This is the true story about how my cuckold relationship with my wife changed into a polyamorous one when she fell in love with one of her bulls. I guess it is something that most cuckolds dread, and it was a shock when it happened to me, though it was not a total shock and, looking back on it, I guess there were signs.

Sandra, my wife of fifteen years, had stopped seeing most of her other bulls and began to focus all of her attention on a favourite. She would have her favourite, James, over to our house for dinner every Friday evening. It had become a routine for us, something that had become familiar. We would get the kids to bed, and Sandra would get ready for James. While she was getting ready, I would cook and then James would come over. We would all chat and have a candlelit dinner together and then James would take my wife upstairs and fuck her while I sat downstairs. They usually slept together all night and James would leave in the morning. Sometimes he would bump into the kids, but we just explained that James was Mummy's friend who sometimes stayed the night; the kids were young enough to think there was nothing odd about this. James was the only one of Sandra's bulls the kids ever met.

So I guess one of the signs was that James was around the house more often. Usually he was here on a Friday night, but sometimes he would arrive unannounced, at least once a week, and I would have to make room for him.

Often this happened at nighttime when I was lying in bed with Sandra. There would be a knock at the door and Sandra would get up to answer it, then she would come back and say: "Baby, James is down stairs, would you mind sleeping in the spare room tonight?"

Of course I always said yes, I wanted to be a good cuckold and please Sandra in every way possible. I would get up and move into the spare room, which was next door to our room, and I would have a sleepless night of intermittent masterbation because I could hear every single last gasp and moan that escaped from my wife's mouth.

I guess this was another sign, after all Sandra would never let one of her other bulls call to the house unannounced like that. Usually it would have to be planned in advance and the kids would have to be with a friend. Allowing James this privilege was a sign that she trusted him.

Despite these signs I expected things to continue on the same, with James as more of a casual lover rather than someone she would eventually have babies with.

It was at one of our candlelit dinners that Sandra announced that she loved James and that she wanted him to move in with us.

I had gotten the kids to bed and I was going to prepare the dinner when Sandra arrived in from work.

Sandra was in her late forties, with long dyed blonde hair, a gorgeous slim body and big breasts, she was incredibly attractive. She was every bit the hotwife she professed to be.

There was quite a height difference between us, so she had to go on her tippy toes to kiss me after she had hung up her coat.

"Oh I'm sorry I'm late baby, the traffic was crazy, " she said as she rolled her eyes.

"God, James will be here in an hour and I'm not ready. "

"Don't worry about it," I said, "I'll get everything done here, I already have a bath run for you, just go, kiss the kids goodnight, and ill take care of things here. Oh, and if James arrives early, I'll entertain him".

"Oh thank you honey, you're perfect. But I might be awhile because I want this night to be special."

Sandra kissed me again and went upstairs.

I prepared the dinner. I liked everything to be perfect. I liked to cook a good meal, make James feel welcome and I liked to treat Sandra like a goddess.

One of the reasons James kept coming was because of how comfortable he found it here and by now he wasn't just my wife's lover, but also a friend.

Soon enough the backdoor opened and James walked in and said: "Hi Paul."

"Oh hi James," I said as I continued cooking.

"Why don't you grab a beer in the fridge, Sandra is just getting ready".

James had short brown straight hair and dark eyes. He was shorter than me, but he had more muscle on him. His face was square in an extremely handsome way.

"Thanks James"

James took a beer from the fridge and said: "Paul, Sandra wants to discuss something with you at tonight's dinner, and I feel it would be better discussed between you two, but she is very insistent."

"Really? What does she want to discuss?"

"It isn't my place to say, I just want you to know that it wasn't my idea."

This had perked my interest. What was Sandra going to discuss with me? I immediately began to worry.

Had she gotten pregnant?

That question wasn't completely far-fetched, after all it had happened before with another bull. Though, the worrying thing about that incident was that she had decided to keep the baby.

However, fate intervened early on, and there was no baby.

I decided to ask James directly was this what she was going to announce.

"Is she pregnant?"

"No, of course not. Come on Paul you don't have to worry about that. "

James was sitting at the kitchen table sipping his beer now. He was sloughed in a relaxed pose. He never bothered taking off his leather jacket.

"Okay, so what is it James?"

"It needs to be Sandra that tells you".

He wouldn't tell me so I had to wait for Sandra to come back. In the meantime James changed the subject to sport and we chatted about the football results for awhile.

When Sandra arrived back we had moved into the dinning area. James and I were both sitting opposite each other at the table as Sandra sauntered down the stairs.

There was nothing illuminating Sandra but the candlelight in the room, but this made her look sexier.

The soft white skin of her feet were wrapped in the straps of her high heeled sandals. Her red vinyl nail polish shun in the candlelight.

Just under the straps of her shoes she had put a little spray of perfume. I knew that because it was always part of the game we played, because when it came to Sandra entering full cuckoldress mode she would always kick off the activities by having me kiss her feet.

When she came down the stairs, with James sitting back with his arms folded watching in admiration, she said: "Hello cucky, I think you know how to greet me?"

She posed with her hands on her waist, one foot out, tapping impatiently.

I got up and got to my knees, like I did many times before, and I kissed my wife's foot. I gave it a wet sloppy kiss.

I could taste the leather strap against my tongue and mouth. I could feel the smooth flesh of her foot. Once I had planted my kiss, I got up and sat back down.

Then, Sandra said, "part of me thinks I should be dressed sexily for this occasion, and another thinks I shouldn't. "

"Then why have you dressed like this", I asked pointing to Sandra's slutty dress.

Sandra never dressed slutty when I first knew her. She was in my school then, but we first started going out when she came home from college for her summer holidays.

She had red hair and freckles before going blonde. Sandra wasn't thin then, but she wasn't fat either. She was bookish but didn't wear glasses.

"I've dressed like this to remind you of what you can have more often if you agree to our new life. "

"New life?" I asked.

"You better sit down, we have something to discuss," Sandra said.

I sat back down at the table with James opposite me. Sandra sat down on the seat at the other side of the table, between me and James.

She reached over and held my hand affectionately, and she did the same with James.

She looked into my eyes and she said: "You know I love you."

"However ", she continued, "I have also fallen in love with James."

I was in shock and couldn't reply because I was afraid of where this was going.

"Deep down," she continued, "you must have feared that this could happen when we began this type of relationship, well I'm sorry to say this has now happened. I love James and James loves me."

Sandra gave James a long kiss after she said this.

"But I also love you," she said to me as she slid into James's lap.

"I am going to stop seeing all my other lovers from now on, and I would like James to move in with us. "

A life changing decision like this was difficult for me to comprehend.

"I don't mind James being here, but it will be difficult for him to be here all the time, there are many things to consider, for instance, what about the children?"

"The children are used to him already and they are young enough to introduce another adult to the house without it being weird for them. Besides, James is here every weekend, and some weekdays."

Sandra had her arm around James's neck as she sat on his lap.

"Are we all going to sleep in the one bedroom, and one bed?" I asked.

"No I think it is better for me to have the main bedroom and the two of you to take turns sleeping in my bed with me. I mean, I know you like to be teased and denied hubby, but outside of that, I promise you half the attention and James the other half."

"And what happens if I don't agree," I asked.

"To be honest, I don't think I can live without James in my life. "

"But he can be in your life, we can continue on the same".

"No Paul, I want a serious relationship with James, just like the one I have with you."

"How is it going to work?"

"We'll divide up the week, we don't have to set things in stone, but I promise to give you both equal attention. You can stay in my room half the time and James can stay the other half."

James decided to speak now: "Look, I love Sandra, but I realise she loves you too. I want to be with her even if I have to share her, and you should remember that both you and me have a good relationship and there is no reason why that shouldn't continue."

I suppose James was right about this, we did get on well, James respected me, he never overstepped the mark, unless by design, and he wasn't jealous or possessive of Sandra when she was with me. As far as taking another man into the house, Sandra culd do far worse than James.

"I accept that James, it's just that it's such a big change."

"Have you considered what's in it for you Paul?" Sandra asked.

"What's in it for me?"

"Yes Paul, why did you want me to cuckold you in the first place?"

The candlelight highlighted the smooth white skin of Sandra's large breasts that showed above her lacy red and black camisole.

I thought about her question for a second and then responded.

"Because it excites me."

"What specifically about it excites you Paul?"
"It's hard to explain. I love the teasing, how sexy you look when going on a date, the photos you send me, the text messages, the little notes you sneak into my lunch to say that by the time I'm reading this you'll be getting fucked by a large cock. I guess I love the erotic games you play."

"That's it exactly Paul, you love the erotic games we play and that's why I've dressed up so slutty for such a serious discussion, because I want to remind you of those erotic games, and I know we were due to play one today, but I want to propose the ultimate erotic game for you, the ultimate tease."
"Okay, what is this ultimate erotic game?"

"Well, considering I love James, sometime in the future, I am willing to have a baby for him, but we're in no rush."

An announcement like this brought a thousand thoughts to my head, but Sandra continued speaking

"That's what brings me to the ultimate erotic game, I'm going to hand over all control of my contraceptive pills to you Paul. It will be your responsibility to ensure that I get my pill each day, and once I get it I'll swallow it, but I won't make it easy for you Paul. Do you want to play cucky?"

Sandra smiled an evil smile. She pushed herself off James and walked to the arm of the couch, sat on it, and crossed her long bare legs.

She knew that I would never be able to resist a game like this.


"Great. James, you can move in on Monday, Paul will help you with your stuff."

After saying this Sandra uncrossed her leg and gave a flash of her snatch. I easily saw the trimmed patch of red public hair even if it was just for a second.

Sandra then got up and walked out the hall door, she soon reappeared with a shovel.

"What are you going to do with that?"

"No no, the question is what are you going to do with it? See, earlier on in the week I had James bury a box, with one pill in it, in the garden. While James is upstairs making love to me, you are going to find it and dig it up. If I haven't taken the pill at least 10 minutes after he's cum in my pussy, there is a chance your slutty wife could become pregnant with another man. So you see, you better hurry!"

And with that she placed the shovel in my hand. She then took James by the hand and led him out of the room.

"You better hurry hubby," she turned and said as she left the room.

I took myself and my shovel and went into the garden. It was dark outside and it was raining. The garden was around the back of the house and was enclosed on all sides by a tall hedge.

I began searching the garden for a patch of freshly dug earth. After a few minutes I found it. Sure enough it was below Sandra's bedroom window.

Despite the rain Sandra had left the bedroom window opened. When I got closer, past the noise of the rain, I realised she had done it so I could hear her.
"Oh that feels so good James".

It was her voice coming from the open window, but I couldn't see her because the bedroom was one level up.

My mind automatically drew a picture of James kissing my wife's neck.

I shook the thought away and plunged my shovel into the fresh soil below the window, but it was stony and difficult to dig, and worse, the hole I dug began to fill up with water immediately.

It was as if something was trying to stop me.

"That's it James, pull my panties down."

I had to use my hands to help remove the stones blocking my way.

I began to think of my wife, but I was remembering her when she was pregnant.

"Oh my, such lovely delicious fingers James, they're really getting me all wet and excited.

The deeper I dug, the more the hole filled with water, but all I could think about was her hole getting filled with another man's spunk.

I was now remembering that feeling that I got when I wasn't sure if my wife was knocked up by an other man.

"Oh, god yes! That's it."

I continued digging despite the fact that the hole was flooded and over flowing. I thought of Sandra's pussy over flowing with so much cum it dribbled out.

I stopped for a second to look at my phone when I felt it vibrating. It was a photo from Sandra. I clicked on it.
It was a photo of James's erect cock sticking out of his unzipped trousers.

"Oh God'" I thought, "it won't be long now".

I continued digging with renewed effort, with desperation almost. Then, suddenly, I hit something hard with the shovel.

I dropped the shovel, reached down, and stuck my hand into the wet hole. I felt a surface, then edges. It was a small box about the size of a cigarette case. I pulled it out of the hole and ran into the kitchen.

I washed the mud off it at the kitchen tap.

The phone buzzed again. I pulled it out and looked at it. Another photo. I clicked on it.

It was James's cock, only this time it was in Sandra's mouth.

Realising that time was running out, I opened the box. Inside was a pill, a condom and a note. The note said:

Hello Hubby. By the time you are reading this note, Jame's big cock will be buried deep in my pussy and he will be getting ready to release his seed into my fertile loins. You have a choice, either I take the pill (if you get here on time), and you wear the condom when you are fucking me afterJames (in that case you will be denied the juicy feel of my sopping wet cunt) or I don't take the pill and James has to wear the condom. The problem is, either the pill or the condom is faulty, you must guess which. Choose carefully.

Just then there was a loud moan from upstairs and Sandra's voice.

"That's it James, stuff it it into me!"

I could hear a thumping sound through the ceiling.
"Oh that's it James, shoot all those lovely swimmers into me! Knock me up!"

The sound of Sandra's sounded so wanton. No matter how many times I heard that wantonness in her it shocked me since the very first moment she sent a photo of herself holding someone else's massive cock.

It had come as such a shock because we had discussed cuckolding and she knew it was a fantasy of mine, but we never agreed that we'd actually do it, I mean it was only a fantasy we shared during sex. But she misunderstood and took it for real.

Deep down, she knew I wanted that life, and she knew she wanted it.
Back in the kitchen, I looked at the pill and the condom, and I held the condom up to the light to see if I could see a pin hole. I couldn't see one, so I decided the condom was safe.

I took it and ran upstairs, stopping at Sandra's door. I was already thinking of it as her room and not our room, even though we had slept there for most of our marriage.

I could hear her.

"Give it to me James!"

I knocked at the door because I didn't want to just barge in, I knew that she wouldn't like that because she had given me a lecture before about bargeing in on her when she was with a lover.

"It's not okay to just come in when I am with one of my lovers", she had said, "you must knock and wait, and if I feel like it I'll invite you in, but if I don't, I'll send you away."

The first time I tried knocking when she was with a lover I was sent away.

"Yes, who is it," she had said.

"It's Paul," I replied.

"Hubby, now's not a good time, I require some alone time with my lover."

Sometimes, I would be successful and get invited in.

"Oh Alfie's just finished with me," she had said after I walked in long ago."

Alfie was pulling his trousers up, but Sandra was lying naked on the bed with her legs spread. A great big dollop of cum was hanging from her pussy.

"My pussy is ready for it's cum bath," she said, "come and use that tongue of yours to get it good and clean."

That was then, this was now. This time when I knocked, Sandra didn't acknowledge me, she just kept on moaning. I knocked louder, but felt guilty about interrupting her. I felt like a naughty boy.

"Oh what is it," Sandra asked in an annoyed voice.

"It's me Sandra, I've solved your puzzle and chosen the condom for James to wear."

"Oh, do you really have to disturb us now, we're having so much fun."

"But you said that I could," I said through the door.

"Oh well, I guess you better come in then."

I opened the door. Sandra was on all fours with her long blonde hair hanging down. James was right behind her. He continued on fucking her. They both ignored me.

"Yes, that's it, give it to me James."

My wife's massive breasts swung as James gave it to her. Sandra was going to make me interrupt them to get them to stop.

"Eh, Sandra, I have the condom for James. "

"Oh Paul, do you have to be such a spoil-sport, James take your cock out of my pussy and put the condom on."

There was a slurp sound as James took his cock out of her pussy. I gave James the condom. He tore it open and put it on, but his cock was so big and engorged that it only covered the tip.

"Oh my god, it doesn't fit", I said.

Sandra, who was naked on all fours, on the bed, turned her head back to look at it.

"Oh my James, that is one of Paul's condoms you are wearing. It barely fits, and it probably won't stay on."

The condom looked like a tiny shower cap on his massive cock.

I realised I had made a mistake because there was no way such a small condom would remain on Jame's cock when he began to fuck my wife.

Sandra got off all fours and turned onto her back and stretched her legs; revealing her lush fertile pussy. Then, she said: "Hubby, I heard there are more chances of getting pregnant if my legs are up, when James sticks it in me, I want you to go behind him and push my feet up and back, that way he'll penetrate deeper ".

"Yes honey, " I said.

James placed the tip of his cock against Sandra's pussy and then slid it in so they were fucking missionary style. I did what I was told and went behind and lifted Sandra's legs by her feet and pushed them back and held them in position.

I was close to James as he started to pound my wife. The image and sounds of him fucking Sandra were visceral to me. They brought me back to the first time Sandra had cuckolded me, when she had said: "You know if we do this there is no going back?"

What does it feel like to watch another man fuck your wife? It's difficult to describe.

What does it feel like to take part in the ritual by helping out in some way?

This i can explain because I'd done it often enough. Sometimes I held Sandra's legs up when she was getting fucked, other times I have lifted her up so she could be fucked standing up, and still other times she has stood on me while i lay on the floor, so she was raised up, this raised the height of her pussy so she could easily be fucked from behind bent over. I had a view straight up, while cum and juices dribbled on to me.

It always filled me with a cocktail of jealously and excitement when I carried out tasks like this for my wife.

I was completely hard now as I watched James back from behind.

"Ohhh, ahhhh," he grunted as he moved forward and back in a steady rhythm.

"That's it James, get in there," shouted Sandra. "Paul don't just stand there, cheer James on!"

"Yes Sandra. Go James, that's it, fuck my wife! You're doing a great job."

"Ask him to breed me Paul."

"Please impregnate my wife James".

"No, do it like you mean it Paul ".

"Please please, breed my wife James. "

"Okay Paul, I want you to beg him to cum in me".

"Oh please James, shoot your fertile seed deep into my wife's pussy. She wants it now."

I took one of Sandra's feet that I held and brought it to by mouth. I kissed, licked and ran my tongue over it, popping her painted toes in and out of my mouth and running my tongue between them.

Sandra moaned and said, "oh this is perfect my lovers, please cum James!"

James moaned, grunted and then stopped at the same time as Sandra's legs shook with an orgasm.

He lay there for a minute, enjoying the afterglow.

"Now's the time to see if the condom stayed on," said Sandra.

James pulled his cock out, but there was no condom. He reached deep inside with his fingers and pulled it out.

The condom had been lying flat inside her and had spilling it's contents.

Sandra put her hand up to her mouth and with a mocking look said: "Oh dear Paul! His spunk is all inside me and I haven't had my pill! Well you better cum and add your cum, you won't penetrate as deep, but you can try your best."

I took off my jeans and climbed on top of my wife who was still lying back with cum dripping out of her pussy.

Her pussy felt loose and sticky when I slid my cock in.

"Are you in yet?"

"Yes," I said.

"Cum as quickly as possible, don't worry about me, I'm too stretched to feel your tiny thing".

The sensations were too much and I exploded inside her after being inside for only seconds.

I pulled out and lay down beside her.

"Paul ".

"Yes dear?"

"Do you mind sleeping in the spare room tonight?"
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