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Visit to Kenya

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Married white womans

  • I dont had sex in Afriaca

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2 years ago we with my husband go to Kenya. I dreamed to see a safari, wild animals, fine beaches and ocean, but I never thought, that I shall see there much more attractive thing. All has begun, when we have gone on excursion to village to people which lives on the nature. Its maasai people. I do not know, that with me happen. But when I have seen many the naked black sexual mens in village I became crazy, in me the big sexual desire has woken up and I hardly constrained myself to not rush on one of africans. My small pantie became wet. I very much would like to look under absolutely small clothes of black men and to see what cocks at them. Such with me was for the first time. Presence of the husband and many other things people has rescueed me. Otherwise I would have sex with all black maasai on the area of village.Many black men looked at me with desire and I would think they fuck me with pleasure. We have returned to hotel, but my life has changed, I began to dream of the black lover. Once the husband has gone on a beach, and I have remained in hotel, have told, that I wish to have a rest from the sun. I had a plan.In hotel young africans did cleaning. I have hung up on a door the tablet with the request to tidy up rooms. I have absolutely undressed and have left in a bath. The young african for cleaning my room has soon come. I have a little waited, it has begun cleaning, and here I have left a bath as though it is casual. As though I did not see it. I stood absolutely undressed and the african began to look at me. Its eyes have been widely opened also it looked all my body.Then it was frightened and has told: Oh sorry miss, sorry (he dont know I m married). I m answered: no problem guy, also has approached to it. I have kissed it on the mouth and have touched a hand trousers. Oh my god! There I have felt something huge and already firm! I could not restrain more, I have removed trousers from the african and have kneelt. I never before dont see so big cock! And I m very like black colour of cock. I m start sucking. Its been so sweet and hard. I can take all husband cock in mouth but this black cock I m can take only half and he been very thick! The african began to move. Very much it was pleasant to it, I was the first white woman at it. (It then to me has told). It has quickly cum to me in a mouth. Many semen! Seed streamed on my face, in my throat.But I did not pull out from a mouth, I saw as it well and to me too it was very pleasant. Suddenly it has lifted me and has put on a bed. It cock did not become soft and it has entered into me. He fucked me long time, I m had few orgasms, I m had giant pleasure, and after this he cum second time. But he dont stop! He has continued fuck me! We change few position, he fucked me in doggy and another.I have been simply exhausted! But its been fantastic sexual pleasure! After that I have gone on a beach to the husband. Was cool to lay near to it and the nobility, that in me black semen, black men fucked me few minutes ago. So there were some days. The husband left on a beach, I remained in number and I was fucked by the black guy. The african after that has a little become impudent. It began to make advances to me when I was with the husband, began to try to touch me at its presence. So was at restaurant, it hastouch my ass. Africans it very much great pleasure. But it is necessary to be a little cautious with them. He want be my husband and go to my house.Its been problem for me. After my visit in Kenya I m often serve black mens becouse they best fuckers. They open my virgine ass, they very like and often fuck ass.


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In 2003 I spent 6 weeks in Uganda as part of a church sponsored health program. What a glorious time. Met a young male nurse I was training in modern clinical techniques; he wound up training me in old fashioned jungle fucking. Among other things, I was supposed to be impressing on them the need for safer sex; by the end of my stay, I was a bareback ***** for him and his friends.
i was bareback then before things got worse with HIV nowadays its with protection.Most blkmen in Africa would share with others with much thought
so you have to be careful there.

They watch you getting pounded by their friend and that gets them even more excited!So much for Blksexing!
how can you refer to a man african or blk man in general as "it" he is a man not an animal
yes african males are human being !
Learn to read and take in context

jusbeats said:
how can you refer to a man african or blk man in general as "it" he is a man not an animal

They weren't referring to the African male as being an 'it', they were referring to these days having to perform the sex act with a condom on since HIV is so widespread. Don't be so defensive.
The shockingly high number of HIV infections in Africa really scare me away. Otherwise I would love to go
I am Juliette and when i was 30, I went to Africa, came home with my belly loaded.
stella said:
The shockingly high number of HIV infections in Africa really scare me away. Otherwise I would love to go

shes right i hope you ladies are using condoms

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