sissysuckslut906_1000.jpgIt all started when I bought my wife a laptop and a web cam for her birthday. She soon started joining chat lines and web groups, but one group in particular that caught my attention was a club called” The Big Cock Sex Club

It was primarily a private group for married women to indulge their extramarital fantasies.

When I approached her about this she said it was all a bit of fun and besides it was on the internet so what harm was it doing and I should stop being so insecure.

She would go into their chat rooms and talk for hours, I noticed that all the profiles of the men she was talking to had pictures of huge penises on there profile. All just a bit of fun she would say.

She soon got into two-way web-cam with them and they would stroke their huge penises for her while she showed them her wet married pussy.

Pretty soon pairs of skimpy panties started turning up in the mail and she would wear them for them while they web cam and chatted with the person whom had sent them while they stroked their huge penises for her.

Well it wasn’t long before the panties in the mail were replaced with huge life like realistic dildos which totally matched the size of the penis of the man who had sent it

They encouraged masturbating with it while they watched on the other end slowly stroking their hard cocks for her.

What sent the alarm bells ringing in my head were the fact that the dildos were getting bigger and bigger as were the cocks on the web cams!

Then one night she came home from work and said that her club has cocktail night get together on the second Friday of every month and that she thought it would be a bit of fun if her and her girlfriend jenny from work went for a couple of drinks to just” check it out”

That is what I did not want to hear; Jenny was a slut from way back and was always telling my wife how big her boyfriends cock was and what a good fuck he was.

My wife however reassured me it was just couple of drinks and I should stop feeling so insecure.

So the Friday came and when I got from work I noticed a pair of pink panties and a cock cage sitting on the end of the bed.

When I questioned her about this she said she thought it would be a good idea for me to wear it so she knew I wasn’t playing with myself while she was out,

I said ok but what about the panties. They are just a pair a friend sent me I think you should wear them while I’m out to show how much you love and trust me, besides ill let your little dick back out when I get home and if you’re a good boy ill let you cum.

Now I was worried she had never talked to me like that but I didn’t say anything as not to start a scene in front of her slut friend who had a big grin from one end of her face to the other while she listened to our conversation.

My wife dressed in a short black dress and red heels underneath she had on a pair of black see through panties she had received in the mail. Pretty soon they were off out and I was left at home in my panties and cock cage feeling sick in the stomach.

I went to bed early but couldn’t sleep I dozed fitfully of and on all night with images of her out partying with a bunch of well hung studs. (I knew what a few glasses of white wine could do to her)

It was nine o’clock the next morning when I heard a car door slam and looked out the window much to my surprise it was not her friend jenny’s car but a sleek sports car that I did not recognize.

My wife stepped in the front door and said morning sweetheart sorry I’m so late but Jenny met up with an old friend and left the part early so I had to find another way home.

When I questioned her about the sports car she just said oh that is my friend Brad.

BRAD! Straight away I recognized his name as one of the guys she chatted with numerous times on the internet, now I felt absolutely nauseas from the life like dildo he had posted my wife I knew his penis was massive. Did you sleep with him? I sheepishly asked!

Of course not darling she replied, there was no time to sleep, come into the bedroom and I’ll let your little dick out of its cage.

I followed her down to the room and she pulled down my panties and unlocked the cock cage.

Now go to my draw and take out the large dildo on the left hand side.

I did as I was told and remove the massive life like cock and took it over to her.

Sweet heart this is a life like replica of brads penis!

As my heart sank I knew what was coming next!

Although this feels really good inside me the real thing is so much better!

So do you see why your little penis must be locked up from now on!

The guys thought it would be for the best, they said that other wives have done it and it helps there husband understand their real place in a man’s world, there is no point in you pretending to be a real man anymore darling you know it has never really satisfied me don’t you?

Deep inside me I knew she as right.

She sat at the edge of the bed and said now come and kneel down here in front of me!

As I did as she said she parted her legs her panties were gone and her once beautiful pussy was swollen and red and gaped obscenely open.

Do you see the damage a real man can do to a woman sweetheart? I told you I would let you cum if you were a good boy now open your mouth, with that she produced her panties, rolled them up and stuffed them in my mouth.

The pungent smell of lust was overpowering!

Now rub your little cock till it dribbles its pathetic load while you stare at my new pussy.

I did as she said, staring at here moist swollen love hole all the time images of his giant penis touching places deep inside her and giving her the pleasure I had only ever dreamt about,

It didn’t take long and my little penis stared to twitch involuntarily, as I started to come she raised her foot to my balls and I came all over her red hi heels,

There you go my little wimp just like I promised, this will be your sex life from now on sweetheart now to prove to me that you understand and still love me, lick my shoe clean.

As I did as I was told, she said she was throwing out all my men’s underwear and I would be wearing the panties gifts of the person she would be dating that night just to remember my place.

I now have a wide range of short maid’s outfits and lingerie which I must wear around the house all the time.

She has now put me on female hormones which she applies through a transdermal application to my genitals every night shrinking my penis and testicles ever smaller.

My breasts are starting to enlarge and are constantly very sore to the touch.

She now has at least four regular big cocked lovers and when I do finally get her to myself she makes me wear the life like dildo of her last date and fuck her with it as she urges me on deeper and faster calling out his name and saying how good his big fat cock feels.

I always wished for a larger penis, I thought it could change my life, but I never imagined for one minute it would be attached to some one else.

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it!

I guess this is as good as it gets for a panty wearing little sissy.

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