Video Chat?

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Mar 6, 2005
I've noticed another forum has installed Video Chat on their site. I think it would be very useful here because it would root out all the men posing as white women.

What do people think?
Hi Jib-

I think your idea is a good one but from what I can tell about this system, it may not work. But I am no expert on how you could do this, in fact, people, I am just a moderator, not a manager... please post your technical questions in the right forum! :x

I guess my point is that DC is a free forum and do I do not recommend anyone using this as a place to find a date or their true love. Anyone seriously looking, should spend a few dollars on the verified membership that you get with some adult dating services. They screen out most of the obvious lurkers and you at least know the person you are chating with is real before going too far. Of course people tend to post pictures that make them look a few years younger (not that I would ever do that... :roll: ...!) One of the advantages of those services is the "rating" system. Like ebay, you get to leave a comment on how good your date was... or not.... guys, can you handle the presure? 8) ...
which forum? Give me a url and I'll see if it's something we can do. It would be pretty cool!