembered that Mom had borrowed it for a camping trip in June, so I started rummaging around in her closet, but no luck. So I did the same in Mike's closet, moving shoes and clothes and boxes. No sleeping bag. Then I saw this metal box in the back of his closet, the kind that can be locked with a key. I lifted it up by its handle and the top opened and inside were video tapes and a folder. I was curious so I opened it up and inside were flyers and brochures that all had the word "breeding" somewhere in the title or heading: "Breeding Party", "Breed Your Wife", "Black Men Breed White Women". I had no clue what "breeding" meant in this context since it was a word I associated with dogs or horses. What did black men and white women have to do with German Shepherds or Arabian horses? Most of the brochures listed times and places for encounters, some were at hotels and others looked to be at private homes. All of them said "by invitation only, please apply" with a phone number or a post office box address. A couple of the brochures contained pictures of handsome black men... I mean hot guys, their shirts off, their broad chests, most hairless or with little patches of dark tight curly hair here and there, their skin so smooth. Almost all of the men in the pictures were very dark complected, dark chocolate browns or almost black.
The video tapes had dates written on them, with the most recent just a week and a half ago, just before they left for Europe, and the oldest two months ago. I took the box and went to my room and slipped the one from a week and a half ago into the VCR. When the picture came up I could tell that it was a hotel room that looked like a suite with two king-size beds filling up most of the picture. The tape ran like that for a minute or two, then four women appeared on the screen, one of whom was Mom. They were all about the same age, all of them attractive and very nicely dressed. A minute later four white men appeared and stood behind the women... and since Mike stood behind my Mom I assumed that these were the women's husbands or boyfriends. Then appeared a group of seven black men who walked past the women, looked them over at first, then came closer. My eyes were focused on Mom and the two black men standing by her. One of them reached out his hand and cupped her breast through the dress, lightly running his palm over the fabric as his fingers closed over the shape of her right breast. The other man lifted her dress and put his hand between her legs. I could see Mom shift position slightly to open her legs to his hand, and as he rubbed her her eyes closed slightly with the pleasure she was feeling. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, especially since Mike was just standing there smiling, watching what was happening with what seemed like a happy look on his face. Two men touching his wife, two black men touching his wife in the most private of ways, in places that should, I thought, belong to him. I saw one of the men nod to Mike who took my Mom's hand and put it in his, as if he was giving her to this tall, broad-shouldered black man. I noticed the same things taking place among the other couples... white men putting their wives hands into those of black men. What was this? Some kind of initiation, some kind of hazing?
I knew that it was somnething else when Mom lifted her face and the black man kissed her. I could see her lips open he pushed his tongue in her mouth, and could see her sucking gently on the black man's tongue, drinking his saliva. Her body language showed that she was totally his, that she wanted only one thing and that was to please him. As they kissed he reached behind her and pulled down the zipper of the dress that she and I had bought together only a month ago. The dress fell around her ankles and I could see that underneath she had nothing on, only her stockings that were held up by a garter belt of black silk and her 4" heels. In a few moments she knelt in front of the black man, took off his shoes and socks, then opened his belt and fly. She lowered the pants and the boxer shorts, then leaned forward and kissed the black cock, the very big black cock, licking all over, around the huge head, the shaft, licking his balls that she lovingly cupped in her hands. All the while Mike stood behind her, watching what was happening, smiling, nodding his approval at the black man who was looking right at him. What in the hell was going on? I wanted to stop looking at the tape, it was too much for me, I didn't want to see my Mom like this, or Mike whom I loved being treated like dirt by this black man, as he watched his wife, my mother, suck another man's cock right in front of him, and she looked like she was loving every second of it too.
But I kept watching each of the four tapes that showed similar situations. Not all of the people in the tapes were the same each time... there were several white couples in all, and some of the black men were also different. Some of the locations were different. In one tape the location looked to be someone's living room with futons on the floor, in others the same hotel suite. In all the tapes the scenes were similar... in some cases the black men undressed the women, in others it was the husband who did it before offering his wife's hand to the black man. Then the women would lie down on the beds, usually two women per bed, or individually on futons, then the black men would kneel between the women's legs, push open their labia and push rather roughly inside them. I couldn't take my eyes off my mother who was on the first bed. I saw that she had shaved her pubic hair, leaving a small patch just above her slit. I watched as the black man spread her labia and she guided his cock inside her, pushing up against him as he moved up and down... he was fucking her and she had her legs wrapped around his middle, she was smiling at him, looking up at him, begging for him to come inside her. I had also noticed that the black man was not wearing a condom and I was surprised because Mom had told me that when I did have sex I always had to have the guy wear a condom. And when I lost my virginity with Jeremy Stern in May he had a condom on.
I found myself incredibly turned on by what I was seeing, watching as my mother's hips pushed against the man who was so deep inside her, fucking her. I could also see that she was about ready to have an orgasm. I have masturbated enough to know what it feels like to come, what an incredible feeling it is when this pleasure spreads through you but stays concentrated in this one place, this amazing clitoris that we are so lucky to have. When she came she screamed, then moaned for the longest time. Finally the man said "I'm coming bitch" (what? my mother lets this black guy call her "bitch"?) and Mom saying "yes, yes...please...I want your baby..." (what? a black man's baby?) and his loud grunts as he came, almost animal-like in their sounds. Then he pulled his cock out of her, wiped it on her thigh, and moved to another woman who immediately took his cock in her mouth and made him hard again, and within a few minutes he was inside her just as Mom was opening her legs for another man. I watched the tapes for hours, called my friend and said I couldn't come to her house because I felt a little nauseated. I masturbated for hours, I came a few times, imagining how I would love to be on a bed in that hotel room with one of those men. Later I went over to the mall to grab a hamburger and fries for dinner, and as I sat there I saw black men walk by and I felt desire for each one of them. I was so aroused and so wet that I didn't even put panties on under my skirt, and I imagined that they could see through my skirt and know that I was bare down there and that my pussy was wet, my labia swollen. I was exhausted from the day but still full of questions. I went home and looked in an old dictionary in Mike's office. "Breeding... act of generating, reproducing, impregnating a female by a male..." Now I had even more questions.
This is an incredibly SEXY story of how a young woman can start to crave a blacking. What a mind-opening experience.

You have amazing talent, and an excellent imagination. Well done.

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