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Theory on the attraction of white females to black males

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Prof. Von Numb nutt

In the past year ( since my wife kicked me out) I've been doing research while out in public, observing the behavior of white females whenever a black male came into her view. At stores, malls, supermarkets. bars etc. I spend hrs trying to learn how the black males are managing to attract and eventually bed and breed countless numbers of white females.

It became apparent to me that the black males have some hipnotic powers that enable him to grab a white girls attention and the cause her to desire to have intercourse with him. Uhhh....and the fact the wfs know full well about the black mans endowment dosen't hurt his chances...lol.

As a self proclaimed scientist I'll be conducting more study on this but I'd like to hear if any others have any input on my theories.
I think you might be on the right track, prof von numb nutt. Please tell us more about your theory and if you make any new discoveries. thanks

No need to get complicated . Its quite simple realy..........Opposites attract

Mine went with them because of their size and stamina. she left me for the lifestyle
Ahhh.Yes. Prof Von Numb nutt here again. Thank you folks for your interesting input.

Once again, putting my scientific mind to work in my lab I came up with my formula..........

X + Y = Z

X = very beautiful young white female
Y = very dark muscular black male
Z = mallato infants
Prof. Von Numb nutt said:

X + Y = Z

X = very beautiful young white female
Y = very dark muscular black male
Z = mallato infants

I think it should be:

X + Y - W = Z

Where W is a small white guy
....ahhh Teen Slut. Glad to see your paying attention howevery your not concidering a very inportant factor in the formula. If you factor in the small white mans potentcy you will realize that his presence or absence has no effect when the presence in the very potent black seed is present . Hence forth the great influction of whte females getting black pregnant in recent times. There fore although you correct the w to the first power= small white man spern is negated by Y to infinite power = the black mans spern....I in other words ...VON NUMB NUTT'S LAW can be written......

X + Y (W/W) = Z ....
( X + Y) times 1 = Z
Er ok - as long as we both agree that beautiful young white female were born to serve big, black bulls while little white men look on helplessly, then I'm happy :D
TeenSlut said:
Er ok - as long as we both agree that beautiful young white female were born to serve big, black bulls while little white men look on helplessly, then I'm happy :D

Yes. of course young lady. As witness to the effects of mother nature's natural order we see in our everyday travels, more and more proof that you are correct. I have made countless studies outside of my lab and to the malls, playgrounds and streets etc . and have observed the behavior of the prettiest white females including teens and up, giving evidence that their infactuation with the darkest and more african type male is over whelming, lending me to develope my "Numb nutt's Law 2"......

X + Y (w/w) - BC - R = Z BC = birth control pills
R = rubbers
Attraction of black males to white females

Black males have no hypnotic powers, its simply the laws of procreation. At a certain time of the female monthly cycle we have a very strong urge to procreate and are naturally drawn to males with strong fertility traits, white or black doesn't really matter but black men have an advantage in being usually more fertile and have the physical wherewithall to deliver more efficiently. Not all of course and lots of white guys have it too but overall black men have the advantage. Everybody is different but in general terms this is the case, some have stronger feelings, some suppress their feelings but during the cycle we range from indifference to strong craving, while men are the same all the time mostly. This accounts for sometimes surprising liaisons by seemingly opposites in social standing.
The overwhelming majority of white females are attracted to men of their own race. PERIOD. The way God (or nature, take your pick) intended it to be. Even in spite of all of (very Jewish) Hollywood's and Madison Avenue's efforts.

Your theories are based on masturbatory horseshit. Little more.

Here's an irrefutable truth, get used to it:



Wow! Look what we have Here! A gaggle of Assorted Racists in this "little minded, pea brained" lot. :lol:
Yo Dog! U thinking what im thinking? This is that jew-hater we seen here before talking that same old shit.
You got a good point Rhino. Easy enough to change your name but the face always remains the same. :)
attracted to black men

I'm attracted to my master, as he is forceful, knows what he wants, takes charge, handles business, and of course the great sex.
The attraction is nothing more than any other attraction between men and women. In fact most black men that attract white women are either celebrities (and some girls will fuck any celebrity), or are rich (or make out they are). I know a lot of white girls who say that they'd never go with a black man. Most of the girls black men attract are women that no-one really wants. Older divorced women, fat women, ugly women, single mothers...that sort of thing. Undesirables. I'm pretty sure there are black women out there that wouldn't date a white guy too. They just don't like them. For some people the colour thing is a big boundary which will never be crossed. me - I like girls of all colours in all shapes and sizes.
Quite agree

I share the view of the last post. My wife was a suppressed rascist, and had regularly said the idea of her having sex with an African.

Then she met an charming, intelligent, saville row dressed African who she discovered was super rich (hundreds of millions), and who wanted 'her'

her rascism evaporated and her legs popped open...

By the time she finally accepted the reality he was not interested in marrying her, she had met many other very rich africans and made herself available to them as well...

They confirmed their interest by bedding her, but were not quite prepared to marry her...
Blacks are more sexy - every white girl knows this. This causes the hypnotic addiction to the huge penises that provide superior pleasure.
I think the formula should be:

(X-W) + Y - 1 (Sum R, BC) = Z


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