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What Does It Mean

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Feb 27, 2004
I'm 48 and my wife is 47. She's conservative type, married 26yrs, mother of two. About 8 months ago, while we were making love, my wife says out of the blue: "I can't feel your little thing. I want to feel a real man. I want to feel a big thick black cock in me." I was taken back by hearing those words from her lips, but I played along asking her how badly she wanted black cock and she kept telling me how much she want it. We both came harder than ever. She doesn't do it all the time but on occassions she'll talk about wanting a black cock while we fuck. Are there other husbands out there who have experienced this from their wives too? What does it mean? Should I see if my wife wants to try in real time?
Of course it means something. The thought of a Big Black Cock is floating around in her mind, and she acts on it once in a while. I think she's just testing your reactions. Pick up the ball, and run with it, if you really want her to get black fucked. Get her a big black dildo, and every time you have sex with her, pretend to be her black lover. Don't wait for her to bring up the subject. Just keep pushing her in the black direction, and see how she deals with it. You probably have a, soon to be, black cock slut on your hands, and just have to give her a little encouragement.
be careful

be careful though she might lose all respect for you if you ask and screw your worst enemy in revenge :cry:
She may already be getting nailed.Maybe she is trying to figure out how to tell you she has been getting fucked by a big black buck.

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