My wife drove 3 hours to a lake for the celebrations last night, new years eve 2023. She has two friends who have been staying at a house there for a couple of nights.

There was a big lodge bar and restaurant on the lake that they attended and thousands of holidaymakers were around the town and camp and stuff.

I was lucky enough to stay at home and look after the kids lol.

She called me this morning and told me about her night.

Firstly there is this guy she went home with from town a few months ago and has slept with 2 or 3 times since, he recently moved from our city to another place on the way over to the lake town. She stopped at his house on the way over, I already knew she had planned to do that. She told me she slid her knickers off in the car before she went in because she wanted to be fresher. She said they started kissing straight away and got on the couch where she pushed him down to his knees to eat her pussy until she got off on his face.

Then they swapped positions and she started sucking him. She had already told me he has a huge cock with a fat head and she said it was swollen and throbbing when she put her mouth around it.

She sucked him for like a minute and he took her dress off over her head so she was now naked except for a bra and some Chuck Taylors. He had gotten fully naked. She kissed her way up his body while still massaging his big dick and turned around and lowered herself onto his cock in reverse with her feet standing on the ground and her hands on his knees. Then she started working her pussy up and down with her big naked ass right in his face. he started thrusting her deep and hard with that huge cock. She then turned back around and stayed on top riding him with her hands on the couch back. Her tits were over the top of her bra and he was sucking on them. She said she was moaning and panting her heart out and he was squeezing and smacking her ass while he sucked my wife's tits and was pumping her hard, then, understandably, he cummed. There was no condom and he cummed right up her pussy. She said it was fucking hot and she slowly humped him for like another minute after he's cummed In her. Then they kissed and hugged a little bit and she walked naked to the bathroom to wipe her pussy. Then she walked back to the lounge, got dressed, and left.

Wife's then driven the next hour to her friend's holiday accommodation, she called me hands-free on the way and told me all about that sex while I sniffed poppers and wanked myself, she said it was so slutty and she was still horny. She got to the accommodation and unpacked and had a shower and something to eat and they've gone down to swim and sunbathe at the lake. She has a new bikini which is bright yellow, the bikini bottoms are high wasted and she said they were hitched up high on her hips, the string just makes a T at the back and the front is very narrow at her pussy. The top was is pretty sexy too.

They were having a few wines and my wife told her friends she had sex on the way over, they are two recently divorced babes so all three of them go out for sex whenever they can. Her friends know I "let her" have sex because we have been together from when she was 15 and I was 18 but I don't think she told them it gets us both off being in a cuck relationship, although I know one of them has asked her if I like it a few times so she knows and she would have gossiped about it with all their other friends. My wife was sending me horny snaps of them from the lakeside, they looked incredible and she said heaps of guys were checking them out.

Later that evening they all got ready, My wife always sends me snaps of their outfits, they looked great. The wife's dress was a peach color with a faint white flower pattern, it sat off the shoulder and was a full-length summer dress, nothing scandalous, just sexy. The underwear however was a bit too sexy, a white strapless push-up bra and matching white G-string. She had new roman sandals and some subtle silver jewelry. Their hair, makeup, and nails were all brand new, she looked sexy, as did her friends. They had a few wines and food at the accommodations and even snorted some drugs.

At about 9 pm they've gone out to the new years eve celebrations at the lakes lodge which looked like a great party from all the Snapchat, it has a huge deck with great views and there's a huge bar inside and another bar on the balcony. Hundreds of people were there partying and drinking and watching the live music. There was a lake boat out front with another party on it too, the town was pumping. She said the weather was really warm as well being a summer night in NZ.

The girls were dancing and having a good time getting *****, they changed to cocktails. Eventually, they were all dancing and drinking and vaping/smoking with these 3 younger guys (about 25ish, wife's 31 and her friends are about the same) they met. The guys had also traveled to the lake from our home city. The guys were buying all the drinks and my wife and her friends all started kissing the guys and getting felt up on the dance floor.

Come the new years eve count my wife kissed him quite passionately in a side garden, she said she was feeling his big arms and put her hands up his t-shirt to feel he had a very fit strong body which she liked. He was rubbing her tits and ass and felt her pussy through her dress a bit too.

They drank there until about 1:30 am and I got some Snapchats of my wife kissing and cuddling. Then all six of them walked back 5 minutes through town to the accommodation which had big views of the lake. They snorted some drugs together and drank some more.

It all sounded very hedonistic with the stereo blasting and the drinks and drugs flowing and everyone getting horny and partying. My wife said that one of her friends was sitting outside kissing one of the guys on the balcony and she had her tits out which my wife thought was sexy. They all saw it and then my wife's guy pulled her off-the-shoulder dress down below her tits so he could get into them. She said he was kissing her neck and getting so horny she could feel it on her leg, he unclipped her bra and she threw her bra on the ground and the guy she was with started kissing and licking her nipples. the two couples were still in the lounge with the other couple just outside the double doors. Then the third girl followed suit and got her tits out for her guy who started kissing her tits.

My wife said she was fucking horny now after getting rubbed and kissed and watching her friends do the same all while ***** and high. She held her dress up and stood up and took her boy's hand and led him to her bedroom where as soon as she was through the door she flicked her sandals off and dropped her dress which left her standing there in her white G-string, she then crawled onto the bed wiggling her ass and turned back to stare back at her boy in nothing but her knickers while she ran her hand over her tits. He took all his clothes off except his boxers and then got on top of her, with her legs spread open for him they started kissing again and he put his right hand inside her knickers. She told me she was wet and he started rubbing her clit, she wanted it bad so she pulled down her knickers and started pulling his dick which she said was big, he then put it right into her vagina with no condom. She said it went straight in easy and he started fucking her.

I wonder at this point if he had known she had already had sex that morning if he would have cared, I doubt he would of because she said they were both going for it like crazy and again she was being loud. (she has the most beautiful moan when she's having sex and she always does it because it makes her partners have a better time which means she gets fucked better). She got on top and she told me it was really good sex and she stayed on top for a couple of minutes before she jumped off and into position to get fucked from behind, he put it straight up her and fucked hard for like 10 or 15 pumps until he said he was gonna cum and pulled out to shoot his load all over her ass and back.

She wiped the cum off her and they just stayed in bed naked and he fell asleep quite quickly while she lay there spinning out from all the piss and drugs, she could hear one of her friends fucking and moaning in the room next door and could hear the couple upstairs bed squeaking and creaking and shuddering threw the floor. Eventually, she got to sleep without vomiting and she slept naked next to this guy she just met.

When they woke up like 4 hours later he was big spooning her and started kissing her neck and reaching over feeling her tits and stomach, then her clit, once she's had her pussy rubbed she's never stopping. She lifted her leg while still on her side, grabbed his dick, and lined it up and he slid it in and started fucking her, there was a mirror across from the bed, my wife said she threw the blankets off and he sort of propped up and they watched themselves have sex in the mirror, then he rolled her on her back and fucked her hard and fast. She told me he again said he was going to cum but she also was nearly going to come so she said "just fuck me", that's code for him to cum in her and that's what he did. Again there wasn't a condom.

Then after a little kiss and cuddle, they swapped numbers and said they should hang out again and he got dressed and left by himself. His friends weren't too far behind him by the sound of it.

The girls slowly made there way into the kitchen for coffee and croissants and fruit and gossip.

One of her friends admitted to getting fucked in the ass with no condom and him cumming in her ass. They did behave like some naughty little bitches.

After I talked to my wife on the phone this morning where she told me every dirty little detail while I again masturbated and sniffed poppers (makes me cum hard) she said she was going to have a nap and a swim get some food and that if she didn't feel up to it she might stay one more night as she was supposed to be coming home today. That suits me fine as it sounds like that guy is still there tonight and she said she will probably hang out with him and fuck him if he's up for it.

She also told me that she promised the guy from yesterday morning she would stop in and see him on the way home. So she's going to be having more sex before she comes home to her duties as a mum and housewife.

It's looking like a good year ahead and I'm looking forward to spending it with my beautiful wife and family! I'm hoping my wife can have a lot of sex this year, she's so sexy it is a sight to behold when she makes love and I'm hoping I might be able to watch her do it a few times this year because it doesn't get any better than that!
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