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Jan 8, 2005
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White couple travels on business from time to time to Memphis, Little Rock, Tulsa, KC, Joplin, Houston and Austin.....If you are looking for an 18yo that can twist herself into a pretzel you have the wrong message!! My wife is mature--50 yo, very bright, and her own person. Do you get off on using a white wife in front of her husband? She loves being used while I watch. She loves intelligent conversation and being used by black men. Blacks can always ride bareback! Jerk off on her, cum in her, call her foul names, enjoy yourself! Me? I enjoy seeing her get DEEP penetration and black men emptying their balls in her. Love watching her as she licks and tongue fucks black mens assholes. I prefer her being used and treated like a tramp, a whore, because that is what she is--and what she wants and needs. Oh yeah,,,she is VERY bi, and if you are an attractive white trash slut that loves black cock, glory holes, and adult theater sex, you answer also!
Fine Stuff

Wow...fine stuff
I'm in Austin and travel to Houston often....I would love to pleasure her!
hot ass pics baby

Wow I would love to fuck that , dam


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Fucking NICe
Don't Forget Glory Holes

Appreciate the replies that are serious. And sure would like to hear from SWF, MWF, and MWC that are into the XXX theater scene, glory hole fun, and use by dom blacks.......(There is not much of any of this around where we live so we try and take advantage of our travels to satisfy these needs.)
I'm in Austin, anytime you want to hook up, let me know. you want be disappointed.
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WhiteCpl4PerversePleasure said:
TXSTUD said:
I'm in Austin and travel to Houston often....I would love to pleasure her!

Thanks for the

Here I am.......
Love the bush sweetie,don,t shave for anyone blk or white :lol:
I would love to see her fuck a black cock while we watch I want to clean her up afterwards
BBC for your wife in Tulsa...

I'm here in Tulsa and would love to deep fuck and empty my nuts all up in your wife. Get back to me with a when and where, I am up for the job.

she is so hot, I want to get her in a GH and help her out

she is totally hot!!! I'n in Memphis. I'd love to hook up with you guys the next time you come to town. i'm an easy going guy with a 8x5.5 tool. pics can be provided if you're interested. would love to hear from you :wink: