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Would Love to have my very 1st black stud

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New around here...
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Feb 27, 2005
Im 34 married to a good guy but he keeps wanting me to have a black guy...if you think youre the one send us pics...we are in Knoxville Tennessee...cant wait to hear from you guys hurry k


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My 1st black cock hurry and e-mail me and my husband

I cant wait to try a big black stud are you guys as big as people say you are e-mail me please will you :eek:


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Wish I was in TN and black........oh well you are hot!!
Where are all the studs at Im waiting on you

I cant wait to deep throat my 1st black cock get a hold of me big guys :eek:
will you lets see some pictures k


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would you like some of this cock

write me would love to laid some black cock in you....I come to Knoxville
Tennessee...3times a yr. maybe we could get together


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Betty, your hubby is very lucky. Share more! And please share pictures of when you do hook up and get shared.
What a very nice thing to say

I will post pics if I find me a stud
I hope it is soon. I love to be teased and watch.
Would love to watch and clean your hot pussy of sticky BBC cum!!!!
Come on Betty. Don't hold out.
I realize this post is over a year old, but to follow-up, Mrs. Betty is pic collector and has no intention of meeting anyone...

We live in the same town and after finally catching her online on Yahoo messenger, she's quick to ask for photos and video clips of you, but refuses to return in kind. After telling her I hate pic collectors, the conversation came to an abrupt end.

What do ya know, another FAKE!!!

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