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Want to try a black man!

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young white girl18

Hi, i would like to try a black man....

Im only 18, but i have some fantasies about a big one!

I live in Norway, Europe... not so good i guess.

Anyway.... Is there somone there who wants me? :?:

Just wants to try it once... I have a boyfriend, but he does not need to know...

Yours Bente


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Will like to know more about you, send me email at: osexyblkm@aol.om thanks.
Hopefully you are bi, so the wife can also play with you. We would love to corrupt an innocent-looking, young white lady like you.
Fucking NICe
Hey babyyy,

you look like born to be a fuck doll. if you d like to try an ebony man and let me know,
beliveme you will never forget it

lord_sphinks@hotmail.com - msn or mail
Go 4 it girl. I've never looked back. Taking bbc is the best
I'm a married white male, so glad you are seeking bbc. It's only natural and right, you deserve the best and superior bbc is it. I know you wil cum the most from a black man. PLEASE take a black lover soon and post your experience here. You are beautiful and so sexy, you will make black men drip from one look at you. Thanks.
black bamboo Uk

are you from the UK

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