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This is my Wife Diana

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She is Half Spanish/Half Italian. Tell me what you think.


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She is absolutely beautiful. What do you want for her??????
hey she is awesome what does she do and who does she want to do it to.
I would love to fill all her holes while you watch.

That is one hat ass girl...she like blk cock??
Damn! I'd fuck the shit out of your wife!! No offense.....lol
Re? nice

I would like to say with all do respect your wife looks like she as a prime grade A pussy would love to fill that up with all do respect lol .....
Absolutley gorgeous. Very very poundable lady.
Just want to tell you your wift is hot. If your wife wants to fuck around you will have no problem finding a guy to handle her. Hell, let me know if you come to Texas I will try to handle that for you.
stupenda e sexy
Mary e Jo
She is a lovely woman. I'd love to have her wrap her thighs around me.
I'd love to throw some dick up in her.
hot hot hot
holy cow she is so hot.
I agree, she's smokin' hot. However, I must also point out that the original post w/the pics is from 2005. And the poster "My Wife Diana" only posted this one time, and is certainly long-gone by this time. So I think this thread is pretty dead and while that doesn't mean we can't all comment on the slut's hot fuckable-ness, it's not like we're gonna see any more of her on D.C.......
OMG, my tongue is hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lick:
i think she is a very hot woman...perfect material for a good bbc. a perfect figure with a lovely smile
I think I'd like to fuck her
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nice pics :D

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