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  • Hallo - ich bin Nadja, 28 Jahre, in Frankfurt/Main - ich bin geil auf Gangbang und stehe halt drauf, wenn mir viele Männer hintereinander in die Fotze abspritzen, na und? Und ich zeige mich gerne dabei.
    Mein Mann findet das OK, oft filmt er das auch und macht Fotos, wenn ich ohne Gummi in alle Löcher besamt werde.


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    When I was in my late 20's I dated a nurse that loved to suck my cock with one requirement - she would finger my ass every time she sucked my cock. Soon she had me hooked on that feeling and she had me and my ass under her control and my ass would open for her and respond like a pussy for her. That how I really started being a sissy. Robbiewillsucku at y a h o o
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