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Young cuckolding

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New around here...
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Mar 23, 2005
I wonder why giving your girlfriend or wife to another man seems to be mainly for guys in their 30s and upwards? Are there any younger guys out there who have or want to be cuckolded and who wonder if they could handle it? Or any young women who want to play with another guy but are afraid?

Back in the early 1970s I moved to London with my girlfriend Jane, our first time to live away from home. We were 20 years old at the time. At first she had her own place in a dormitory type setup and I had a room elsewhere. We had been together since we were 16 and although we did everything else, we never had full sex. She was saving that for when we got married.

We got to know a guy, Paul, who was a few years older and from the same place as us back home. He had various girlfriends while we knew him, but nothing permanent. He looked out for us, showing us the best pubs, cafes, advising us about jobs and so on. He introduced us to great music and to the joys of hash and we spent as much time together as possible when work permitted. We would regularly go out drinking and then go back to my place or to his, and Jane would stay with me after he left. We were growing up a bit but still I could have everything but full sex.

Where we lived there were a lot of hippies, blacks and trendies. I started to encourage her to dress in a more liberal way, plenty of cheesecloth and see-through tops, short skirts and the like, and she surprised me by going for it although she sometimes needed to be encouraged. She was quite sheltered and catholic. I loved walking down a busy street knowing her nipples were almost on view. I even got her to wear a string vest top once and she got some great looks from guys, her nipples hard and protruding through the holes. It was very horny for me. It gave me a real thrill having other men look at her, and that included Paul.

I was doing night-work at the time, and I encouraged Jane to go for a drink with Paul now and again as I didn't want her to be on her own. I knew she had taken a shine to him and enjoyed being with him. I sometimes wondered if she would have a fling with him, and the idea turned me on even though I wondered if it would lead to us breaking up, which I didn't want to happen.

One Friday night, as usual, we went for a few drinks with Paul in the local and had a great time. When the pub closed we went back to his place where he rolled a joint or two and opened a bottle of wine. We were soon fairly stoned, and I lay down on his couch listening to music. I started to doze off and then woke when Jane put a blanket over me, but I kept my eyes closed. She went back to sit near him, and they had another joint while the music played. I half expected her to wake me to bring her back to my place since the dorms were closed early and she had nowhere else to sleep. After a while though, the music stopped and I heard them moving around, clearing up and talking in whispers. She said something about me and he reassured her that I was fine. Then the light went off, leaving only the street light outside. In the semi-dark I was able to see his double bed on the floor nearby, and my heart started to pound when I saw Jane climbing in on the far side. Paul followed after a few minutes and they lay whispering, but I could see she was lying on her back a bit away from him.

I suppose I knew it was inevitable, and it was such a turn on that I was sure they could hear my heart thumping and I had to control my breathing as I was sure they would notice I was awake. Every sense was heightened. I saw in the dim light as they turned towards one another,and then I heard the kiss. I thought 'that's ok, they'll kiss and maybe he'll cop a feel and leave it at that in case I wake'. I had mixed feelings, but was intrigued and as horny as hell. The kiss got more passionate, then I heard her shift over to him and I could hear little moans of excitement from her although she was obviously trying to stay quiet. I heard clothes rustle and recognised when he snapped the bra catch open. More kissing, then he must have started to ease her pants down because she pulled away. Half of me wanted her to say 'no, that's enough', the other half wanted him to persuade her. And he did, in whispers.

They started kissing again and I knew there would be no going back, but that he would get a hand job or a blow job and she would enjoy herself and have one or two orgasms, but that would be it. He was playing with her now, and her breathing was getting ragged and now and again she let out little moans. It was a thrill to imagine his fingers on her and in her, and I wondered if she was holding his cock and playing with it. I hoped so. Then I could see his shape as he shifted and lay on her. She was making half-hearted efforts to tell him to stop, but he started to move his hips. I thought 'She won't let him go all the way, they're just having a dry fuck', and the thought that his cock was rubbing against her pussy nearly drove me over the edge to orgasm.
Then, suddenly, I knew that he was going in. I could hear her excitement, I could hear her weakly saying to stop, but I knew he had her and there was no going back. He was taking her virginity, and she was going along with it. I thought I would die from pleasure, I was afraid I would have heart failure the pounding was so great in my chest. I was sure they had to be able to hear it.

I heard her little cry as he went all the way in. He stopped for a minute and kissed her as she whimpered and I knew her pussy was holding his hard cock inside, and that she wanted it. Then he started to move, and she started to move against him, and I thought, 'I hope he doesn't come in her'. She was not using any contraceptive. I could just see their shape as they fucked for what seemed like hours but was probably 10 or 15 minutes. I kept myself from coming. I wanted to be there for the whole thing.

They started to really fuck, building and building until I knew he was on the verge of coming and that she would make him pull out. She had been a virgin but she was well used to knowing when I was going to come. But she was arching against him, and then he came, and he was still in her, and he kept coming, and she held him in. I don't know if I started to come before him or after, but I had one of the most exciting orgasms ever, heightened by having to pretend to be comatose. As I lay there I heard her starting to cry softly, and I wanted to tell her it was ok, but couldn't. He comforted her instead, and kissed her and whispered to her and gradually she stopped. They lay close, and things got quiet. I waited for a long time until I thought they were asleep before I was able to creep out to the bathroom and clean up.

The next morning was strange. I knew that she was no longer a virgin. She knew it, and he, but she had to pretend that everything was as usual. I remember feeling strange as she and I walked to my place. but I didn't regret the night before. I loved her as much, and I hoped she loved me.

A few nights later we were playing around as usual and when it got to the point of no return she pulled me onto her and I knew then that we were going to fuck for the first time. And when I slid into her I thought about the cock that had been there a few nights earlier. When I was ready to come I started to pull out but she gripped my ass and held me in. Later I realised that she was probably afraid that she might be pregnant by Paul, but I didn't mind.

We were married six months later. She was pregnant. We are still together. Being cuckolded was great. I wish it happened more often, but apart from another couple of friends who got to fuck her it has pretty much been just me for her.

By the way, I continued to encourage her to meet Paul, and she did, even after we got married. She went to bed with him while I was in the same house, but they had arranged that I would be with another girl we knew. That was the nearest that they ever got to openly confirming what had happened. But they knew that I knew, of that I am 100% sure. We are still together, by the way, and very happy to be. We only see Paul occasionally.

Hope you liked my absolutely true story. I have a hard on again just remembering it. It was the best night I can remember having, ever.

If any young guys, women or couples want to email me because they are unsure of the thing they want, then do. I wish I had some phots to share, but they are all in my head, and I love flicking through them.
young cuckolding extra

Strange how when something is on your mind after so long, as this is since I posted my account, that more details come back to mind.

I've been remembering how our relationship with Paul developed before that great night, which was about 9 months after we first met. And I remember that fairly soon I realised that she was a bit infatuated with him, if that's the right word. Remember, she was engaged to me by then, and had never had another serious reationship. She was serious about being a virgin on our wedding night, and I know she loved me.
I can remember how easy they were together in the pub on our regular nights out. She seemed to like playing shocked when he made risque comments, and that became part of the game, and I was in on it. I think she loved the idea that these two men made her the centre of attention. Looking back, there was an intimacy between them that you get with really close friends, and that intrigued me. Paul was in a way our mentor in this new city, he was a really nice guy. While he had been fairly sexually active when we met him, he didn't bother much looking for nookie as time went on. Maybe he had decided on Jane as his next conquest, and I can understand the challenge of winning her over would have added a little thrill to the game for him.
Looking back, he was seducing her and she responded, probably without realising how far it would go. And the idea that she would go against her type and be intimate with another guy who I knew began to play in my mind, and I became part of the game without them knowing. By loosening her up in terms of how she dressed I was helping her to change. I encouraged her to go braless. She has lovely breasts, small with nice hard nipples, and I encouraged her to buy tops with necklines that would allow men and Paul in particular to catch glimpses of her body. I got her to wear hot pants to show off her cute ass, and Paul made jokey remarks, and she loved that attention although she played it as if he was being too forward. Often, especially at night when we had a few drinks and a smoke in his place or mine, I would notice that she was in positions that allowed him to see her breasts without her realising it. I loved that.
Since she hadn't moved into my place, I spent many nights alone fantasizing about her, and Paul started to figure with her in these. While in a way I knew what I was doing by throwing them together more often, with or without me being there, I really never thought that she would go against the convent girl she was. But in my fantasies she could do anything I imagined she wanted. Looking back, Paul ws probably having similar fantasies, and Jane was probably too.
I think Paul was serious about seducing her. The absence of other girlfriends is a pointer to where his interests lay. Before that night, they had started to go for a drink together, with my very active encouragement. I was definitely testing her, and in a way testing myself. I genuinely believe monogamy is wrong for many people, and I believed that if Jane had another lover, so long as I was still number one, then it would be fine.
We had slept over in another room he had previously. He had two single beds there. The usual few pints and a smoke, and easier to stay there than go to my place. So I made up a bed on the floor for me, and they used the single beds which were head-to-head. In the dark I could make out the beds from where I was. I know they held hands before sleeping, but nothing else, although I wished they would at least kiss. So that was a prelude to the night in his new place a couple of months later.
Just a few things about that night. I remember when they kissed as I lay, supposedly comatose, a few feet away, how passionate they were even though they were being quiet and discrete. I lay there, fully aware that his tongue and hers were playing, that his was in her mouth, then hers in his. And they kissed for a very long time. The thought of his hands on her was really exciting. I wanted him to do what he did, to run his hands up under her t-shirt on her smooth skin and to cup her breast, to squeeze it the way she liked and to tease her nipples. I wanted him to do what he did, to run his hands back down along her belly to her legs and to stroke her thighs before bringing his hand up and slipping under her panties. I wanted him to have that first touch of her wispy hair as his finger found her clit and then slid down along her pussy. I kew he would run his hand around to cup her ass, and knew she would like all of that. But I also remember as they kissed that I wanted her to reach for his cock, or for him to take her hand and put it there. And I knew that she would enjoy playing with it, and what her little tricks were, and how he would be getting that attention.
I couldn't see these things because they were covered by a blanket, but I could hear most of them. I knew her so well that I was able to recognise the sounds she made. I was able to recognise the sounds of clothes being pulled and moved and opened. And I could make out their outline in the dim light, so I could see when his hand was at work on her pussy, when he shifted her leg, and the way their heads shifted as they kissed and became more passionate.
I was able to see him poised over her and then moving against her, and when he came in her I could see that movement and hear her sounds and his. One thing is very clear, he was in command. His seduction had payed off. She was his. She had surrendered everything to him. But I had been part of it, and certainly she didn't realise by how much.
The next day, when we were walking to my place, I thought about the fact that his cum was still inside her, and when I kissed her in my place that was in my mind, and the memory that he had kissed her a few hours before and she had taken his tongue into that lovely mouth. And when she disappeared to the bathroom almost immediately, I knew it was to wash his traces from her body, but not her mind.

More will come back as I remember, and I will share them.

Let me know what you think. It is a real buzz for me to know that so many are sharing the experience.

Excellent write-up.
young cuckolding 3

Glad so many have read the previous two instalments, and I'm getting to the end of Jane's affair with Paul. I've enjoyed remembering the details again.
It was the hottest night I have ever had, and all I could do was lie there, but that increased the sensation. I couldn't even play with myself as it was happening, had to lie real still, but even if I could have, I didn't want to come until Jane and Paul had - I wanted to be there for the whole trip.
Jane and Paul carried on having their affair after she and I came back to our home town, and he followed us a few months later. I think he couldn't stay away from her, although there was no sign before that he had any plans to come back.
Jane and I had not talked about the affair, and I'm sure she didn't know how much I knew. It's strange, but for the last week I've been doing work in the area that Paul lived in on his return, and I've passed the house four times in the past week. I could see the window of the room he lived in, and fond memories came back! She sometimes told me that she had called in to see him when she was out for a walk with our child, and I am sure they had sex - quite certain in fact. In a way, it's a pity that we never talked about it. I would like to have given it my open blessing, but I did carry on encouraging her to be free, without being too explicit about it. Remember, she had been very innocent just a year before, other than playing about with me, and I was aware that she probably felt guilty about what she had done. I was more interested in her being happy and fully satisfied than in expanding the situation into open cuckolding/sharing. I think if I had pushed it she might have pulled away from it because I know that I was number one in her life and she would never have wanted to diminish what we had.
The closest we came to that open admission (which it was really) was after he moved to another house where he had a few rooms. He invited us down for dinner with a younger woman that I was close to (I'm sure both Paul and Jane had sussed that out). It was a natural invitation as they both liked Sue. Later, after dinner, a few drinks and a smoke or two, Paul and Jane went AWOL for a while, leaving Sue and me in the living room. We were flirting, but I was careful as I thought Jane and Paul would come back. They didn't reappear and Sue left the room after a while. When she came back she was wide-eyed with surprise - or maybe shock! She didn't want to tell, but the penny had dropped for me and I knew something was going on. I got it out of her by being light-hearted about it. She had gone to find out where they were because our kissing had got her hot and frustrated. She tried the kitchen which was empty, then the only other door - Paul's bedroom - and caught them in bed, fucking. She thought they hadn't noticed her, but wasn't sure. I said I thought that was cool and I think my reaction shocked her a bit, although I reckon she liked it. Sue and I were naked in no time, and had great sex, me being especially horny with the thought that Jane was being fucked in the next room.
When Jane and Paul reappeared a couple of hours later, Sue and I were dressed. Later, when we got home I told Jane that I thought it was a great night. She said that she had felt a bit stoned and that Paul had put her into his own bed and made sure she was ok and watched over her. I left it at that since she obviously felt she needed to keep up the charade, but that was ok with me. I just didn't want her to stop having her affair.
A while later Paul hooked up with another woman we knew and we all shared a house for a while. I knew what we were getting into in terms of Paul and Jane living openly in the same house, but they were discrete, and the opportunities must have been limited. After a while both of us couples went our own ways and got our own places. I have always thought that his new woman knew there was a closeness between Jane and Paul that she couldn't understand or handle.
Although I don't know, it wouldn't surprise me if the affair carried on after that, although there was no evidence of it, and over the years we drifted apart from Paul more and more.
Jane had two more affairs that I know of - one brief, the other a love-affair that was acknowledged and open as long as it lasted. But that's a story which I will recount another time.
I'll post the few photos I have as soon as I can scan them.
Please reply to this telling me what you got from my account of being cuckolded so young. Thanks to those few people who have contacted me.
Been away for a while. Will post photos as soon as I can scan them - if I start to get a response to my post. Otherwise it is just one-way traffic.
Very hot story

I would love to see some pictures.
This story has made me very hot indeed.
I'm a 35y old Belgian cuckold with a killer wife.
We both like your story.
Please post some pics... please...


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Killer wife is right, what a beauty!! Any chance of more photos?
Glad you liked the account of my experience, and thanks for replying - you are in a minority of one - I hope more people respond.
I will post the photos soon. But I need more response to my posts, come on people, tell me what you think about the way Jane cuckolded me and the pleasure it gave me.
MelAndPooh, email me if you like. Thanks again, especially for the pleasure your photo gave me!

read the first installment; dont' have the time right now to read the others. I seem to be something of an anomaly on this site (although I have only been viewing it for the past hour or so) in that I am quite young, only 21. I have for some time now felt some draw to cuckholdery, but not in any extreme sense, only the tamer watching your partner experience pleasure, mildly slutty gf/wife fantasy. I definitely haven't acted on it; although one of my previous gf's, with whom I was pretty serious, both shared our fantasies and I kind of intimated it might turn me seeing her with another man. Months down the line she mentioned a coworker of hers had propositioned her to take part in a threesome with him and his gf. To this day I'm not sure if she really wanted to, or was just mentioning it more offhandedly, or if she was trying to fulfill my quasi-fantasy. But I found myself embroiled in pretty much blind rage/jealousy when she told me, and not really any arousal; we decided there was a fine line between the allure of fantasy and how it actually plays out in reality (a fantasy of hers was to service a much older man, but she had no real desire to do so).
I'm single now, just coming out of a two year relationship, and virtually all my masturbatory fantasies involve her with other men (black ones, specifically...). I've never mentioned this to her due to my experience of indecision with the previous girl.
I guess at this point I'm trying to decide how big a deal this fantasy is. My sexual appetite is voracious, and not dependent by any means on this fantasy/fetish. Nevertheless, it is still always there. Freud said supressed sexual desires become obsessions; although as I understand it Freud was wrong about a lot of things. So if I surpress this as I have been doing (or let it live happily in my fantasies, which are pretty satisfying), will I be able to live with it, better yet forget about it in time? Or will it drive me crazy until I have to live it out? At this point I don't feel the need in any strong sense to go through with it...
I'm also worried about the road fullfilling the fantasy will lead me down; I want to have a serious marriage with children one day. If I do go through with this once, will it become something I'll have to do with my future wife? Will it grow out of control to the point she leaves me or vice versa? I still am a jealous person despite the fantasy. Furthermore, I plan on leading a succesful professional life as well, perhaps rising to some sort of prominence within my community/city/field, etc. This goal seems incompatible with having a slut wife (swinging might be acceptable, but a black cock slut?). What if people were to find out? I certainly know I could not face the shame of my friends or family discovering such a deviant lifestyle.
I'm largely dismissive of the idea of fulfilling the fantasy because it's obvious what a social construct the whole things is. The myth of the potently sexual black male, the societal taboo, the constant bombardment of the image of black males and white females, the early scenes during my sexual development where I got the feeling girls with more curious about black males (which they very well may be, but still). It also seems to be a self-fulfilling prophecy cause it's all I think about when wacking off.
That's about all I can think about the situation right now. I know I haven't posed any easily answerable quesitons, but maybe just some fodder for discussion. It's refereshing to be able to be frank in a place where peopel have some experience and can understand. Sorry for the length, but you did say you wanted some more responses, ginger. THis more than makes up for the lack, i suppose. Hopefully this will spur some responses from people in my situation now, or who have been there before. Let me know your thoughts
jealousy destroys all

thanks for reply. A few points.
If it's too big a step then don't do it, but consider these -
1. We men don't own women, so if your girlfriend makes a decision then it is her right. So, I always operated on the basis that I'd rather know so I could make sure I held her close to me instead of the danger of her thinking someone else cared more about her than I did.
2. Jealousy is, I think, one of the more dangerous emotions. It is usually counter-productive, and is oppressive if it is let loose on a woman (or a man if role reversed). It has no connection with love in my opinion, but is about posessiveness and control. It is a ridiculous response in my opinion, and can be minimised and erased through rational thought.
3. Freud has a lot to answer for! Better not to be ruled by his analysis of the human condition - take it into account if you want, but I'd rather examine my own instinctive reaction and see if it leads to hurting me or someone else. If not, then it is usually safe to act on.
4. Consider this. If your gf has a desire for someone else and knows she cannot indulge because of your response, then why shouldn't she have it and keep it to herself - what have you gained by that?
5. Lastly, why not want your lover to have the most pleasure possible from this short life? And can you not share in it and enhance your own brief time in this life. Seems to me that that is the best deal of all.
But you have to come to your own understanding of sharing and what it might do to you. If in doubt, don't. But be aware that that doesn't mean your gf won't get a bit on the side.
I always wanted my gf/wife to return to me happy, content and loving. It worked.
Another one

Hey Ginger,

Here's another pic, hope you like it.
She's getting all wet tinking everyone can see her now.. open for the taking...

Miel and Pooh


  • miel_spread_dwv.jpg
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Like it? I love it. You are the man who won the lotto where beauty and sexiness are the prize.
Oh lucky man!!!!
thanks for posting - more??
One more...

Just because we like you ;-)))


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Miel is an absolute honey. That is a fantastic shot. She has the sort of back that I could spend an hour kissing slowly up, sown and across, and still not get enough. Absolute perfection.
And the photo itself is great, very erotic.
Pooh, you're a lucky man - but you know that anyway!
thanks for sharing, both of you,
Very tempting, no?

Just for you Gingerman, because you seem to like her so much...


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you sure know how to torture a man. OK, I'll confess to anything!!!!
Of course I like her. Miel is a beautiful woman, front and back. I like her smile, very important - it's not just about the body.
thanks for posting these photos.
Like Oliver Twist said - 'can I have more please?'
Hello to your honey from me.

email me if you want

Hey Pooh,
where's miel gone?
I'd hate to see this slip off the page into oblivion - still live in hope that young couples will see it and reply with their fantacies or real stories.
young deflowering and sharing is so hot & special!

Dear buddy,
What a great story that brighten my day and made me cum twice so intensely as I pictured your beautiful girl being inseminated deeply and with so much passion by your manly and mature friend. I can relate totally to the thrill of loving a woman so much... as wanting her to experience the best life can offer such as an experienced cock or a big black cock seducing your beloved sweetie into experiencing more about life and the mystery of passion.
I still fondly remember often this beautiful Irish girl of incredible bright blue eyes and amazing passion whom I had the sheer joy and honor deflowering, and how hard I came knowing I was starting her in a lifetime of pleasure. Yet there were many other boys and ex-boyfriends who wanted her, and I acknowledge this fact in my fantasies where I saw her takenlater over and over blossoming from a girl into a full woman. While I got lucky to be her first due to our intimacy and close friendship, I could tell she lingered for other more manly and tough guys to have taken her ...specially her old black friend and another older
experienced and well-of guy. Rather than being jealous I believe in the depth of love, and passion with a very special woman is so big that it actually calls for sharing ... not possessing. Even in those young teen days I had this super intense love (as of life-time marriage to her) but that included wanting her to be my girl and yet explore and grow in all the amazing pasion and love that comes from other special ones. A few times I caught her making out (we agreed to date/include other special guys.. but considered as second or third relations...we were the ultimate couple having it all!) so watching and later talking about it became quite an exquisite pleasure at such a young age allowing this liberated, truly "adult" behavior which I know considered as truly loving and enlightened. She was so nice, gorgeous and wise that I knew I had a jewel, and the idea of sharing her rather than frightened me, had produce a great and incredibly hot/passionate relation that continued growing way past physical satisfaction... as in the heart and mind the sky is the limit. Our multi orgasms kept getting better and better! no drugs... just great abounding love & pleasure.
And even from those days I still wish her hunky old boyfriend (blond dude...I am brown hair) had planted a sweet blond baby girl in her for us to share.... or as I deeply fantasize also her good black buddy who I know could have done a great job with his bigger black cock to teach her even more than me in achieving deep orgasms.
I still wish she had been inseminated with a sweet blond or black baby for me to love and remember again and again how it got there... and to remind me how lucky I am to have my beautiful wife. And the pride and joy of knowing that she could be so passionate, so womanly, so truly sharing to my love and devotion for her as to allow herself to enjoy the sweet spurts of another manly cock inseminating her and giving her a un-forgettable orgasmic experience. Only in a great and unconditional love can we paradoxically find such joy and pleasure seeing our beloved properly taken and inseminated. I certainly understand and admire the thrill of witnessing this moment and makes me shiver with related excitement. I can only wish my beloved Irish sweaty had been open and inseminated as well as in your case.
Later as our world of sex expanded in the years after her deflowering, she developed a wonderful and open desire to learn and try all about sex and passionate experiences.
And as she gave into experiencing great fucks with older guys she admired and other previous boys such as the blond and her manly black friend... her confidence and attitude expanded to match her gorgeous good looks and great mind. Best of all, she was so happy and close to me for "allowing her" as a giving boyfriend the best of both worlds. She had my love and devotion as "the ultimate couple" but enjoyed the thrill of sexual seductions and new experiences. And I could not be happier, exquisitely turned on, and more proud to be her accomplice for her to develop and blossom into a total woman. Unrestricted by all the society unfair taboos and controlling moral thinking. I am, as you are of your woman, lucky to have a passionate and liberated darling. They are truly jewels and give of their love and sexual charms to others. More women and other husbands need to find such joy and exquisite pleasure in giving and sharing.
We are in our thirties and can only hope that she might get excited some day to allow another man to inseminate her deeply and give her the best orgasm with this knowledge allowing what nature intended in her being fertilized by other manly cocks of her choice. Specially if this happen to be an older more experienced man or a powerful black man with a much longer cock than mine who would relish the opportunity to inseminate her and /also make addicted to his cock and sweet juice. I can only dream how special and arousing is the notion of her reaching this pinnacle of being a woman, with me helping and watching her in the act of being truly taken and fertilized, knowing her sweet womb is receiving spurt after spurt of love juice as I watch her orgasm as never before. I know I would in joy spurt my load, ejaculating the hardest and wishing I was there, relishing in her happiness and I would treasure the experience as an incredible special one and fulfilling my dreams of how true and unconditional love and passion should be...
And the icing in the cake (of having it all!) would be for her to excitedly bringing her "catch" in the form of a sweet taken vagina full of cum for me to lick, revere in the special and totally hot and outrageous moment at hand, share in how she felt indulging in these new delights, and to again proclaim my total love and devotion for this wonderful woman and wife. I know that slipping into her well lubricated pussy and sharing in this wild moment would make us both orgasm repeatedly with joy, closeness and freedom from typ. society conservative thinking, knowing we are in much more sophisticated plateau of passion and true love.
I immensely appreciate your sharing your letter and the detail you placed on helping so lovingly in her seduction at such a young age where emotions are so strong....Its wonderful you have relished so much excitement of this paradoxically situation as seen by typical conservative thinking. It would be so great if more tender darlings were initiated (and even impregnated) by mature, strong and wise man to teach and start them properly into this world of sexual and passion delights in smooth and skillful ways that would make women more loving, open-minded and giving to others to the delight and continuous joy of their husbands. Compare this to the inexperienced and often lousy first experience of many young guys and girls.
And the young boyfriend in turn could be started properly by a loving mature woman/wife (maybe the girls mother) who would milk his naive cock repeatedly (older husband could get to watch!) until this young man learned to become a good lover and therefore be ready to please his new young wife properly. (Especially as she had been started so well off! by other older or blacker cocks.)
Oh yes! what a wonderful and sexually mature world this could be as we teach and initiate our youth in a more careful and experience way the delicacy and intricacies of sexual delight, passion and unconditional love. (All readers please expand/comment in these ideas at my email or in this forum)

You were given a wild situation by destiny and acknowledged it with amazing love, wisdom, great hot passion and sexual outlook into a treasured jewel that it is for you to cherish, keep you ejaculating hard, and hopefully re-enact with you wife. Your sharing has made me ejaculate hard as it reinforces my dream fantasies, ideologies, and I know my wife are in in for great sex as we explore more in how to make it happen. I hope great older men and big black dudes send pictures and more stories of how they inseminated other girlfriend/wives with their better, manly and fertilizing cocks, or the special husbands/boyfriends who had the joy of having their girls properly taken and inseminated by somebody else.
You are a great and giving man and many have to learn in the exquisite thrill & joys of giving and sharing love with our dearest girlfriends and wives. And as karma goes, I hope you have the chance to impregnate the young girl/wife of a lucky young guy who has to experience this joy and outlook at life.
Lets keep more stories going!!!! and see how many of others feel like us.... hey, it could become a new hot and wild ideology of the 21st century!
Sincerely, Frankyboy frankgonz2003@yahoo.com
young cuckold

I was 20 and she was 19 when we got married. She cheated on me almost right from the beginning. It took about 3 yrs before she began doing it openly with one of the single guys who lived next door. He'd either call or stop by and pick her up. They go to his apartment and have sex. His bedroom shared a common wall with our bedroom and I could hear them fucking.

She pretty much stopped having any sex with me except I would often eat the cremepies she brought home. After a while she would ask if I'd jerked off while she was next door. I'd tell her yes and she asked if I liked the idea of her getting fucked by a big cock. Then she'd tell me how great it felt and how his big dick went so far up inside her it touched places my dick could never reach. She would also kiss me right after coming home and ask me if I tasted any thing. I usually could tell she'd been sucking cock. Anyway this didn't last too long before she left me for good.

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