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why we love it

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Mar 23, 2004
Giving thought to why we get turned on by white females going for black cock. Is it the idea that we place our ladies so high on a pedestal and regard them as white mans most precious pocession. It's always been the white mans mind set that females need us and can't make decisions without a man making them for her. It's unthinkable that a little white girl has the abliity to go on a dangerous adventure without a white man to guide her. When we see a sweet young white girl showing any sign that shes made the decision to go interracial its shocking but at the same time the turn on is very hot. In light of the way more and more white girls are going for black cock, in my case It has me jerking off more than ever even though I'm in my 50 s and I have to think its having the same effect on many other white men. Thank you for listening!!!
A very honest comment - well done
you r like a tortise living in a well u must look around u the world is not USA only there so much of interricial love marriages & friendship happening but r only interested in getting into a white woman,s pants i think u r not fit 2 talk about interrascial love
English wives in Africa sought out BBC while their husbands sat in the shade and attended to Colonial matters. They had fabulous sexing from these robust bulls.

Cotton Plantation wives often lay down with the most-endowed slaves, because the sex was so much better than with their husbands. The Mandingo stories tell of the intense cravings the white women had for black cock. Fucking with their husbands was more of a "duty of marriage".

Blacks have always had the reputation of being powerful, sensuous lovers - and white men have always been "guick ejaculators", acting as if sex was some prize in a lottery, and something they did not get very often - so the excitement of "getting a fuck at last" made them blow off their sperm quickly.
There needs to be some research into why white men cum too quickly, before many white wives can have an orgasm. It has been suggested that white men get less sex than black men, so white men get overly excited when they "get lucky" at last. So they ejaculate very quickly.

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