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White Women Getting Fucked by African Bulls in Gambia

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Mar 6, 2005
One lady from England who had married a Black African man in the UK, spoke in detail about the wonderful sexual prowess of black men in Africa..She claimed she had never had such sex until she came to africa. White men, she reckons are useless wimps, they only for about 10 minutes whereas African Bulls can fuck for an hour or more.

Perhaps this was true, or perhaps she was actually buying into some very old imperial myths about African men being animalistic, only fit for enslaving and breeding, This perverted view was often held by whites in the US Southern States too.Perhaps, too, if you had been engaged in a bloodless, long-term relationship, any newness would seem more than a tad thrilling.

Alhagie Sanneh, a local bumster turned hotel worker, perceives just about everyone in the Gambian sex tourist industry as a bumster, officially employed or not they all want something from the kinky white tourists, he says, and he is no exception.

He is in now in his late -thirties, getting old by the standards of the Gambian tourist industry and perhaps running out of time in his long held ambition to find a rich kinky middle-aged white woman to take him off to Europe.

He spoke of his disappointment at being used and "wasted" by European women, especially the older and uglier ones, whom he described in almost contemtuous terms, saying how you could see their old, white, sagging skin become taut and fresh as they sucked the youth from their boyfriends. They were also crazy for oral sex and loved being degraded. often begging him to give them a good whipping, shooting cum over their face and asking if he would pee all over them includingi n their mouths. Some wanted him to torture them, slap their face, put a collar on them ,verbally abuse them and put clothes pegs on their tits and clits. One kinky Englishwoman in her mid 50's even begged him to shit on her and make her eat up the shit.

The Gambian men certainly are well aware how to play the white women who are looking for sex, he noted. You could see them in action, even in front of the women's husbands, touching their hands and arousing their interest. Last winter, he said, there was a horrible scene outside Ali Baba, a well known bar in Gambia, with a man from Manchester in England crying and distraught in the street as he looked for his wife, who had disappeared with one of the bumsters.

Five ladies, Alhagie said in his broken English, he had experienced from the tourists with the love. He always knew when these kinky depraved whores were interested in getting fucked , and he would invest his time, drinking, dancing smoking and having wild sex with them.

There was,for inst ance, the Belgian woman who'd said she was going to leave her husband back home and come back to the Gambia for him. His German "girlfriend" left him for another bumstet Like the others, she was much older than Aihagie, perhaps at least 50. Some refused to tell him their age. Only the Swedish woman had been older even than Alhagie's own mother. She had been generous with her payments of .

He pointed out, you did not ask the women for money or negotiate a fee, you accepted what they offered. Sometimes they would just give you gifts, like Caroline, nice pretty English "girlfriend' who gave him a watch. Aihagie hoped she might be the one to take him to Babylon, as he called Europe. They had kept in contact by phone after her holiday and she had said she was coming back and would set up home with Aihagie, but recently she stopped calling. Throughout most of this time, he had been in a relationship with a Gambian woman, with whom he now had two children

This story is adapted from a Gambian web site. :roll:

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