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woman in sc looking for men

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I'm in south carolina and would like to make friends with blacks


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would love to experience a large black man in my bed


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email me at dianegar3@msn.com or yahoo IM me dianegar3

I really would enjoy exploring this fantasy with a black male


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id love to be that one to giv that good experience
Bring your fine ass to Ohio and get oreo'd up proper!
I would love to help you with that and fill you up baby girl i might be in nc close enough to sc sweetie would love to meet up wiht you sweetie and know more about each other sweetie..
i would fuck the shit out of you sexxxxxy

What part of SC? I`m originally from Greenvile and go there regularly.
hi where in Sc r u located
i am in anderson and hung where are you
Gents, don't disappoint a lady in distress!!!! Get your tools ready ^)_(^

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