I guess I had it coming for a while. I didn't pay enough attention to my stunning wife, Angie. She's tall and very full figured, and goes to a gym to keep herself in shape. I'm short and paunchy, and didn't bother to watch my weight. Worse, I'm cursed with a small dick. I could have compensated for that by giving her oral sex, but I hated the idea of putting my mouth where my dick went. So, when we needed some home repairs done and she got a recommendation on a local business to do them -- because I couldn't be bothered to even try -- some unwelcome changes were set in motion. The guy she called, whose name was Trey, turned out to be tall and muscular... and Black. I could tell that she was instantly smitten with him. Angie had dated some Black guys while she was single, and I got the impression she had loved being with them. Now she couldn't take her eyes off Trey. It didn't help me that he was wearing a sleeveless, navy-blue undershirt and tight jeans, the latter showing off a considerable bulge between his legs. The attraction was mutual, with him openly admiring her generous curves. She had on a crimson top, also without sleeves, which showed off plenty of side-boob. Her black slacks looked like they'd been painted on over her round protruding ass, thick thighs, and large sturdy calves.

When I got her into another room, while Trey was writing up an estimate, I was angry. I snapped at her, "Hey, would you mind not stripping that guy with your eyes?"

She grinned at me and said, "Well, Teddy, I wouldn't mind that, if I could strip him with my hands, instead."

"Now you listen here..." was as far as I got, before she grabbed me by the ear and twisted.

"No, you listen. I'm sick of your lazy ass lying around the house, and what a dud you are in bed. That's why I'm going to get as up-close-and-personal with that stud as I can. In fact..." She began walking, forcing me to follow along. I was yelping and close to tears when we reached the home repair guy.

Trey smiled, obviously amused by what he was seeing. "Whoa. Looks like you got a problem there, pretty lady. Anything I can help with?"

"My jerk of a husband has been letting me down, in the bedroom. And you can see that he doesn't even respect me enough to get rid of that soft gut."

"That's damn sad, especially with you keep yourself looking so fine. So yeah, maybe I can help." He strode up to me and grabbed the front of my shirt, which I had outgrown, at least around the waist, half a year ago. Trey pulled me toward him, and Angie let go at the same time. He got me so close that he was breathing in my face as he said, "How about if you start by apologizing to this gorgeous creature, for being such a loser?"

"I can't... I'm not going to..."

He slapped me, open-handed, across one side of my face, and then backhanded me across the other. "I didn't ask to hear your whiny voice. Just tell the lady you're sorry... or else." He brandished a big fist at me. I could imagine it slamming into my midsection.

"I... all right." He forcefully turned me, so I was facing my wife. "I'm sorry, dear."

"For what?" she demanded.

"For whatever you think I've been doing wrong. Even if it really wasn't..."

Trey gave me a violent shake. "You can do better than that, boy."

"All right." I took a deep breath. "I apologize for, um, not doing more to help out around the house."

"Yeah," she shot back at me. "Especially in the bedroom."

"I'm sorry if my performance isn't what it should be, in your opinion."

Trey stuck his knee in my lower back, grabbed my biceps, and pulled hard, toward himself. "I'm guessing it ain't just her opinion, little man. Why don't you say something about what the real problem is?"

He exerted more pressure and I gasped out, "Okay. I'm sorry that I don't last longer during sex." Another yank on my arms. "And that I won't go down on you." An even harder tug. "OW! And I'm sorry my dick is so small."

Damn. I hadn't meant to reveal that to the stranger. Trey seized on my embarrassing admission. He said, "If you got a tiny twanger that shoots too soon, you should be eating at the 'Y' to make up for it. So that's what you'll do from now on. Right?"

"I don't want to -- OW! Yes. I'll do it."

"Thanks, Trey," she said to him. "Of course, that still leaves the problem of, when we do have regular sex, it still won't put me over the top."

"That's easy to fix," he told her, while I listened in frightened disbelief. "First, don't let him put his baby pecker where it can't do no good. And second, find yourself a man with the right equipment for the job." He boldly took a step toward her.

To my shock, Angie reached out and fondled his crotch. "Don't have far to look, do I?"

"To be fair to you, girl," he said, leering at her, "you need to test my tool and make sure it's what you need."

"How about right now, Trey?"

He took her in his long arms and they kissed ardently. Then he went to me and clamped one powerful hand on the back of my neck, making me squeal from pain.

Trey said to her, "Where's the bedroom, Angie?"

"Follow me." She looked at my contorted features and then at the big man. "Are you bringing him along?"

"Sure. Got to make sure he don't get into mischief while we're busy. And it'll do him a world of good to see how a real workman gets down to business. And why he's off that job, from now on."

"Yeah," she said with a nasty smirk. "Out of the screwing business, and permanently reassigned to licking pussy." Angie laughed.

Once we were in the bedroom, Trey slammed me back against the wall and told me not to move. I stood there, scared half out of my mind, while they undressed each other. As she lowered his boxer shorts, I goggled at what was revealed. He had a horse-cock that put my minor endowment to shame, in length and girth. The end of mine was tapered, while his had a big knob. It was so upsetting that I whimpered out loud.

"What's the matter, Teddy?" my wife wanted to know. "See something that you'll never be able to compete with?" She took his shaft and stroked him into full rigidity, then lovingly kissed the rounded head. "In the interest of full disclosure, you have to show him what you've got, husband dearest."

"Yeah," said Trey. "Drop your pants and your undies, too."

Too afraid to disobey, I got my slacks and briefs down around my ankles. Not only are my genitals smaller than average, but I have almost no pubic hair. Trey enjoyed a hearty laugh at my expense. He told me to play with myself, so he could see how big it got. I reluctantly did it, my cheeks burning with shame. He was definitely not impressed by the erection I produced.

I had to remain there, slowly pumping my undersized penis, only allowed to use a thumb and one finger. That continued for the next hour, while my wife was happily ravaged by her superior lover, with his stallion prick, confident technique, and impressive staying power. He didn't let himself finish until after she had her third quaking noisy orgasm. Then I was allowed to move, but it was only so I could get my mouth against her twat, from which his spunk was oozing. As much as it sickened me, I lapped the other man's discharge out of my bride's well used snatch. She made a joke about having two men who made a perfect combination.

"One who can give me some proper loving, and the other who cleans up the mess that gets made."

At the end of that ego-shattering afternoon, Trey was hired to do all the repairs and renovations Angie wanted, plus a few more she thought of on the spot. My wife pointed out that I would have to work late at the office to earn the extra money, but that she wouldn't mind, now that she had someone to keep her company. There was one special alteration to our home that Trey insisted on doing first. He installed a small window, low on the interior wall, between our bedroom and the walk-in closet next to it. Once it was done, he had me go into the closet, naked, and kneel, so I could put my head through the opening he had created. In that humiliating position, I had a perfect view of our marital bed, where I no longer had sex with my wife, but only ate her pussy. From that awkward position, I was able to see them once more have terrific sex. Because I was being denied my husbandly rights, I was horny all the time. They were aware of that and decided I could jerk off, but only when I was scrunched down, unclothed, and peering at their sexual joining from that insulting position. If she wanted her pussy cleaned, I was allowed to back out and come to the bedroom, to perform, while they kissed and hugged. Often, she was so satisfied that she let the follow-up wait until the next morning, after his copious spend had been inside her, overnight.

That has been my new life for the past six months. I can't believe how far I have fallen. If I could, I'd go back and try harder, even eating her out the way she had wanted all along. At least, if I was able to rewrite that part of our story, I wouldn't be slurping up the other man's semen, along with her juices. But it can't happen. And I don't expect my present situation to ever improve. After all, there's no way for me to fix my biggest liability, a shrimp dick.

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