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The Transfer Of Power

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Mar 13, 2004
As expected, the raw power of the black man is becoming more evident every day, as more and more white couples are uncovering their natural submissive instincts and as they ****** more and more of these submissive traits, the excitement builds inside them to the point that they must be released and put into action by their need and desire to be controlled by the black man.

To be told what to do to please the black man while under his close supervision and watchful eyes. To have their values and sophistications reduced through degradation and humiliation administered by the black man for his entertainment and satisfaction.

Their willingness to comply is plentiful as the sexual excitement is overwhelming in fulfilling their long overdue needs for their own satisfaction and needs. As their needs for submission are completed and their satisfactions are felt, they also grow towards more willingness to oblige the more daring demands that are presented to them, feeling less urge to resist and more satisfaction upon completion, with far less self-respect loss as that is swarmed by the ultimate feeling of sexual gratification that is by far the best that they have ever experienced.

The power of the black man also grows as he can be quite creative in his desires to watch his white toys perform and complete the tasks he has laid out for them.

It is extra pleasing to have the normally high profile, prestigious members of the white race doing the things that strip them of that profile as they perform the things that verify their inferiority. And done with pride evident.
And the black man sends them back out to their white world, to hold their head high, proud to have snubbed their nose at their heritage to please the black man.

The white males are seeing this power shift taking place as they are watching their trophy white females pursuiting the black man and doing all the things for him that was never available for the whiteboy to enjoy.

Hearing of the rough sex ways that the black man uses them and without any resistance or complaints from the white females who enjoy being used by the black man, in ways that the whiteboy will never get the chance to enjoy.

The black man can take away the prime, prim and proper, pride of the white race, females from the whiteboys and not only fuck them, but cum in them and forbid all sexual contact with the white males, leaving fresh and ready whitegirls plentiful for use after the black guys have finished their first priority of sexually servicing their black females. Enjoying both while making sure the whiteboys enjoy neither one. And could take it further if desired by instructing the white females to chastity their whiteboys by taking away their own abilities to get themselves off. The black man cumming at will inside both races females as the whiteboys get no relief at all.

That's Power.
Transfer of Power

I think you are absolutely right-there is an enormous transfer of power taking place right under our noses. In the US, Britain, much of Northern Europe many beautiful white girls and "prim and proper" middle class white wives are regularly being used by Black Studs. The Black Studs will tell you most of the humiliating and degrading acts are at the request of the kinky white women. Many will want to be abused by their Black Masters, beg for the Black Seed to be shot over their faces or on their breasts, they will willingly beg to drink the Black Stud's piss and love being fucked up their arse.Of course as we know from this and other sites in many cases the husbands of the hot white wives become addicted to serving the Black Masters. They will kneel before the superior Black Studs and beg them to fuck their wives. Many will fondle the balls and lick,kiss and suck the cock of the Black Master. After the Black Master has screwed their wife they will willinglycrawl and lick the Black seed from their wife's pussy or arse.

In Africa,as several members, male and female have indicated, many expatriate white wives and their daughters end up in the beds of their African emloyers. Many visiting young white women to African countries soon fall for the charms of a big African stud.
Whiteboy. This is a great thread and I agree with a lot you quoted. But it don't have to so gloomy for us white males if we understand our position and deal with it. I'm a strictly hetero middleage white guy that always persued the prettiest white ladies but now I realize it's time for me to enjoy the black mans success in getting all the fine white pussy. It was a real shock to me to see the changes taking place in how the white girls as young as early teens showing thier desire for black cock as they chose to abandon their own race in favor of the real alpha male, "the black stud". It was painful at first but now I realize why the white girls crave black cock, when you see how black males dominate us in sports and when you seethe beautiful pics of black males fuckng white girls. It only makes sense that the prettiest, most aluring creatures on earth (the white girl) belong breeding with the strongest and most physical specimens (the black males)and for us white males doing what we are best at, jerking off.
Well Said

I couldn't agree with you more SOLO you nailed it once again!
It is becoming common knowledge

For a lot of white folks who never really thought much about just how many of the elite white females prefer black. When I say elite, that is the finest, prettiest, prime pick white females who have no problem turning whiteboy heads and drooling mouths, and being the center of attention most anywhere she goes.

Those types of our whitegirls are the ones that can get whatever they want out of whiteboys, that extra effort, so to speak, from the white males, in hopes of impressing her enough to have a shot between her legs.

But, what's really happening is, the whitegirls are loving this attention and extra effort being put forth by the WM, and who could blame them, the WF's are getting whatever they want through the efforts and wallet of the whiteboys, without giving up anything in return. What a deal!

The whiteboys efforts are used but not rewarded, to them anyway. Getting them not even a peek at that white pussy, much less feeling it.

Then, the black guy steps in and with no effort, has the same whitegirls, who were and remain so elusive, but still wanted by the whiteboys, now chasing the black guys, in what becomes a complete role reversal. The same thing that the WM's were doing to win the whitegirls, the whitegirls are now doing to win the black guys.

Bottom line being, hard work by the WM's is gaining them nothing from the whitegirls, and no effort at all from the black guys is gaining them everything and more from the whitegirls, that the WM's worked so hard for and never had a chance at getting.

Then the feather in the black guys hat is, not only are they getting to see, what the whiteboys couldn't, but also are feeling it, cumming in it, and keeping the whiteboys out of it, whenever and wherever they want it, and that is after the whitegirls beg for it.

True bottom line: The whitegirls are now putting forth all the effort, even having to beg the black guys, to take from them, the exact same thing that they wouldn't give the whiteboy.
Transfer of Power

To me the real transfer of power comes when what started as a bit of fun, and sex on the side, switches to compulsion.

Or that point in the process when ****** sex, or sex obtained by imtimidation becomes willing sex. I remember only too well one tearful expat complaining "I know we blackmailed into submission, but why did my wife have to start enjoying it.

I know the crux for many white men in Africa has come with the bedding of their daughter. Being told to get out of the way of the dominant African male intent on bedding your daughter as well as your wife.

Being told if they object "tough. Ok so your wife will divorce you and of course keep custody of your daughter. What will you do then white man? Now either co-operate and see your family again, or get out of the country and never see them again. Makes no difference to me!
What is very interesting to me is the fantastic ability and ingenuity that big African men seem to have in humiliating whites. Expatdad has given many instances of that inside Africa but even,eg, in the UK many white women and white male wimps readily attest to the "power" of Africans in being able to dictate to them and get them to do the most degrading things.It seems it is virtually routine that African Masters will pee all over their white whores and then they insist on the husbands drinking their golden nectar. They are also heavily into punishment, caning, whipping, spitting and slapping is part of the Black Master's arsenal. Have any members had direct experience ?
transfer of power

Two direct experiences. Although it might seem contrary to many whites on the site I consider myself to be 'dominant white male', though a 'polite' one!

One of my earlier girlfriends shocked me by asking me to 'pee on her' I was surprised but happy to oblige. She said kneeling at my feet and feeling that strong hot jet on her breasts and face was incredibly stimulating, and I was only too happy to oblige. Her only qualification was a request that I promise to kiss her afterwards to prove I was not disgusted with her.

An similation of the experience can be done by filling a 'sqeezable bottle' with hot water and squiting it over you. You will be surprised at the tingle sensation created.

Of course a hot flow from a cock is more poweful.

The second instance was in Africa. I did say the Africans did just about anything they could think of and I was quite shocked to see Angela obliging kneel naked on our patio, holding her face proudly high as one of her african lovers unzipped himself and let flow....

Such a contrast the upstanding churchgoing wife and mother I took to Zimbabwe.

Even so to me the most stomach churning moments involved my daughter.

I remember only too well the butterflies when one of these middle aged African men put their arm around her slender waist, and led her away...

Her brief glance over her shoulder at me as she is led away by a black man who wants and is going to fuck her, if not a lot more than that.

That hand around her waist, slipping lower as she is urged into his car, cupping her bottom before a quick goose between her legs urges her to dart into his car.
expatdad said:
Even so to me the most stomach churning moments involved my daughter.
I remember only too well the butterflies when one of these middle aged African men put their arm around her slender waist, and led her away...
Her brief glance over her shoulder at me as she is led away by a black man who wants and is going to fuck her, if not a lot more than that.
That hand around her waist, slipping lower as she is urged into his car, cupping her bottom before a quick goose between her legs urges her to dart into his car.
This description is far more exciting to me, than a womans detailed account of how hard her black lover fucked her last night!

You guys are fucking retarded. Stop being a complete fucking idiot and get out a little more thats not how it happens. You guys probably have small pensis and youve never been able to satisfy a woman to the extent of you being proud of doing it. You dont have to be black to have a big dick and be good at sex. Dont be a fucking moron and try to spread this trivolous bullshit.
jace said:
You dont have to be black to have a big dick and be good at sex.
I agree. Never said it, never believed it. I have seen blacks with tiny dicks and whites with big dicks. And, there is more to a good lover than penis size.
Transfer of power

Ok Jace so how does it happen?
Yea you fucking idiots. Transfer of power? Wow, what fucktards.
You Nazi's Need to Get a life

I wonder how many of the black worshippers here really want to live in a Black Dominated society. Want to live in Zimbabwe with Mugave? I mean shit he even treats the blacks like dogs. All this talk about domination and big penises. I mean it gets to be overkill after a while. I mean we do have brains for a reason right? Um lets see, are there any redeeming values that white men have at all? Or has human society been reduced to fucking. All your grand theories seem to ignore the fact that 95% of white men are not weak pathetic losers like yourselves. The fact that your a bunch of fucking pansies doesn't reflect on me. There are plenty of black homo's too. I guess Michael Jackson and Gary Coleman will be headed to the gas chamber when you fucking Nazis take over. And we can just dump the disabled into a mass grave. Any black handicapped people out there. Throw them off of a cliff. And the elderly. No use for them if they can't fuck anymore.

I have to see you fucking losers are worse than any white power site out there. At least they just believe in nationalism, not genocide. You are some of the sickest human beings on the face of this earth. Your theories about race bring out the very worst in humans. And the black power losers on this site make a mockery of all the decent blacks in this world.

And beyond that your views are so awash in contradictions that they're laughable.

I name you a zealot as you visit a site whose sole purpose is inter-racial sexual activity and submit posts that have no relevance to the site's purpose condemning all and sundry on the site.

Clearly you did not join this site for fun and enjoyment, but nor will you succeed in changing the views of others.

My commisserations that your life is so narrow that you consider it worthwhile to sepnd so much time writing posts.
Expatdad, you said it so well.

I have to wonder what kind of a life Brad must be living to be visiting an IR forum in the first place and then wasting so much of his "intellect" spewing his pompous invective to those who couldn't care less. He doesn't seem to get it that most of the content posted in here is pure fantasy anyway.

DC is a venue to indulge our IR fantasies, and all should have the freedom to express ourselves in that evolving world, hopefully without being crucified for doing so.

I can't help but think that Brad would be so much happier if he were to spend his time exploring sites more to his liking...

....or maybe he just gets off bitching...

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