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Virginia Beach.Here's a pic to help you decide.

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Help us out. We are looking for bars that cater to the hotwife lifestyle or bars/clubs where things get hot on the dancefloor. Where there are dark corners where more intimate touching can occur.

Your wife is fuckin smoking. I live off shore drive by the old duck inn. If you guys wanna ever play please let me know.




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VA Beach

After seeing your photos. I realize why I miss Va. Beach so much. Great tight ass babe. :twisted: :twisted:


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would love to dance with her

30 year old black male in va beach.....would lvoe to get to know her and then really get to know her you can reach me here or at dwnlowrecka@yahoo.com hope to hear from you soon so the process can begin get at me......later by the way i tried to attch my pics they are too big if you contact me i will send hope to hear from you soon
Still No Help?

There must be some places in VA Beach/Norfolk where there is a lot of interracial action. Preferably club or bar with dancing
holy fuck

what a perfect white ass...i'd tap that for days man
hello iam va beach dam ur a hottie we can talk anytime send me a msg to my yah if u like carleb2002 mail and im hope we can chat soon i love ur pic what do u do on ur free time so we can get too know each other better
nice ass what do you like
No help

Come on VA Beach
In Dc There Is A Called Called Bar Nun

If you ever have anytime to check it out trust me you will be happy with what u experience there here is a link http://www.entrenousqueen.com/Bare.html This Saturday dec 10 is See-through night Trust me Its going to be Hot and I will be there tomorrow
Hello there

I live in Va Beach and would love to meet you email me at blkckc@yahoo.com let's hook up.

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