1. All In The Family

    All In The Family

    "Goddamn Leslie!" I shouted as my blonde cheerleader girlfriend bounced up and down on my dick."I should have dumped Grant a long time ago," Leslie said as she bounced harder on my dick. "You're so much longer than him, and you last longer!"My dick throbbed as she mentioned the starting...
  2. BestofReddit

    Wife flirts in front of Husband

    Disclaimer: No explicit cuckolding in this one. Just a wife teasing her husband about flirting with another man ;-)***He’d been lying in bed for hours; he wasn’t going to fall asleep.Robbie hadn’t gotten a good night’s sleep since he and his wife, Sloan, had moved to Lake Lord, but after...
  3. A

    Setting up an opportunity

    Last night I brought up this desire to see my wife with other men again. Here’s some backstory: She is super conservative. Good Christian girl who when I first brought it up, shot me down quicker than I could blink. But since then, I’ve continued bringing it up at times that allowed us to talk...
  4. PhotoVoy

    Photographer seeks daytime muse for modeling

    Looking to explore new creative avenues. Suburban male photographer available for adult women and couples interested in taking pictures. I am open to ideas within your comfort zone. Experienced in R-XXX and photoshop for quality erotica. Extremely discrete. Masks, props, costumes, kink and...
  5. A

    Anyone helping this asian slut to cheat

    Hello everybody,My friend has a very hot asian girlfriend. Can's stop thinking about her sexy look. Dreaming about that she cheats on him and flirting/fucking with others. If there is anyone wanna try to flirt with her by texting her, please message me! P.S. Then knew nothing about all these.