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Wannabe cockhold on cyber

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Apr 27, 2004
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cyber cuck

LISTEN YOU LITTLE F--N WIMP YOU WANT TO DO THIS EMAIL ME AT LONEEAGLE15@HOTMAIL.COM you wan me to f-- that pretty white pussy let me know
Hey you 2 sweetsam and insane ... that pic was posted more than a year ago! What are u thinking!

would love to clean that sweet pussy!
So Paul you wanna make your wife happy! You took a wise decision to prepare her for BBC. She will learn to master BBC and she will enjoy an orgasmic life in which she is a happy slut for BBC.

Her body will be used and she will enjoy the attention, she will feel like a real women.

If you want me to educate this slut in a proper manner contact me and I will give you instructions ;-)
your master

would love to become your cyber master i have the ultimate thing in that by the end you cuck will want me to impregnate your cluless wifes sexy babybox with my blck baby e.mail me at meghamkeenanmarky@yahoo.com and we will begin

i woul dlove to break that baby sweetie..

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