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What my white marriage is missing

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May 2, 2004
My hubby i and I were having a little trouble in our marriage so I decided to go spend some time at my daughter and son in laws house. They lived around 400 miles away so I figured it would be the best time for me to figure out what is wrong with us or me. I got to their house late in the evening and they both were working grave yard shifts and we didn't have a lot of time to talk to each other. As they were getting ready for work their neighbor came over to use the phone. He is a nice looking 20 year old Black man that is very muscular. He was wearing a pair of blue jean shorts a rag on his head and sandles. As he is talking on the phone he kept looking me over and smiling.. I was nervous cause I wasn't used to being around alot of Black men at that time. When he got off the phone my daughter introduced us This is Floyd she said as he held his hand out for me to shake. As we shook hands he smiled at me and asked if he could see me later. I smiled and said ok. About 10 minutes later my daughter and son in law left for work. I went to my bedroom to unpack and relax. After a few minutes I heard a knock on the door and went and saw it was Floyd I let him in. He smiled at me and said he saw I still wearing the same clothes I laughed but noticed he had changed and now was wearing boxers. I could see the outline of his huge 11 inch x 8 inch Black cock. he walked in and grabbed my hand and we sat on the couch. We made a little small talk and after about 5 minutes he asked me if I ever had a black cock in my ass before? I shyly said no. he asked in my pussy? Again I said no then he said gave a blow job and swallow a load of nigger cum? I said no. He said then it must be my lucky day. i was very nervous and scariered and he knew it but he took charge. How old you are Betty. I told him me age. and he said that since I was in my 40's that I need to start letting my cute white ass to be used by Black cocks. I looked at him and was very quite I didn't know what to say or do. He asked me what my size and measurements are.After a little more talking I told him I am a size 8 I weighted 140 lbs had 38D-24-37. He smiled . He asked agained if a Black man hadn't been fucking my cute mouth, my rounded ass and that i was just playing with him. I said no. At that time reached over and grabbe dthe back of my head with on hand and pulled his boxers down and put his 11 inch Black cock in my face. He didn't say a thing. I was like amonth to aflame I just opened my mouth and started to suck his big thick Black cock. I have never seen a cock this big before. I knew I wasn't going to be able to take all of him na dhe was content at the time to let me just suck a part of his Black ccok shaft an dsuck on his cock head. I felt his hand reach down and start to rub my tits. He told me to stop playing with his cock and to get undress. I looked at him and leaned forward to kiss him. He stopped me with his powerful arms and said no *****...never. He then again told me to get naked and I did. I pulled off my blue stretch pants and white shirt he reached over and ripped my bra and panties off me. he looke dat my tits and pussy and told me to turn around and bend over . after I did he stood up and led me to the kitchen table and lifted me up easily and layed me back on the table and it seemed like one motion he rammed his Black 11" cock into my pussy.
I let out one of the loudest screams of passion I ever did. He started to fuck my pussy with his black cock. He had my white legs up on his shoulders...a postion I hadn't been in years. As I was there on the kitch table feeling his Black cock filling my wet white pussy with his Black sweetness I started to hear him talk to me.
He was saying what a easy ***** I was . what a easy slut. how easy of a fuck I am how bad I needed to be a complete slut for Black cocks. That he could tell I needed to be gangbanged by every Black man in prision and what a cum loving ***** I am. I looked at him as he was talking to me like that and felt his 11" Black ccok ripping me apart and his Black hands squeezing my tits. He started to ram me harder and faster and I was grinding my white middle aged hips up to grind into him as hard as he was fucking me. His Black cock was ripping my pussy and all i know was I was screaming at him to fuck me I want his Black cock to fuck me use me like I need to be used. He all of a sudden stopped and pulle dout of me. I thought he was going to shoot his load of Balck cum on me and as I looked him he looked me in my eyes and said Betty you are awhite slut mother. He then pulled my legs back a little futher and rammed his Blakc cock into my ass. I let out a scream that could have been heard in 6 states. I had never had anal sex befora and was very tight and his 11" Black ccok was using my white virgin ass as hard as he could. I know my head was toosing back and forth......I opened my eyes and looked at him. Floyd smiled at me and said to relax . I love looking at your white body and I wanted to fuck you as soon as I saw you Betty. I like looking at your tits and ass. your white pussy is tight and i know the brothers can't wait to fill your white slutty ass full of nigger cum. you want a load of nigger cum in you Betty. I nodded my head yes. He said tell me. I started to say to him thru broken breaths as he was pounding my white ass I want your cum. He told me to say it louder. and louder soon I was scream that I wanted his Black cum in me. He pulled his black cock out of my ass and shot his load on my belly. Your not worth my Black sperm in you. Your a cheap easy fuck and only deserve nigger cum in your cheap slutty ass. Now if you need Black sperm clean it off with your hand and lick it off your hand like the bitch dawg you are Betty. I reached down and got a hand full of his Black sperm off my belly and reached up and started to lick it clean. I did it a few more times when I saw him put on his boxers and walk toward the door. H eopened the door and turned toward me and said he would be back later and he left.
I laid there on the table for a few minutes and decicded that the thing missing in my marriage was a Black man. Four years later I know I am right. I am still a slut for Black cock.
Dark dick

And what did your daughter and son in law think of you using the house to get your twat pounded by black cock????
My daughter has gotten me to meet a few of her Blakc friends who have I have the honer to be fucked by. Her hubby is so lame about it that I have been fucked by two Black men at the same time while he is in the house and he has acted like he never knew what I was doing in the bedroom with two men.................for several hours at a time!
Betty-MWF said:
My daughter has gotten me to meet a few of her Blakc friends who have I have the honer to be fucked by. Her hubby is so lame about it that I have been fucked by two Black men at the same time while he is in the house and he has acted like he never knew what I was doing in the bedroom with two men.................for several hours at a time!


You are correct about your hubby being lame not to notice you getting busy with two men in your bedroom. Perhaps he just doesn't care anymore.
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Baulderdash! As is most tripe in this thread. I understand it's fiction and fantasy but the hottest stories are those a bit grounded in truth and reality.

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