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Where to Meet Older White Woman???

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Feb 17, 2005
Dear Cavern,

I'm a 30 year old professional black male that lives in So Cal. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on good places to meet older white woman (40 - 55).
Oh my, where do I begin? Basically, everywhere but understand that older women do not expect younger men to hit on them. Welll, ok, it may be a fantasy but a few eye wrinkles and boobs beginning to sag do not make a gal self confident. A younger black stud is great ( believe me, I know!) but putting up with their macho BS makes them want to date more mature guys.

A nice quick affair is what most mature women want but finding the right guy is hard. I would go ahead and advertise in the personal sections. No kidding, it works. Let women know what you are like and what you are interested in and the ones that are interesrted will respond. I do not read the personals every week but there are always lots of interesting items and I have met with a few guys from the personals.

Thanks for the info. I'll try it out and see what happens. I'm trying to think of any other good place to meet older white woman. I've had some success at the gym. Most are stand offish at first but once you get to know them watch out.
I know lots of women who go to the gym to look for guys but most of them are younger and single. When I go to the gym, just want to do the workout, chat with the other gals and not worry about makeup or being sweaty. There are lots of cute guys and I have to admit there are a few I regularly flirt with. But it is hard to feel sexy in a sports bra, dripping sweat, and no way does gatoraide replace a good bottle of Chardoney.
Rob- You are just horney all the time.... not that I mind, but it is a fact! :p
Well speaking for ME, which is all I can do...
I say hit on me!
If someone hits on me HARD, that is, says: "you are SO sexy, I HAVE to have you, I'm dying to fuck you" and so on, he has a lot better chance than with a slower, or more classically 'seductive', approach.

I also am much less likely to go for an ad than to be serendipitously seduced on a spur of the moment come-on.

In fact one of the most exciting little bonks I ever had was with someone who did a VERY blatant and inappropriate come-on in a very public place.
He risked my screaming or otherwise causing a major scene.
But it paid off, for both of us.

So my advice is: no guts, no older women sex.
There you have it! Two different approaches but both require you to let us know of your interest.

Sleepy, to answer the original question, where do you suggest he go to find his true, but mature, love?
By the way, that was from me.
Sorry, I forgot I need to log-in first or it posts as "guest".

And, damn!, no one commented on my new 'avatar'!
Try My Wife

we live in the Seattle area but she works a lot in the East Bay area Newport. If you ever get up there, she has my permission to fuck on her own. She's 50 and plump, pretty with nice big tits. Hit me back if you think it could work.
Where to met older white women

Dwsfv -

Try going to artsy places - museums, art galleries, art centers - the funkier the place the better. The women who are passionate about this type of art are usually quite open-minded. And the older men at these places are usually wimpy ass white guys with not enough balls to ask a woman out. Most art loving older white women would be very flattered to have a fine younger black gentleman hit on them. And would be very willing to get together with you on a regular basis once they had a taste of what you had to offer...

I know what I'm talking about here, because I'm one of those women! A couple of months ago I met up with a fine younger black gent and have been only interested in black men ever since... I was getting so tired of waiting for white guys to make a move - black men have the balls to go for what they want! I have been telling all my older white female friends to give the brothas a chance.
The oldest woman I have ever been with is the one I am seeing now, and she is a 39 year old mwf. (I am 29.) We met at a local coffee shop -- not a Starbucks!!! -- near the university I attend.
Hit Me Hard

Really have to second Sleepy's view. I'm more prone to go down if hit on hard than if you try and be laid back and "nice".

I think this approach works with experienced gals who really enjoy BBC. When I was still married or before I really got into black guys, I'd have gone bananas if a strange guy really pressed me to f**k him. Now, I really like the come on. BBC with the balls to pull it off are usually amply rewarded.

Way Out Places and Hard Pressing

I concur with Sensual Bohemian.

As a 50s something widow, I'm a sucker for a guy coming on to me at an art gallery or museum - besides, I'm not about to throw a fit in such a venue.

It worked for me at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Pete and the Plant Museum in Tampa. And, let me add, that any weekday afternoon is prime hunting season. Anyone you find there will probably be very receptive - expecially if you take Karen's advice and politely but firmly press your case.

Try joining some interracial yahoo groups. I'm 40 and met a hot extremely hung 21 y/o black stud that way. It really turns me on having his young seed pumped in me. Cleo.
I will guarantee that there are mature white women ready for this at any church you look. There are MANY , Many IR couples at my church as a result and there are even more satisfied mature WF's and MWF's that are a bit more secret. My wife has had at least 100 enocunters with 5 different black men this way. Some even at the building because she has keys and directs a lot of activities.

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