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who is teenslut??? I have heard so much about her ....

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May 11, 2004
Who is she??? and what does she look like?? Id be interested in seeing her..I always see everybody posting about her but never seen her...

Just curiousity...
Teenslut is every mans fantasy girlfriend. Shes from the U.K, shes 19. Shes as cute as hell. She has a sexy tight waist with juicy big boobs. Unfortunately for us whiteboys she is now black only. And she likes all her white admirers to know it. Shes off-limits to white men - only black for her from now on. Every day she becomes more of a black mans girl. It was a sad day for the white race when she first saw a black cock. That day we lost a sexy white girl to any black man that wants her. She is a true believer in the black males sexual superiority over whites - and has every reason to. I feel very priveliged to have chatted to her. I will serve Teenslut forever and follow her to 4 corners of the world just for a flutter of her eyelashes or a wink of her eye. To us whiteboys she is a princess, an angel in short skirts and tight t-shirts. To black men she is nothing but a notch on their bed posts, an easy conquest, a sure thing. If you're white, don't even try to win her, just admire her from afar and take your fantasies to bed with you. If you're black - you're lucky, shes coming your way - your in for a good fuck.
I think that about sums it up :twisted:
I dunno, but I might have to give her her own forum before too long ;)
dig420 said:
I might have to give her her own forum before too long ;)

Now that sounds like a whole lot of fun - I'd enjoy that :twisted:

I think we might enjoy it too teenslut....more posts from you can only be a great thing! :D
Teenslut, shoot me a private msg if you're really interested, I think it would be an interesting thing to do :)
Would you like that boys? :twisted:
hells yea!

Have to add another vote for Teenslut's own forum page.
I don't know who she is either but I suspect shes just another gay white male tricking you all. After all shes been 19 for over a year now!! /i don't know any black man thats even met her! Ever been had?
She sounds like the Pied Piper, and all white boys would follow her wherever she told them to go. A real Princess with her own realm of obedient followers.
Worthless White Wimp: Your name says it all. What a pathetic twit you are

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