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Wife's Fantasy

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Jul 14, 2005
My wife and I live in Georgia and have been married 10 years. Since the first interracial movie we saw together, we realized that we both shared the same fantasy having her taken by several attractive black men. We told each other exactly how she would become a lover of black cocks as it played out in our fantasy. We both agreed that her fantasy was the hottest and I suggested we make it reality. She wants it so badly that I'm sure if I put her in the right circumstance that she would gladly allow herself the pleasure she so desires. She works around alot of attractive muscular black men daily that she knows wants to fuck her, but she doesn't want to lose her job. So here is how her fantasy plays out as she tells it.

As I said she works around alot of hot black men, as she puts it, in the prison system in our state. She has become quite taken by the warden in one of the particular prisons that she visits while working so her story centers around him. I met him one day when picking the wife up for lunch. I happened to walk up on them hugging in what she described as just a friendly gesture, but his big hands were trailing across her lovely ass as they seperated. She told me his name was Victor.ing that turned her He appeared to be 35 or so and was everything that turned her on about black men. Tall, 6'5" and around 230 lbs. and very good looking. He became the object of all her fantasies when we made love and especially when we used her 12 inch black dildo on her. She would come non-stop once we had inserted 8 inches inside her very tight pussy. She would work it in her until she had the entire 12 inches solidly inside her. What a sight that is with her actually fucking every in of that monster cock and the cum would literally pour down the sides of it when we would pull it almost all the way out before practically ramming it back in.

This is how her story goes. One day she is working at Victors prison past 6 pm when only guards were around when she notices lights on in Victors office. She decides to go by and see him before leaving. She knocks on his door and he invites her in where he is in a meeting with the head security officer who is equally as attractive as Victor. They invite her in and ask her to join them which she does. They began talking about all sorts of things when the subject turns to sex. Victor asks Leigh if she has ever been with a black man and she blushes and tells him no, but that she has often wondered if it is true about the sexual prowess of black men and talks about how large and fine all of the black men are in the interracial porn we watch. Derrick, the security officer, asks Leigh what she thinks. She says that surely not all black men could be so large. At this time Victor gets up and walks around his desk and locks his office door and sits down on the couch in his office with Derrick and picks up the remote to the tv in his office and turns on the vcr. Immediately a beautiful white red-head appears on the screen sandwiched between two black men. She is sucking one off while being hammered by the other. Victor told Leigh to join them on the couch which she did as if in a trance. She sat between these two men as they continued to watch the red-head get plowed. It was having the desired effect on Leigh as she said she was beginning to get very horny and her thong began to moisten. Just then Victor placed his right hand on her thigh and gegan to work it under her short dress. She found herself instinctively spreading her legs to allow him to reach her wet pussy. She said before she knew it she was hungrily kissing Victor as he took her hand and placed it on the large bulge developing in his pants. She knew right away that what she had heard was true about black men as she felt the largest cock she had ever felt grow continuosly in her hand until it was easily twice the size of mine. At this time Derrick stood up and removed his pants while standing in front of her face. He the took her mouth off of Victor's mouth and placed it directly on the largest fully erect cock she had ever seen. She said at this time she absolutely lost it and was like a bitch in heat, trying to get as much of Derrick's huge cock in her mouth while pumping him with both hands. She found herself wanting to suck his come more than anything she has ever done. And she did just that. Sucking his pre-cum out of the slit as quickly as he produced it. In the meantime, Victor had taken her dress down to the floor and had removed her soaked thong. He began to finger her with first two then three fingers as she moaned around Derrick's cock. She began to convulse in an earthshattering orgasm that had her begging Derrick to let her have his cum down her throat. He stopped fucking her mouth and asked her what she wanted. She said she wanted to eat his delicious cum. He asked how badly she wanted it and she said she would be his from now on and do whatever and whoever he wanted her to do if only he would feed her his cum. She was still bobby her her and sucking like a child sucks a bottle. She began to cry and begged him to feed her. She promised she would be theirs forever. At this time he grabbed both sides of her beautiful face and resumed fucking her mouth. Just then she pulled his as to her and took all 10 inches down her throat as he erupted at the back of her throat. Leigh pull her mouth back enough so she could taste his cum before swallowing. She loved it and continueerrick ed to suck him until he began to cum again. Derrick groaned and said she was the best cocksucker her had ever had and would enjoy sharing her mouth with some of the other guards that Leigh knew. This set her off andshe came harder than ever before as she begged him to do that. Then Victor decided it was his turn and his slut to breed as he lifted her up and set her on his 12 inch cock causing her to scream with pleasure as he stuffed her thong in her mouth to keep her from being heard until he could get her in position to suck Derrick's still hard cock again. Victor continued to slam Leigh down over his cock as Derrick cleared off the meeting table for Leigh's sweet ass. Victor laid her down without missing a stroke and placed Leigh's legs over his shoulders to allow maximum penetration. He fucked her through several multiple orgasms for the next thirty minutes and timed his orgasm to go off as Derrick again fed my wife his tasty cum. Leigh said they changed positions and Derrick, still hard, placed her on her hands and knees as she begged him to fuck her doggy style which is her favorite position. They fucked for almost an hour before he cam in her womb as Victor gave her his cum to enjoy. They told her she was now theirs and she would do whatever they asked her as she readily agreed.

This is what I want for my wife as I know this is what she will have.

No pictures because I wasn't there and they were in Victor's prison office.
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that is a hot pic. love watching her with that HUGE dildo. wish i could eat that pussy.
lovely. as a "blacked" wife, i know exactly how yours will feel when she gets that real bull into her. a very hot and inspiring story. You'll be a proud cuckhubby assisting her bull, I'm sure.

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