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Nov 2, 2004
I think she's been cheating. post you pics fucking her.


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Well you obviously want her to cheat so everyone should be happy in your household then :)
my big ass

since im always commenting and never contributing, here's my big white ass for all you brothas. hope you like it!


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Damn Anna. What does a brotha have to do to get into your white ass??
Damn Anna that as looks hot!! That last pic is absolutley HOT!! Keep posting girl
Damn Anna that ass looks hot!! That last pic is absolutley HOT!! Keep posting girl

sorry mis-spelled that last post
Anna your ass and body are perfect for bbc...my little white dick could never please that..my dream would be to watch your being properly fucked by your black master and allowing me toclean your pussy and that mandingo cock
Hi! Jmeal,
Thanks for the lovely photos, the lady has very nice tits and a lovely big arse just right for fucking. I would love to squeeze her big tits hard as I fuck her up the arse with my big black cock. I would love to eat her creampie when I pump her cunt full of my cum. keep posting more pics especially of her cunt spread wide so we can see her pink bits.


Hi! Anna,
Lovely that lovely sexy arse of yours. Love the shot of your cunt being stretched by that big black cock. I would love to fuck you up the arse whilst your white pussy is impaled on that nice black cock. I'm imagining you sitting on my face and me fucking your white cunt with my tongue. Keep posting more pics Anna.



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