young daughters belong with blacks especially

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i feel our teen white children need to be raised to desire black studs most definitly. our young ladies deserve the truth about men for their happiness. i truly believe young pretty white daughters have the right to know the truth and should take black cock when they are teens. face it, our teen girls are having sex and why shouldn't they enjoy big black studs. all you black men who agree with this, i applaud you converting white young girls to be your toys. just as wives should be open to black men, our daughters also are better off taking black meat.
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it seems they are already doing that.
any body else agree?
Victoria and Dan said:
You are in need of serious professional help. Your deep-seated resentment of,and hatred for, women is transparent in your message. Your need to denigrate women is manifest in your statements: hopefully you do not have a woman in your life to abuse.
you've missed your target,his resentment of what he is is what i find most disturbing,and i imagine he's far too busy abusing himself to have the time to turn his attentions to any female