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Ugly black man hot white woman

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Nov 28, 2005
I recall reading a thread here about how it does not matter if the black man is ugly or not. The white women know he has a BBC and want them no matter their appearance.

Well, i wanted to add something to that i witnessed yesterday at a football game. While walking back to the tailgate area we were walking near this reall beautiful, perfect little body dark haired white girl. She was stunning, maybe 20-22 years of age. She was on the arm of this huge older black man. He must have been 6'4-6'5 330lbs and i would say in his 40's maybe 50's (black people do seem to keep their age much better). This little beauty hung on to every word he had to say, giggled as he made jokes, did as he said if told her to do something and so on. This caught my attention and the attention of many white guys checking her out, envious even of the black man. Some of the white women were smiling at them while they ignored their husbands and bf's to check this couple out.

Anyway, I followed along for awhile, noticed she would rub his cock every so often and this huge smile would form on her face. The black man stood there proud knowing every white guy there wished they were with her and also wondering how this fairly unattractive over weight older black man was with this young beauty..

Anyway, i just thought I would add to that t hread but could not find it so I created a new one.

The world is definately changing and us white men are just going to have to roll with it.
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I see sites like that every day.

It happens with me when i'am out with my Girl!

get real

She must have been an ****** or he was rich. Looks are looks no matter what color you are.

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