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  1. My Wife's First Time Cheating

    My Wife's First Time Cheating

    I previously told the story of how my wife was caught cheating. She had made a new friend of an older divorcee and another mature wife, and that wife's husband got suspicious about about the suddenly frequent girl's nights. He followed up with his suspicions and caught his wife, the divorced...
  2. Derbyshirem

    Anybody know her?

    Anyone know this slutty wife?
  3. I won't tell my hubby...

    I won't tell my hubby...

    Dirty little cheating Bex ready for strange cock...
  4. Cheating Bex watches her boyfriend stroke

    Cheating Bex watches her boyfriend stroke

    Hot little redhead Bex, cheating slut, watches her boyfriend warming up for her pleasure.
  5. RG, the Final Chapter

    RG, the Final Chapter

    My wife really didn't want to tell me this part of the story. She never wanted me to know she'd done even a fraction of anything like it. I had to agree that once she'd told me what she could and answered all my questions I wouldn't bring it up to her again.It took me two years to piece...
  6. Pure Joy - Caught!

    Pure Joy - Caught!

    Pure Joy, caught in the act by her cuck husband, stuffed full of BBC in a hotel suite...
  7. Pure Joy - Hubby Needs a Raise!

    Pure Joy - Hubby Needs a Raise!

    Do you think he'll get it, Pure Joy's going to make sure and seal the deal...
  8. Pure Joy

    Pure Joy

    Pure Joy takes her ex Will for a joy ride
  9. Pure Joy - Girls Night Out

    Pure Joy - Girls Night Out

    Joy getting ready for a girls night out
  10. Moving in With RG

    Moving in With RG

    “Since the kids are going to be with my parents while I'm gone, why don't you come with me to Vancouver?” I asked my wife. “It's been a long time since it was just the two of us.”“It means a lot to me that you asked,” she replied, “but what would I do all day while you're working? You're also...
  11. Sam


    One day around five years ago, right after she'd been caught cheating with friends, I got home from work to find my wife dressed in this outfit, and ready to pose for me to take a few photos.She told me if I'd gotten home much later she would have changed. She was getting tired of waiting...
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  14. Wedding Trip, Meeting the Guys from Girl's Night

    Wedding Trip, Meeting the Guys from Girl's Night

    I wrote previously about my wife and her married friend Darla and a couple of oil field workers they met in a club on their shopping weekend in San Antonio. My wife thought that weekend was it, but she didn't know that Darla had kept in contact with them ever since. She had been trying to...
  15. Young Lust

    Young Lust

    My wife has long preferred older men but as she has gotten older herself it seems that at 60 younger men have become a possibility for her. It's an interest I've done my best to encourage but she has been saying that 25 is about as young as she has any interest in considering. That unexpectedly...
  16. Girl's Night

    Girl's Night

    Back in the 80s my wife had a married friend, Darla, who when they first met was a divorced mom several years older than her, though engaged to be married. Their friendship got off to a slow start but by the time Darla's engagement had ended and she had a new husband they were starting to hang...
  17. MSC.JPG


    On vacation with me but texting with her 3 boyfriends the whole trip
  18. RG Fucks My wife

    RG Fucks My wife

    Once our kids reached their teens my wife's days began to free up and she had more opportunity to cheat. Once they were grown and on their own she not only had more opportunity, but while I was at work she didn't have to worry about anyone unexpectedly walking in on her should she let something...
  19. gustav_jorgenson

    Impromptu Pool Lesson in Bar

    Impromptu Pool Lesson in Barby Gustav JorgensonExcerpted from "Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol.4"Sam’s wife Chelsea was complaining that they didn’t go out enough, so he agreed to take her to dinner and out to a new bar that just opened up. The couple didn’t know anyone there and...
  20. gustav_jorgenson

    Wife Reveals the Little Favors She Does for Her Boss

    Wife Reveals the Little Favors She Does for Her Boss By Gustav JorgensonYour wife took an admin assistant job after many years out of the workforce when you got laid off from your job and you appreciated the income while you were looking for a new position. Now you and your wife are...