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White Slaves in Africa

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Mar 6, 2005
Johm Olango was a real giant of a man. He was some 6 ft 5 ins tall, very well built and, I should add, extremely well endowed. It was rumored that his black shaft was at least 13 ins in length and it had a huge girth.

John hated white people and loved humiliating them. He had been educated both in England and in the US and he remembered all the slights ,the patronising comments and other perceived indignities he suffered during his stay in the west.

It is true he had fucked his landlady for the 2 years he stayed in her house in New Jersey but she was around 50 and had huge flabby tits. She did excuse him the rent but otherwise he often resented having to service her sexual needs.IN UK he had fucked a number of young blonde sluts and also screwed an attractive 30 year old married woman at the U but he did not like the British at all.

Now he was in the immigration service of a large African country and he was a very powerful,influential figure. His job was made for him since there were quite a number of young White men who worked in the country and their wives had to get permits to stay with their husbands.

John hit upon a novel way of enjoying himself and,at the same time, humiliating the whites. He would select, from pictures in the Immigration Dept .some attractive white wives. Notrmally he would select blondes, and those with attractive,sexy bodies.John would "discover" some irregularities in their applications and would require them to report at his private rooms in the Imiigration Dept HQ.

Once there he would ply them a drinlk-reputedly laced with Spanish fly- and then sit them down on a couch. He would parade before them making sure they had eye contact with his bulging crotch. Soon the white wives would be transfixed by the huge bulge in his crotch and meantime he would emphasise how they would have to go to prison because they had infringed the laws of the country He knew by thistime they were getting horny and wet,

Mr Olango pointed out there was an alternative, If they agreed to become his sex slaves and ensure their husbands agreed, they would have their applications approved. They would need to sign a slave certificate and telephone their husbands telling them to present themselves at the Immigration HQ.

Basically what happened is that the husbands were taken to a side room. They were made to strip and then they were tied in chairs.Their hands were left free so they could fondle their dicks. Two big African Mistresses dressed in black cat suits and knee high boots paraded before them. Soon the sexy big butted African ladies would spit at the husbands, call them lowly white trash, and whip their cockswith a rubber willy whip every now and again. After about ten minutes of punishment, teasing and humiliation, ,the bewildered husbands, there were 4 today-were ordered to look though the window whether their 4 white wives were all kneeling submissively before Mr Olango.

He went to each of the wives in turn. First he abused them in no uncertain manner calling them lowly white trash who must quickly learn only to serve superior Black Masters. They must beg forgiveness for the arrogance of whites and for their past sins, He then spat at them pulled their hair and slapped their tits in really quite a brutal manner.

After this one by one he ****** them to gently suck his huge black balls, lick and suck his huge balls and beg him to cum in their mouths. He then fucked wife No I - a beautiful 37 year old Swedish blonde called Jutta-and them proceeded to fuck wife no 2- Helga , a busty German blonde up the arse.Five minutes later he moved on to wife No 3- Marian- a delightful strawberry bl;onde from Texas, and he fucked her for at least 20 minutes. Finally he moved on to wife no 4, Barbara, who was a shapely 30 year old blonde from the UK. Firstly he told her to open her mouth and he then peed in her mouth. When that was finished he brought out a vicious looking single tail whip and whipped her until her arse was bright red, He then fucked her arse and told her that she must lick his arse juices

John felt he had had a good day. He had fucked 4 attractive white wives and, at the same time, made sure their husbands were humiliated.
this shows why the africans are the worlds no 1 beggers and they will be forever
rajamuda said:
this shows why the africans are the worlds no 1 beggers and they will be forever

Careful now...if you keep making observations like that some dim bulb on here is going to start labeling you as a mean person. You can say anything you want, no matter how wierd and bizarre and you can swear it's true - but don't ever disagree with the idea that everything even remotely connected to I/R sex is nirvana personified. After all, each of us has the freedom to say what we want, right...unless it runs counter to something everyone else thinks...

Well done Kinkray.

The immigration department in any country have a picture of everyone arriving in the country to work, who for, and sometimes where they are going to live.

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