think i just fucked up

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i changed my username from dirtywhitebitch to and i got banned straight away. i dont know what for, and if it was for advertising then i'm sorry, i didnt know it was allowed.

Am i banned for good now??
most likely you got banned because Melanie didnt like your name. No other reason.

She's banned people for less.
does that mean i wont get unbanned? i didnt mean to cause offence to anyone :(
hey diry,
Sorry about the your name getting banned, dont feel bad its more about the perception/history behind the word nigger that you, so please dont take it personelly. On the hush-hush me and some of my white girlfriends talk dirty in bed all the time, believe me I would be banded if I used those names as a name in here. Anyway stay strong and continue to be a black man lover, and I will continue to be a white woman lover.