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when my wife is in bed she often says she wants to try a black cock when i say i would like to see her with a black cock she says it is just a fantasy.
do you think she just says its a fantasy or would she go through wth it if she got the chance. we are in our mid forties so perhaps she wants to start trying new things before she thinks its to late . any comments on this or advise would be welcome.
It is my opinion that all white women at some point or another think, dream or fantasise about how it would be to go with a black man. It's natural. Whether or not your wife means she will go through with it depends on what sort of person she is, what kind of personality does she have, and you must know that better than anyone else.
As Rachel stated "It depends on what sort of person she is". Is she the type person that acts on impulse? Is she the kind of person who gets an idea and follows through with it? I personally believe that women fantasize more then men, and in most cases, those fantasies are far more complex then those of men. It's not all that unusual for women to conjure up situations of rape, lesbianism, orgies, beastiality, BDSM, BBC, exhibitionism, or DS relationships. Most men would be shocked if they knew what was going on in their womens minds while those women were playing between their legs. If you're really curious about your wife's motives for expressing a want for black cock while she's having sex with you, or if the idea of seeing your wife with a black man excites you, you might try implementing some of the suggestions, for moving white women to the black side, you'll find here on Dark Cavern. Such as: getting interracial videos, showing her Dark Cavern, buying her a big black dildo, etc..........If you have more questions, just ask, and let us know what happens............
George...I too am in the same situation as you. My 47yro wife of 26yrs about 8 months ago started talking about taking a black cock while we were fucking. Could of knocked me over with a feather cause I would have never expected that from her. Still I enjoy it and encourage her to tell me what she'd like to experience with a black male. I know we both cum harder when talking about it. I would like for her to take it to the next level but she doesn't seem as interested after she cums. I'm curious as to how many wives think these thoughts and if they can be encouraged to really explore this fantasy.
Ask her if she has noticed any black guys about who she might like to date.
Delay her orgasm to keep the talking going longer so she holds the interest.
Tell her that a BBC would make her cum much harder than you can make her.
Tell her you want her to get occasional discreet sexual top-ups as a special reward for being such a good wife to you. You feel extra sex would make her even more happy than she is now.