why i'm a cuckold

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Mar 2, 2004
i used to love watching my wife with huge black men. she could never feel me.


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MY GOD. I can't believe you are soooooo tiny. That is the most pathetic thing I've seen. That isn't even two inches soft you ridiculous little man. Thank god for young black men.
wow, i'm a white guy and even for me thats pathetic. thanks for showing more white girls what we have to offer lol
I think soft has already heard my thoughts on that pathetic little thing. That's enough to start a girl laughing and reaching for the phone!
im a white dude and im a good 8 inches in length and fairly thick
imagine me fucking this.


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thats just ugly, im sure i could crawl inside that cave
"why i'm a cuckold"

Because you're coo-coo.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Laughing my ass off over here again...

Wait a minute... I am coo coo for cocoa cocks. :oops:

Please don't tell me I am a "cuckold"?
Can wives be "cuckold"? :shock:

Certainly I can't be in the same category as that person up there with that small penis. ;)

And if that was my pussy up there that looked like a tunnel, I'd consider some serious reconstructive surgery. :wink:
Dammmmmmmmn, is that really your womans love canal? You should be pantied for even thinking of bringing her to orgasm with that tiny ass manclit, put on some pink panties and forget about fucking her.
I agree

That is what happened to me and why I'm cockold. My dick is so small wifes bf calls me girl. He now makes me wear panties and bra whenever he is around. Lately that is all the time.
We really do hat that picture.

Please disist!
I want to be cuckold. I don't know why? My cock is not small, it is big enough to fuck her. It is a unanwered question.
Why you're cuckoo? It's because you're a jaded masturbator, that's why. Nude pictures of beautiful women and/or normal erotic scenarios (read that: intra--not inter--racial) no longer cause you to become aroused, so you need a stronger fix. That's why. What's next, beastiality? Getting-off on White women being defiled by quasi-simians is only one step away from this even greater perversion.

Let me tell you something. I've lived amongst Blacks all my life. A nightmare for sure. I know 'em like the back of my own hand. And I can assure you that the concensus amongst them is that "White boys" are punks. These men of shit-color have nothing less than contempt for your White ass. Isn't that right, homeboys? But still you jerk your pud to pix and vids of detestable niggers violating White women. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?? WAKE THE FUCK UP, WHITE MAN, CLEAN UP YOUR ACT AND GET AWAY FROM THIS SOUL-DESTROYING PERVERSION! YOU HEAR ME??

Ape Hunter

p.s. And here's a caveat for you White women who think you're missing out on something really great by not hopping into bed with a Black. I highly suggest you click on the link below to get a strong dose of reality and realize what you're really dealing with: http://newnation.com/NNN-news-crime.html
There's far more involved in the I/R scene thn white females drooling over black guy simply because of size. I've known white girls who tried black and went back to white, I know white girls who've tried black and stayed that way. The attraction of a white female to a black male is not something anlogous to the lemmings march to the sea - like everything else in life it is a choice depending on many factors - most of which I believe has more to do with 'forbidden fruit' than anything else. But think of it this way: In a country of almost 300 million people, even if we have a hardcore base of 1 MILLION into the lifestyle, it still equals out o about 1/3 of 1 percent.
Speaking <writing> as a white male with some very r/t experience in this lifestyle, it's fairly easy to know immediately who is blowing smoke and who is really involved around here. And you'll find the most believable stories are ones that have originated from a kernel of truth. Other stories are intensely enjoyable because they happen to strike a real nerve in our darkest desires and others border on the laughable because we all know, inside, they'll just never happen.
As for those white guys who have this goofy need to display their sad state of size to the world - this gets more like Jerry Springer.
Pesonally, I have my own very strong desires but it becomes important to understand what CAN be real and what is just plain silly.
Fortunately, there are just enough of us who are REAL that sites like DC and DW provides tantalizing proof that this lifestyle can be attained and enjoyed.
soft2inches said:
i used to love watching my wife with huge black men. she could never feel me.

well...i dont think its so bad...though i cant tell how small it really is due to the balls...heh, wouldnt mind my balls being that big though.