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Wife loves to show

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Jul 14, 2005
My husband gets off so much showing my body off to men especially black men. I have found out how much I do too. Even in public. What do you guys think?
ah those tits and nipples are awesome, I'd love to see them in real.

MMMMMMm very nice.
Show your wife

The second pic she looks very horny and seductive... so tempt us slut shows us what you can do with that body :twisted:

VERY NICE! I love nipples and very sensitive ones. The other photo looks great too just too close. Would love to see you post with wih some BBC in your mouth or cunt doggy style.

You're HOT! Any "action pics"?
her pussy is not nasty. i think you'd be happy to have such a nice pussy engulfing a dick that looks like a long piece of shit!
Moderators, please!...
you look ok very nice..
I see nothing wrong with either picture.
It would be nice if you guys actualy would get off the pot and try some BBC. You've joined and left my group 4 times over the last two years always with the same story. I would hope by now, she knows if she's ready or not to do the dam thing. DO IT Already
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