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Win Win Refusal World: Kevin's Conquest


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Apr 24, 2024
Win-Win Refusal World: Kevin’s Conquest​

Seema sat on the bed contemplating the man’s massive erection, perched happily near the edge of the bed. Seema had fallen in love with a total wimp of a man and now he had begged her to spread her legs for another, better, Daddy. He had begged her interminably, even though she had denied him over and over, asserting her desire for monogamy. Finally, she relented and searched out someone on the internet. This man, an overweight, white, octogenarian with a massive, virile, uncut penis, was who she landed on. Many men had gawked at her photos that she sent, calling her a slut, and telling her how much they wanted to cum in her belly. Seema had found it oddly thrilling, these men constantly telling her lewd and horrible things. She was an intelligent and successful academic, who sat on the executive board of her family’s real estate company. Her hair was dark as night and her eyes were a gentler brown. She had an intoxicating figure and was constantly turning down the advances of students and other university peers for dates. One of her co-workers, Lewis, would even send her ***** texts on a semi-routine basis. She always turned these men down because she was married to her sweetheart and had been raised to be loyal to her guy. The Eighty-something-year-old uncut stud had been just as bad, seeing a photo of her in a bikini from a vacation she had taken with John, he had written back, “Omggggg Yesssss sooooooo Slutty,” through the little chat box she spoke through. Her pussy had gotten wet from this, and she thanked him for the compliment.

John had taught her to be totally submissive to the men who would try to have sex with her. Seema was absolutely ready for that. This man’s name was Kevin Lee. He was a very boastful man with a big belly and thick arms. His hairline was in retreat, and he had a snow-white goatee, which was punctuated by his pensioners status and many grandchildren. He was very old-fashioned and frequently complained about the younger generation. He easily made quick work of John upon meeting him. Seema had told Kevin that her husband would have to approve of them before anything could happen. So, all three parties went to the trouble of meeting in a coffee shop downtown to discuss things.

John and Seema arrived early, and found a good seat away from other guests. Kevin showed up twenty minutes late wearing matching under armour track pants and tank top. His belly and cock bulged through the thin polyester and elastane, such that his nipples, belly button, and the head of is cock could be spied in contours. He came through the door running, sweat glistening across his body. He had been on a jog, and as he strode through the restaurant looking for them, John felt a blush leak across his face. He looked over at Seema who looked the same, her eyes locked on Kevin as he approached. She stood.

“Hello Kevin,” Seema had said, stretching out her hand to him when they first met. He was quite tall, standing up, easily taller than John and probably twice his weight with his bulging belly sticking out. He was definitely stronger. Seema hesitated for a moment at his size, then let her hand be gobbled up by his paw.
“A very special hello to you, my dear” He said back to her, his eyes drinking her greedily. John also stood and introduced himself politely. Kevin completely ignored John and instructed Seema to sit down, to which she sat obediently, her eyes locked still on Kevin.

John tried again, this time with more respect, he said, “Thank you so much sir for taking my girl. I’m at your service sir.” Then John descended into deep bow.

“Good boy, I love her dark hair and big tits. Very beautiful, she definitely needs a real man in the house you wimp.” Kevin nodded, and took the seat next to Seema, closest to her. John sat across from them both.

“yes sir, thank you.”

“That’s enough, quiet now, cuck,” Seema said to John. John was shocked. Looking at her, she was totally changed. She and Kevin talked excitedly about topics ranging from local eateries they wanted to try to sexual positions they were going to do. At one point John’s felt his clit get flush with cuck blood when he heard Kevin say to his wife,

“We’re gonna have some great sex, Seema.”

This was how they first met the man who was going to father their first child.

She loved John, but as the years had passed, he became less and less manly. By the time they were married, it became clear that he could not get hard, at all. Moreover, they couldn’t start their family because no matter how hard he tried to shove his limp noodle into her vagina, it simply couldn’t cum a baby into her. She did love him though, at least, even if her father and family questioned her barren marriage regularly. Her love persisted, but now, it had to transform into something different. She had never thought of herself as the dominating type, but more and more she loved treating John like shit. In a way, this, as well as pursuing a bull, was the new love language of their relationship.

It was subtle, but in that very moment there in the coffee shop, Kevin was able to establish a bond with the couple, one that would endure from that moment forward. Seema was obedient to him, implicitly. His masculinity and age made it easy for him to tap into her submissive side. He would forever always speak to her in a way that acknowledged her beauty and intelligence but that also more strongly urged his place as her master. a grandfather, kind yet stern. With John it had been one of complete subjugation. Not only would Seema always do what he told her, but John would too. To John, Kevin was a total alpha, completely perfect and powerful in his dominance. Not only was John submissive to men with large penises, but he was also very submissive to much older men. Kevin was very old-fashioned, being in his early eighties, so he didn’t see John as a man at all. Moreover, upon meeting her, he didn’t really respect Seema as a person, he thought she was kind of stupid and annoying. As far as Kevin was concerned, a stupid slut was being offered up to him to shoot no-consequence babies into, and he was going to take it. In his eyes, cuckolds were useless nannies, and their dumb sluts were brood mares.

“Now impregnation is natural and you’re a nice young couple, so this should be a sinch.” he said to her quietly. She looked into his eyes and nodded. “Then, you’re ready to get preggo by someone who could be more than twice your age?” John’s wife didn’t break eye contact and again nodded in agreement. He looked into her dark eyes, searching them with his own and said, “I will spray my seed in you, Seema.”

John came in his pants at this. His face contorted in pleasure as semen erupted from his small, flaccid penis inside his undies. John’s cheeks were flushed red. Kevin Lee had a smirk on his face “did you just cum?”

John nodded, his eyes whimpering. “pathetic,” Seema said.

The cuck cast his eyes down humiliated. He was totally defeated and dominated immediately upon meeting this real man. Kevin laughed eagerly.

“I love having a young couple like this, to be mine. Totally mine. Seema, let’s talk more. Give me both of your numbers? I’m going to glaze you baby” he put his hand on her shoulder, and she looked at him, visibly aroused.

“Let’s go somewhere more private” she asked, and both John and Kevin nodded.

They sat in the back of the car while John drove the two back to Kevin’s apartment. They were slightly nervous, going to someone’s place right after meeting then, but they were already in no position to resist any of Kevin’s demands. They were his couple now, totally psychologically dominated. When they got back, Kevin told John to get them drinks, so he went and poured two drinks for them both and took up a seat in the armchair across from the sofa. As he sat, Kevin said,

“Hey, fucking moron, you forgot my dad!” Kevin yelled at John. John got on to his knees and bowed in apologizing to his host,

“I’m sorry sir, I’m sorry, where is he?”

“Backroom. Get him one. Now!”

“John, stop embarrassing me!” Seema yelled at him; her face contorted in annoyance.

John poured another drink and brought it to an annex room where a very old man sat in a chair, watching news through coke bottle glasses.

“Hello sir, would you like a drink?” John asked.

The ancient man looked up at John through dull eyes and nodded vaguely. John handed him his drink and started to leave before Kevin’s dad asked him something.

“I’m sorry?” John asked.

“Jerry?” He said,

“uhh no.” John said. But the extreme senior forged onwards, beginning now to excitedly exclaim that Jerry had come to visit him. John knew that if he were to do anything but play along at this point, it would be an insult to Kevin, and that was something he could not do. He sat down and spoke with the gaffer.

Meanwhile, Seema was standing in front of Kevin, wiggling her hips, and letting the straps of her top fall from her shoulders. She whimpered.

“Mr. Lee, sir, please grace me with a child. I want to be impregnated.”

“Yeah, that’s a good slut. Don’t worry baby, I’ll make you a mommy. Are you certain? Last chance.” He asked, insincerely, now starting to unfasten his pants.

“My instincts are screaming at me, telling me that I need to be impregnated by your incredible penis, Mr. Lee.” She let her top fall, showing off her perky, pink-nippled breasts. The pensioner groaned. She shimmied and danced for him, topless. Meanwhile, John was too busy pretending to be “Jerry” to notice. Kevin hooked his thumbs into the waists of his underarmour track pants, and in one motion pulled them down. He had not been wearing any underwear, and his brawny erection bounced out happily, the glistening urethra staring lasciviously at Seema.

“Holy shiit!” Seema stopped dancing and sped forward, getting on her hands and knees and staring down Kevin’s penis as though it was made of gold. Her eyes were locked on Kevin’s urethra, taking in its wet gaze. Her lip curled up in lust. “Wow, Kevin, it’s massive.” Her face was so close to it, but not touching, when suddenly, it bobbed. The upper length of the shaft and head brushed against the side of her nose, the head of the penis resting right between her eyebrows. She let out a little moan of delight.

“Good girl. Now open wide” he grabbed the base of his cock and slid it down, the precum dragging a little trail across her face, and aimed it directly at her mouth. Her eyes pouted upwards at him and then her mouth obeyed. John’s girlfriend spread her mouth as wide as she could as if a doctor was checking her with a depressor, all in an effort to compensate for his insane girth. Kevin jammed his thick, eighty-year-old, alpha cock down Seema’s slut throat. She couldn’t take all of him before choking and spitting him out.

“Hey. That’s okay Seema. Just…let’s try that again.”

She composed herself immediately, embarrassed to have been so compromised in front of her new flame. She spread her lips across the head of his penis and began to swirl her tongue inside his foreskin. The taste was so strong, but she loved it. It was intoxicating to her, like an aphrodisiac.

“That's it piggy, clean that cock.” Kevin sneered. Seema looked up at him pleadingly and licked the tip of his cock bashfully.

“Aww, don’t get embarrassed now Seema. Come here.” He said, and stood up, lifting her up and into his arms. She felt so safe and at peace, his big belly pressing against her. He pushed her away for a moment and stripped his tank top off so that he was now completely naked. He had a large gut, covered in greying hair. His chest was broad with a good layer of fat and big nipples. The hair around his dick was completely grey and his legs were like tree trunks. Seema was utterly aroused by his manly body. His musk overpowered her mind and she now operated on biology and instinct. Still only topless, she slid her pants down and her little panties with them, uncovering her naked wet pussy. Kevin, seeing her vagina for the first time grunted like a boar about to take a sow.

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to him, embracing her against his big hairy body and pushing his tongue into her mouth. Seema reciprocated and slipped her tongue into his. They were moaning as they ate each other’s faces. Kevin suddenly stopped. John was at the door.


Kevin looked at John triumphantly and said, “Damn man, Seema was BUILT to have sex with hung, fat old men!” Seema-joon nodded insistently.

“You guys started without me?” John whined.

Kevin leaned down and whispered something into Seema’s ear. She looked at John with contempt.

“Shut up and get naked cuck. You only speak when spoken too, or else.” She said in a commanding voice, one that John had learned to obey even before he knew he wanted her to cuck him. Kevin laughed as John obediently took his clothing off and revealed a limp and completely submissive beta penis. The old man thought he was a loser. He decided it was time to really up the ante. He ordered Seema to sit, then went over to where John was standing and pushed him. Stunned, John fell backwards onto the floor and hit his head. Both naked, Kevin now got down over John and began to choke him. As this happened, they both got erections, Kevin’s massive cock growing until it smothered John’s. John felt very submissive, having both of their penises touch in this way. Kevin held John’s throat for a few moments before relenting and going back to Seema.

“Uhm, fuck yeah. Oh-em-gee, why was that so hot?” Seema asked the room. John and Seema were both panting on the floor, but for very different reasons. As soon as Kevin got to Seema, he pushed her onto the floor, onto her hands and knees, and mounted her. The engorged head of his thick dick greeted Seema’s pussy, the foreskin spreading back along the shaft as the soft petals of her love surrendered to his plumbing of her depths. By the time John had caught his breath and sat up, Kevin had already penetrated Seema and was driving his daddy dick into her over and over again. John felt warm. This was how it was supposed to be. A young couple serving an older, more distinguished man, sexually. It was natural. It was right. There in front of him, the two forms writhed, moaning and grunting. Seema came early, her body undulating against his thrusts as her orgasm rocked. She let out loud sobs of ecstasy cumming on that old man’s cock, flesh to flesh. Seema had creamed up by this point, painting his dick pearly with her lust. Kevin slapped her beautiful ass as he splashed into her over and over, his hips falling in and out of her, the tip of his prick easily kissing her womb’s entrance each time. They were both moaning deliriously, lust overtaking both of them, as the octogenarian gushed in and out of John’s Seema.

“Yes, that’s a good girl, that’s a good wet girl for daddy.” Kevin groaned out.

“Yes, daddy!” Seema screamed, “Yes, I’m your good wet girl, fuck me, I’ll do anything for you Kevin-daddy. Is my creamy pussy making Kevin-daddy feel good?” She asked.

“Mmm, your young cunt feels great babe. How does your cunt feel?” Kevin responded.

Seema moaned involuntarily before answering her lover, “My brain, my body, everything is melting. You’re dicking my slutty cunt so well Kevin-daddy.” Seema was being completely filled by Kevin’s big boomer cock. She had never felt so filled and, as Kevin’s massive testicles bounced off of her thighs with every thrust, she began to feel the warm feelings that been developing for this man ignite into fiery passion. She wished that he could somehow replace her boyfriend and her father at the same time. She had so quickly developed affection and respect for this man, so much so that now, as his dick fucked her, she thought about texting her dad Hussein to tell him to stay out of her life for good.

The sloshing and slapping of their bodies coming together was almost too much for John, who lay on the floor watching them, stroking his erection with three of his fingers. The room was starting to smell like their sweat and their cum. John felt dizzy. If they opened a window, he imagined that a chimney of steam would erupt from it.

Kevin suddenly grabbed Seema’s hips tightly and began to quicken the pace of his humping. “You want kids?” John, still on the floor with his “cock” in his hand, was in awe of Kevin rutting, the lips of Seema’s pussy gripping this daddy god’s patriarch’s cock. The lovers’ sighs became more and more insistent, rapid; Seema’s hips matching the Eighty-year-old’s quickened pace. He was nearing his climax and Seema started moaning gutturally, almost animalistically, as his member grew, becoming enlarged and grotesque, the blood flushing the head pink as he got ready to erupt. “Take my cream, Seema-joon!”

Kevin started heaving, groaning heavily, his hips plunging into her in a few forceful and powerful thrusts, his sperm pouring out of his balls and swarming Seema’s womb.

“Get pregnant, you cunt!”

“Oh My GAWD!” Seema exclaimed as she felt warm gushed of jizz coating the inside of her belly. She felt warm and claimed and his. “Let’s have lots of kids.” She suggested matter-of-factly. Slumped over her body, he grunted in agreement. Kevin then decoupled himself from Seema, easing his massive daddy cock out of her ruined, creampied pussy. The lips of her pussy gently released him, and, still kneeling, he pushed himself back up with his hands resting on her bum. Kevin’s sperm poured from Seema’s now gaping pussy and dribbled onto the carpeted floor. His sperm and Seema’ cum also mixed and form strings between the sexes of the two lovers. An especially long and thick string led all the way from her pussy to Kevin’s urethra, as if a jet of his ejaculation remained, frozen as a monument to his conquest of this woman. He noticed John looking at it and smiled, then he jiggled his hips, his belly and cock shaking. The jiggling freed the string of sperm and let fall down on the floor and on John’s girl’s legs.


They talked for a while, Kevin and Seema, discussing the places that Kevin had visited during his long life. They were never far from each other, each one’s hands all over the other’s body, while John lay, spent in his cuck cum, on the floor sleeping. Kevin groped Seema’s thighs, primitively feeling for how viable she was for pregnancy, while his crotch dug greedily into her wide hip. His big belly rested against her naked body as he spoke softly to her while she giggled, now and then. She would glance at John here and there after laughing at a particularly funny joke he had told her. Kevin gave John’s girl a few more gentle kisses before asking her to suck on his balls while he fell asleep. She looked at Kevin lovingly, flattered, then she wiggled out of his grasp to slide to her knees on the floor. Kevin moved over, lay down, spreading his legs open and giving Seema access to his testicles. They smelled especially ripe after their love making, and Seema’s eyes watered as she brough his left ball into her mouth, the tip of her tongue smoothly welcoming him in. She could only fit on of them in her mouth at a time and she sucked them sensually, almost as if it were candy. As she switched over to the right, she could hear his rhythmic breathing and quiet snoring start. Seema felt love flush over her, his testicle still in her mouth. She stayed there cuddled up to him, sucking his balls as the three of them all rested peacefully into the night.


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