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The Taming of Maria Milano... Part One! ;-)

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Mar 18, 2004
The Taming of Maria Milano

Maria Milano awakes slowly; arising out of the sleep induced haze, and begins to stretch. It is early Saturday evening and as usual, she slept through most of it, exhausted from eighteen-hour days spent at the firm. Making partner is not going to be easy, especially for a young woman, but she intends to achieve that long sought goal.
Her mind quickly runs over the events of the week and she makes mental notes of what needed to be done when she returns to the office on Monday. Soon, though, her mind returns to more pressing matters.
Getting laid.
Work at the firm demand her full attention and left little room for a social life. It was fine with her, at least for now, as such sacrifices have to be made for the greater good. There would be time to fall in love later, she rationalizes, now, while young, she knew she had to advance her career at all costs. This line of reasoning worked reasonably well for the most part, and she was too busy to feel lonely or unloved. Only one…inconvenience, remained, sex.
For as long as she could remember, she was a very sexual person, relishing in the unadulterated pleasure that sexual activity could provide, be it alone, with a partner, or with multiple partners. She had been masturbating for so long she couldn’t pinpoint with any certainty when she actually started. She did remember though, her first sexual experience, which occurred with a female classmate in high school. It started innocent enough, at her best-friends house, Maggie Conner. Trina had been curious about other women, but ever considered acting upon those thoughts. It was only when she and Maggie, playfully helping each dress for a spring formal, began to compare breast sizes. It was Maggie who acted first, she remembered, by cupping her already considerable breasts, and began manipulating the dark nipples. She commented on how she had never seen a woman naked before. Her fingers danced across her bare chest, cupping, tugging, and caressing the tender, young, excited flesh, until desire welled and Maria used her trembling hands to guide Maggie to her erect, stiff nipple.
Maggie suckled tenderly, using her tongue skillfully, drawing the tender nub of flesh into her mouth with vigor, until they, overcome with passion, fell to the floor. There, Maggie lustfully continued sucking, nibbling and biting, Maria’s chest until her breasts quivered and glistened with her saliva. Soon they were intertwined, kissing, and sucking at each others lips, necks and breasts, tumbling around on top of there school clothes, until they wound up in an awkward sixty-nine position, their heads between the others thighs, licking at each others sex.
Maria snaps out of the memory abruptly, realizing that her body has responded to her minds’ meandering down memory lane, and that her crotch is soaked, dampening her sheets, and her nipples have risen, causing two peaks to rise up on the surface of the sheets. Her right hand falls to her crotch, and she absentmindedly uses her fingers to spread her excitement-pouted lips, sticky and slick. Her other hand is pinching her right nipple before she catches herself. She does not want only her hands upon her sex-starved body tonight. She needs the help of another. Her excitement is such that she needs to bite down on her bottom lip to keep from touching herself.
She rises, leaving the damped sheets and heads for the bathroom to shower. Inside, on the cool surface of the tile floor, she strips, sliding out of her silken pajamas and turning to the mirror that hangs on the back of the door, examines herself.
She smiles at her reflection. It looks as if she was made to entice she thinks to herself. Her shoulder length jet-black hair falls to just about shoulder length, cascading down the delicate lines of her face attractively. Her eyes are bright and soft, twinkling even, full of mischievous intent. Likewise her soft and full lips curve ever so slightly, offering a glimpse to the truly observant of what hidden, perverse thoughts peruse her mind. Her neck is slender and elegant, leading down to full, round, natural breasts. At size 36d they hang slightly lower then they would if she had obtained them "artificially", but are still quite breathtaking. They produce sinfully alluring cleavage, deep and enticing, and are capped with large half-dollar-sized areola that frame large, pinkie-sized nipples. When younger, she was embarrassed by their size, and their propensity to so easily reveal her state of arousal like some sort of kinky sexual barometer. Now, however, she reveled in their deceleration of her excitement, and the reactions they elicit.
She turns sideways now, spying a glance at her thighs and bottom. Her thighs curve deliciously, just the right size she thought, not too thin, not too thick, just perfect. She was also similarly endowed when it came to her bottom, full and enticing, curving seductively, with just enough extraneous meat to cause it to jiggle softly, but firmly, when she walked. Add to all this her flawless, smooth skin, and it is easily understood why, perhaps, she was so sexual. It simply had to be, with a body like this, she thought to herself.
Becoming aware of the time, she quickly turns from the mirror and enters the shower, running the water hot, until the room is filled with billows of hot and steamy water vapor. Once done, she towels off, wraps her hair, and heads to the walk in closet to select her cloths for the evening. For this one, rare instant she is indecisive. This evening’s outing is intended purely to find someone to quell the desire burning between her legs. A black someone. It is that simple.
Maria’s thoughts once again return to her childhood, and her first thoughts of being with black men. It all started with her trying to meet up with Maggie to study for her SAT’s. Taking a shortcut through the backyard, Maria entered through the backdoor, as was common practice. She forgot, however, that Maggie was spending the day trying to get a part time job at the local supermarket. Her reward for her forgetfulness were grunting and gagging noises that came from upstairs in her friend’s house as soon as she entered the house. Perplexed, Maria headed up the stairs to the second floor cautiously, innocently curious about what was occurring upstairs. What she saw as she crested the stairs and looked into the bedroom will forever be imbedded in her head and provide countless nights of masturbatory fantasies.
On the floor of her the master bedroom was Maggie’s mom, Stacey, naked, her knees buried in the rich, white pile carpet. She was kneeling in front of a very dark, big, black man, whose muscular legs framed her narrow, small frame obscenely. He was, for lack of a better word, impaling her small face with his sex, pushing it wickedly into her stretched, battered mouth. The sounds she heard came from his thick, veined, muscular sex as is was ****** into her throat relentlessly. Saliva dripped from her mouth and chin, onto the carpet as they maintained an erotic rhythm of oral servitude. Soon he stopped and stood, watching Stacey, still kneeling, with a weird grin of satisfaction on his face. Wordlessly, he scooped up her best friends mom, and with an almost unbelievably hard and long penis that swung as he walked, carried her unto the bed and out of sight.
Maria shudders electrically as she recalls that incident. It started her passion for black dick. Thus tonight Maria hunts for black dick. But the attire for such a purpose is not so easily chosen. A skirt that will attract and provide easy access? Maria continues to flick her hand across possible choices. Tight pants that will accentuate her curves and provide a less revealing countenance should she choose to hit the more affluent haunts? Modesty and vanity prevail and Maria selects a pair of tight black stretch pants that flare slightly at the leg bottoms. It curves into her nicely, will go perfect with the simple strapless tube-top she has decided on, and is clean.
She dons the clothing quickly, growing impatient, and then quickly applies the little make-up she will apply, as she needs little. It is her lips she applies the most obvious attention to, applying a base color, burgundy red, and then overlaying gloss, a shimmering cover that glistens and beckons irresistibly to be tasted. After unwrapping her hair, and combing out the few tangles, she stands in front of the mirror and gives herself a quick once-over. Maria smiles into the reflection. The outcome was just as she wanted it. The perfect understated mixture of class, femininity, confidence and *****. The top accentuates her full breasts perfectly, snugly outlining their generous curves and shape. Her pants hug at her curves delectably, delving into her crotch naughtily, just offering the barest hint of the outline of her nether lips, snug within her favorite lacy pair of black French-cut panties. Her lips shine, calling out to be kissed.
She is ready. Her desires will be fulfilled, her needs meet. Fuel to get through another hectic week.
Maria heads for the door, exits, locks it, and heads for her car, walking in a sexy, confident stride. The night awaits.
She arrives at the club thirty minutes later, easing her Black Honda Accord into a spot near the outer left corner. She always traveled this far to hit the clubs, knowing that frequenting a club that is near to her home exponentially increases the chances she may encounter someone she knows.
She kills the motor, checks her makeup in the mirror one last time, exits the car, and heads to the entrance. It is a little after one am, and the club is nicely filled. Pickings should be good, she thinks to herself. She enters, after giving the bouncer, David, his obligatory peck on the check.
"Good evening love", he whispers into her ear, his eyes scanning her luscious form appreciatively. He only saw her infrequently, but she was unforgettable. And word of some of her exploits had reached his ears. He made a promise to himself to catch up with her later, if he could.
Maria, inside the club, heads straight for the bar, a location that offers a view of the clubs entire first floor. She scans, and finds immediately what she seeks. There, nestled in the corner, already looking her in direction, is a tall, dark, handsome brother with eyes that danced with secret intent. He begins approaching, weaving past writhing, laughing bodies, until he arrived at her side.
"Drink?" he queries, motioning towards the bartender.
"Yes, but only if I may drink it off this tight stomach of yours", Maria said smiling, her outstretched hand sliding sensuously over his abdomen. She grows excited, feeling his muscles under the silk shirt, already anticipating them flexing over her spread thighs in a little while.
Smiling, the handsome black gentlemen is taken aback, but is indeed very interested. He decides to offer his name.
"I’m John, it is a pleasure to meet you", he says, his hand going forth to rub Maria’s midsection, as she had done to him. "Very nice", he says, his eyes, challenging and intense, staring into hers. He does not intend to be overwhelmed by this beauty before him. It is not his style. Never has been. He is more than a match.
"I am Maria, and the pleasure is mine…or at least I hope it will be". Maria smiles, returning the stare. She is also not easily swayed or intimidated. John calculates his options, using the guise of taking her attire in, scanning her curves with his eyes while his mind quickly reviews options. Judging by her demeanor, he sees only one way to trump her. Taking her left hand in his right, he leads her from the bar and heads for the coatroom, near the entranceway.
She follows obediently, swept up in lust and desire, barely noticing that he has, one the way, told three friends he will return shortly. Maria feels her excitement mounting, building up in an unstoppable rush that begins to make her tingle from head to toe. She enters the small rear space of the coatroom, brushing past rows of coats until John stops at a small desk, directly in front of a small mirror. The place has a cheap dressing room feel to it. But she is not complaining, it will serve its intended purpose.
Turning towards each other they embrace, lips intertwining in a passionate lock, tongues seeking out and finding each other. Moans escape Maria’s lips as she begins sucking on his tongue, which is long and flexible, matching her own for dexterity. She comes alive as she feels his hands drop to her butt, kneading and squeezing the soft cheeks through the tight fabric of the pants. She needs him now. Maria disentangles herself from his grasp, drops to her knees, and with manicured red fingernails, fishes out his sex through his unzipped pants. She almost gasps as she becomes aware of his size, which is thick, long, and hot and heavy in her hands. Her heart races as she realizes he must be at least ten solid inches. Not wasting time, she engulfs his member, salivating excessively and purposely to raise his excitement level. He responds as expected, and she can feel him grow within her mouth.
Maria becomes enraptured in lust, sucking and bobbing her head, working him frantically, emitting lewd suckling noises into the air. She knows she has him as she hears his cries of passion release from his throat and his hands find her breasts, hot and heavy, topped with straining, erect nipples, banging against herself in rhythm with her movements on his shaft. She grows even more excited as she feels the air on her nipples as he frees them by pulling her top down under her chest. The top is tight, and he can only manage, in his excitement, to free on breast totally, the other halfway *******, with just the areola visible.
Maria cups his balls with her left hand, using her right to pump his shaft, slick and dripping with her saliva, attending to the length she cannot fit into her stuffed mouth. He is so large and thick, she is unbelievably aroused, and can feel her sex throb and seep. She can feel her panties, soaking wet and hot, digging between her lips. She tries to take him into her throat, using her old trick of tilting her head back as far as possible, relaxing her throat muscles, and easing it in. It works, somewhat, and as his large, bulbous head enters her throat, she feels his hands grip her head, urging her on, guttural moans escaping his pursed, his lips. Wrapped up in the moment, encouraged by his prompts, she forges ahead, taking a good four inches of his shaft into her throat, which spasms around his thickness, further pleasing him. She feels him grow almost too excited, grasping thick handfuls of her hair and stroking into her throat, literally taking her face as if it were her sex. She is too excited to care, and as spittle and saliva drip from her open mouth down her lips and unto her breasts she can feel him coming, and the seed building up in his shaft. Almost professionally, she grips the base of his shaft firmly, tightly restraining the growing seed from building, and pulls him from her throat, mouth and spit covered face. She stares up at him, still on her knees, face glistening, hand gripping him tightly.
"Not yet" she says forcefully, through clenched teeth. Her needs have to be met as well. Suddenly, to left, she spies three silent observers, peering unabashedly around some large fur coats. Being discovered, they simply walk into the small clearing, encircling her.
She ponders the situation for a moment, weighing the pros and cons. She decides to throw caution to the wind. She quickly surveys her predicament. Surrounding her are three additional black men, all tall and handsome, and it now occurs to her that these are John’s friends, and they must have followed behind them when they entered the room. Undaunted, she reaches out for her nearest newfound companion, to her left. Using her free hands she grasps at his member, already partially freed by him, and begins stroking, the muscles on her arm flexing with each pull. Leaning into him, she takes him into her mouth, and as with John, she is grateful he is well groomed, and that his member is only faintly and enticingly musky, not funky as some men can get. She wraps him with her lips, working him skillfully, reaching out with her now free hand to grasp another.
Maria is now the picture of unbridled lust, on her knees, surrounded by four black strangers, breasts ******* and shiny with sweat and saliva, her mouth filled, lips wrapping a shaft, each of her hands likewise occupied, pumping in rhythm.
John looks down at this white harlot on her knees, pleasuring him and friends with a passion and sexual vigor usually only reserved for staged pornographic video shoots. He watches fascinated, as she works, small grunts and suckling sounds filling the small area. Saliva running down her forearms and coating her cheeks and chin. Unbelievable.
He wants more.
Pushing between his friends, he enters the foray once again, reaching under her right armpit to raise her up off her knees. The sex in her mouth slides outward, bumps her chin and hangs as she meets his eye, projecting utter disapproval of his removing her from her activity. Her face reveals nothing to him beyond that and pure animal-crazed lust.
"Don’t worry", Maria hears him say, "you will get all you need and more in a minute".
She watches him intently, hungering for satisfaction, but rises, however unwillingly. She sighs in relief as his hands fall to the waistband of her pants, his thumbs hook in under the elastic, and he tugs, pulling the garment down over her hips, until they bunch at her knees. She attempts to remove them completely, seeking to be totally unencumbered, but his voice, steely and determined, stops her.
"Leave them, I can’t wait", he grunts in a guttural, raspy utterance.
Maria is bent over at the waist, parallel to the small table and mirror, in front of and facing away from John. Her legs, still held tightly together by her pants, quiver in anticipation. She closes her eyes as she feels his hands grasp her pale ass cheeks in a strong grip and spread her sex apart with his thumbs. She is dripping in anticipation, and can feel her juices dampen her inner thighs. She almost blacks out in pleasure and with the satisfaction of desire when he enters her, deep and thoroughly, in one slow and penetrating thrust, his large size popping into her tightness.

He forces his way past her quivering tightness, her vaginal muscles gripping him tightly, unaccustomed to the size. She grunts as he begins thrusting, sweat running down her temples. Her breasts sway in unison to his motion, pendulous and heavy, topped by thick, erect, sweat covered nipples. She shuts her eyes and concentrates, intently focusing on her lovers’ movements, fast and frantic, animalistic even. She struggles to hold on to the table and not topple over from his pounding. She is in ecstasy, eyes shut tightly, teeth clenched, and fists in balled in a white-knuckled grip. She opens her eyes when she feels a sponginess against her cheek, and opens her eyes to see one of John’s friends has placed his large, throbbing black member before her once again. He places it to her lips, and she opens her drooling lips to accept him, her white mouth stretched obscenely wide by his considerable girth.

Maria is overcome with sensation, skewered by two thick black sexes, pounded by one further onto the other. She climaxes as their movements become frenzied and frantic, nearing orgasm themselves, not caring for her pleasure but only their own, thrusting deeply and angrily. The man in her mouth releases first, and in his jerking, twitching climax, grabs her hair in a painful handful, forcing himself deeper into her throat, causing her to gasp and fight for air. Semen washes over her throat and tonsils as she struggles, and tongue and lips as he slowly withdraws. She coughs and sputters, trying to take in air now that he was removed himself, and in her quest for air chokes again, this time on his thick, salty semen, and it backs up and comes through her nostrils, hanging obscenely from her nose.

She cannot believe how she is being used, nor how much she is reveling in it, or how thoroughly she feels like a simple white *****. Her thoughts are interrupted as she feels John climax now, gripping her fleshy, shaking thighs tightly, ramming his full length in and holding her still, emptying his black seed deep into her womb. Her own orgasm still racking her body, they fall to the floor in a heap, sweating and gasping, still intertwined, her body atop his. She can feel his semen begin to seep out of her, running down alongside his still semi-erect member, and down the crack of her bottom.

She wants more, however, and begins to moan softly, hoping to harden him once more. She is successful, and squeals in delight as she feels him grow inside her. But she has also succeeded in enticing his friends, one of whom kneels between her splayed thighs. He nods to John, whom she cannot see, and then takes his member into his hand with a grin and obvious anticipation. She realizes what they have planned only when she feels John’s hand grip the base of his sex and remove it from her vagina with a slick sucking noise. He smears his own semen and her considerable wetness onto his length and then nudges the thick, bulbous head against the tight rosebud of her pink anus. She is surprised and somewhat concerned about his size, but does not refuse him her tightest orifice. He pushes just the head in, quickly and steadily, popping in past her anal rim quickly, causing Trina to gasp at the sudden entry and resulting stab of pain.
The heat in her bottom quickly subsides though, and she squats down onto him, clenching her teeth, trying to relax her anal muscles as hot skin pushes past hot skin. Soon, he is in completely, and sits still, and she, mad at his inactivity, cries, “take it damn it, you white *****!!”.

Soon she realizes why he remained motionless after entering her. His friend, seeing him totally in, pushed himself further between her legs and positions himself for penetration. He does, his member pushing past her nether lips, already open from the pounding she just received and dripping with semen, and begins stroking, as does John.

Maria cannot believe that she is lying on the floor of a nightclub cloakroom, sandwiched between two black men, double-penetrated, while two additional black men stand off to the sides masturbating to the erotic spectacle she is making of herself. The men pound her relentlessly, shoving into her relentlessly, the cheeks of her white ass shaking furiously, pain and pleasure mixing inextricably, washing over her in orgasmic wave after orgasmic wave. Her eyes shut tightly, she once again feels a sex nuzzle her seeking entrance into her mouth. She obliges, and is then impaled by three hard, black, throbbing, thrusting sexes, each pulsing and hot, ear to climax. Her body is just a tool to them, to be used for pleasure, and she swims through the current of pleasure that thought brings her, as the vessel of sensation that she is. She feels her lovers begin to climax, slamming into her brutally, and she struggles to remain level. But she also wants them to climax harder them they have ever in their life. She focuses, squeezing her vaginal muscles down tightly, as well as her sphincter, milking her partners, by flexing her cheeks. They cry out, shuddering and gasping, almost simultaneously coming each spurting hot and milky semen up into her. He remembers what happened a few moments ago when one lover came in her throat, so this time she pulls away as she feels him bubbling forth, and he coats her lips and chin instead, his seed running down her face and hanging of her chin in whorish looking “cum-cicles”.

John lays back in exhaustion, feeling Maria climaxing herself know, shaking against him, her hands cupping her considerable breasts and pinching her large, puffy nipples. He attempts to withdraw from her hot, clenching anus, but in the throes of her orgasm she has tightened, and her sphincter grips him firmly, preventing his exit. He glances around as she begins to calm, spying her pants, ripped and hanging at either ankle, her hair, plastered to her face with sweat and semen, and her panties, crumpled on the floor near the table. After she has stopped convulsing, he withdraws and turns her to her side, and his eyes seek her sweat covered hips, glistening, and puckered anus. It still twitches periodically, and is slightly agape, his own fluids dripping out of it obscenely. She moans softly, and he notices her hands are between her thighs, softly messaging her sex. She is insatiable he thinks, feeling himself growing hard for a third time.

Maria is taken from his arms, suddenly, by his friends, and stood up. She is the picture of unbridles lust. She stands, uncertain, on shaking legs. Semen drips from every orifice. It hangs from between her legs in thick, clumps, dripping slowly from her plump nether lips. It hangs from her face, running down her cheeks to her chin, and likewise her anus, framing the fluttering hole in creamy whiteness. Her eyes are glazed over in a sex-induced stupor, and she attempts to pull up her torn tights and fails, stumbling backward. Her anus, vagina and throat is afire, cooled only slightly by the copious amounts of ejaculate that has collected in each place. But his friends are not finished yet. Two of them grasp her arms, leading her to the table once more, lying her on her back. Quickly and wordlessly, they spread and raise her shapely legs back so that they are placed on either side of her head, shoes up in the air. His oldest and most bold friend, Chris, enters her for the first time, choosing her anus, plunging in forcefully, causing her to cry out. Her mouth is quickly filled by another member, easing into her throat, stroking into it like it is her sex, his size evidenced by the lump that John can see from the floor, which moves in rhythm as if she was swallowing repeatedly. They climax quickly, both choosing to deposit their seed onto her face and chest, covering her nipples in gooey milky-ness. They use their hands to smear it in, and soon her breasts glisten again. Then they are finished, collapsing back into a pile of coats, exhausted, breathing heavily.

The room is silent, filled with the salty, bleach-like smell of semen, and the hot, smothering smell of her own excitement. Maria stirs, rising from the table, the taste of cum filling her mouth. And slick between her legs and buttocks as she moves. She certainly got what she needed, she thinks to herself, and looks around for something to cover herself with so that she may leave.

But her suitors have not finished with her yet. Rising, they circle her. John speaks first.

“Well, my little white *****, that was quite an enjoyable time, but the night is not yet over.” Winking, he signals his friends, who begin to straighten up, laughing, and she is thrown a coat to cover up with.

Maria stammers, attempting to voice her conviction that playtime is over, but not nearly convinced that they will comply, “It was fun gentleman, but now I must leave, perhaps another time.” She begins wiping her sore vagina and anus with her tattered panties, and then her face and chest before sliding into the jacket, with is thankfully almost ankle length on her and, she hopes, will hide her state from passersby until she reaches her car. “Maybe I will see you next week” she says, as she turns to leave.

“Or maybe in a few minutes” one of the men says, firmly. He takes her arm and leads her, with the other black men, out of the cloakroom. Entering the club once more, she becomes self-conscious, but no one notices her state. She is lead to the front door, and then outside and into the parking lot, which is empty.

Suddenly, her covering is stripped away, and she is left, for all intents and purposes, bare once more. In the chilled night air she shivers, her nipples hard and pointed, dries semen coating her ebony skin in web-like strands that crisscross her luscious frame. Her “crew” stares at her, intently, as if contemplating what they should do with her.

She wanders what they are thinking of. She will soon find out.


Any feedback/constructive criticism will be very welcome, as well as any ideas for part two!! ;-)

My email is truenyfreak@yahoo.com

Hope you enjoyed! It was based on a partially true event!
Do you think anyone can really read that?

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Do you think anyone can really read that?

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fuck me use a different color.

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