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wife's long hair

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Mar 10, 2004
My wife has long brown hair almost to her waist, I always fantasize about her sucking off a black guy while he has his hands holding her hair up and running his fingers thru it. anyone else have this feeling about there wives ?
Bulls love to hold a white girl's hair and guide her mouth down to the cock.
Hair to the waist is ultra-sexy, men know this.
I love fuckin' white girls with long hair doggy style.

Grab that hair and ride her phat ASS like a horse.

hair down to her waist is very special and rare, so you could plait a mane while you riding the horse doggy style.
yeah there is something about long hair swaying as she kneels and sucks
We need some photos posted of women with long hair to get the bulls 'hot and bothered'.

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