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"Goddamn Leslie!" I shouted as my blonde cheerleader girlfriend bounced up and down on my dick.

"I should have dumped Grant a long time ago," Leslie said as she bounced harder on my dick. "You're so much longer than him, and you last longer!"

My dick throbbed as she mentioned the starting Quarterback's name, dreamstime_xxl_111033912.jpgI hated Grant Towers, I wanted to play Quarterback, but he beat me in fair competition; the coach said I could try out for defense since the offense roster was filled. I didn't mind, as I played both ways in High School. The coach was impressed with my tackling skills and ability to run with wide receivers, so he made me a Corner, which was fine. It was even better for me because I could intercept some of Grant's errand passes.

"Damn!" I said as it felt like Leslie was about to tear my dick off from the roots.

Placing her hands on my chest and bouncing her hips faster, "I am never going back, I swear, Never!"

"Leslie," I said, as I felt myself about to cum.

"Just a few more seconds," Leslie closed her eyes. Leslie Dawson was the catch of all the cheerleaders, the moment I saw her with her blonde hair and perky full tits, they weren't as big as my last girlfriends, but they were more than a handful, I wanted her, even now, staring at her tits bounce up and down, side to side as she rode me, I was glad I stole her from that idiot. "Nearly there," Leslie bit her lower lip.

"Leslie!" I said, staring at my uncovered cock in her tight hole.

"Shush!" she put her hand over my mouth.

I tried to warn her. Then just before I came, she quickly got off, "Told you," she smiled as I came hard. Leslie bowed her head and licked my cock clean. "Can't let any go to waste."

I breathed heavily as I watched her pert body get off the bed. "Are you sure about this?" I asked, staring out of the hotel window.

"Absolutely," Leslie smiled, "You're worrying too much." I had reason to worry, it had been three months since Leslie dumped Grant in front of the whole team and the other cheerleaders at a campus party. I (of course) took the brunt of it, but after seeing what I could do on the field, everyone shut up and now Leslie was taking me to Columbia, SC, to see her parents.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"They are Gamecock fans?" I asked as we pulled up to the large house.

"Of course, they are, they live in Columbia, duh!"

Being a Clemson football player just made this situation a lot worse, I got out of the car and looked at the banners on the front porch and the stickers on the windows of the vehicles. "Leslie!" a tall man said as he opened the door.

"Hey, Dad!"

"You must be Shawn?" a short, curvy woman asked as we entered the lavish house.

"Yes Ma'am," I said as she hugged me.

"Shawn," her father said.


"None of that sir crap," her father said, "I work for a living."

"Yes," I nearly repeated, sir.


"David," I nodded back.

"Well, I heard you guys got a hotel," her mother said as we sat in the large living room.

"Yes, we left campus late, and didn't want to intrude," I explained.

"It's a two-hour drive," David said, "How late did you leave?"

"Dad!" Leslie barked.

"I am going to check on the food, it should be nearly ready," her mum said as she got up. "Leslie?" Leslie got up and followed.

"So, Gamecock, huh," trying to change the conversation.

"Yeah, I went, my wife went," David said as he entered the adjoining room; I followed close behind. "Both of Leslie's brothers went, both played for the school." I saw pictures of Leslie's brothers, one playing basketball, and the other playing football. "Leslie was always the renegade of the family," David said bitterly, "Always trying to get her way, and disobeying family tradition."

As he said family tradition, he held a picture of the family, all of whom were white. I was sure he meant Leslie broke family tradition by dating a black male. "Those are Neil's and Sebastian's wives," showing me the picture on the wall.

"I see,"

"Dinner's ready!" Ms. Dawson yelled.

"Come on then, let's eat!"

I sat near Leslie across the table from Ms. Dawson. It was a nice dinner with all the Southern fixings. "Do you like?" Ms. Dawson asked as I bit into my first helping.

I wasn't a big fish person, but the fried fish tasted great, "It's great," I nodded.

"It was one of Grant's favorites."

"Dad!" Leslie stared at her father.

"Pay him no mind," Ms. Dawson said, "Grant's father and he are good friends."

"Oh, I didn't know that," I said, tasting the mac and cheese, which was also excellent.

"Yeah, we used to play football together when we went to college," David smiled. I tried to pay attention to what he was talking about but kept getting distracted by Ms. Dawson and her ample chest, even now, I could see a hint of her dark blue bra underneath the button shirt. A small glimpse showed between two buttons as the middle button had given way.

'Holy fuck!' I thought as Ms. Dawson stretched again; another button gave way revealing the bra underneath. I tried to adjust in my seat as my dick throbbed to life, seeing my girlfriend's mother stretch and yawn, making her impressive chest jut forward.

"Well, Grant is still the quarterback," Leslie said, "So, he has something going for him, plus he already got with Jenny Winstead."

"The redhead?" Ms. Dawson asked.

This time she leaned forward, her huge tits smashed against the table, creating a long line of cleavage as they jutted upward. She pushed her finger between her tits and down her cleavage.

"Yes," Leslie replied.

Ms. Dawson nodded while running the finger down the middle of her cleavage.

"Wow!" I said out loud. I had not intended to come out so loud.

"Everything okay Shawn?" Ms. Dawson asked as she quickly sat back so the other two didn't see what she had just done.

"Yes, Ma'am," I couldn't believe she did it again, running the same finger down her cleavage while looking at me when they looked away.

"I heard you got onto the team?" David asked, not paying attention to his wife's actions.

"Yes, Dad," Leslie said, staring at her Dad, "Shawn is going to be one of the starting Cornerbacks for the Clemson Tigers," Leslie said proudly, emphasizing the last two words.

'Fuck, she did it again,' I thought, seeing Ms. Dawson squeeze her right tit as she stared at me. "Excuse me," I got up, trying to hide my raging boner from everybody, "Where is the bathroom?"

"Down the hall to the right," Ms. Dawson smiled, still holding a finger between her cleavage as she looked at me.

I rushed down the hall, saw the bathroom, and Immediately got inside locking the door behind me. "Fuck," I said as I sat on the edge of the toilet. I couldn't help myself as I started masturbating to the size of Ms. Dawson's huge breasts. The way she squeezed and played with them, they were much bigger than Leslie's. Then the door burst open, and Ms. Dawson came in.

"Maybe I can help with that," she said, closing the door behind her, "It doesn't lock fully if you don't know how," she smiled, "It's an old house."

"But…" I tried to say before Ms. Dawson got down on her knees before me.

"Shush now, you don't want anyone to hear us, right?"


"This won't take long," Ms. Dawson said as her hand wrapped around my cock. She stared at me with blue eyes, just like her daughter, she also had blonde hair, but there were gray strands throughout.

"Fuck," I said as she expertly used her hands to go up and down my dick.


'No way!' I thought as Ms. Dawson's head bounced up and down my cock.

"David can't keep his cock hard for too long anymore," Ms. Dawson said, "A few good strokes of my hand and he is bursting like a geyser." I watched her tongue circle the head of my dick, and then her head went down, only showing the gray of the top of her head.

'Damn, Leslie's mother was better at sucking cock than she was,' I thought. Leslie never took all of my cock into her mouth. Ms. Dawson was deep-throating me down and back up again. "I see this will take longer than I expected," Ms. Dawson said as she stood up, "Maybe a different tactic is needed."

'Get the fuck out!' I thought as I watched Ms. Dawson hike up her skirt and turn around, "Holy!" I said out loud as Ms. Dawson lowered herself onto my cock.

"Shh, you have to stop being so loud," Ms. Dawson whispered, "Control yourself."

It was hard to control my outbursts when she was ten times tighter than Leslie or any of the other women I had slept with on campus. Ms. Dawson's plump butt bounced up and down, slow at first, then she started to go faster. 'Goddamn!' I thought as she was just like her daughter, the two of them loved riding cock.

"Don't hold back now," Ms. Dawson said.

"But…" I said.

"Oh, it's alright, you can cum inside, I am not like the young girls at your college, you can't get me pregnant."

I had never cum inside before; I had always used protection or pulled out. "There you go," Ms. Dawson said as I gripped her thick waist and pulled her down. "Cum inside me, that's a good boy!" When I finished, Ms. Dawson pulled her panties back up and ensured her skirt was in place before checking the hallway, "Go on," she smiled.

I walked back to the table. Leslie and her father were still arguing about her dumping Grant, "I hope you sprayed," David said, "Don't want you stinking up the place."

"Yes sir," I nodded as I sat down. A few minutes later, Ms. Dawson came back to the table. "You have to call Neil back, he is having problems with his car again," she smiled at her husband.

"Damn him!" David said, throwing a napkin onto the table and getting up from the table.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~

"Sorry we have to leave so early," I said, "We have a plane to catch."

"Yes, I told them," Leslie said as she pulled me toward the car.

"Yes, going to see his parents," David scoffed, "Miami, right?"

"Yes," Leslie said as she opened the passenger side door, "Cane fans," she smiled at her father.

"Hopefully we will see you both for Thanksgiving?" Ms. Dawson asked as she looked at me.

"It will be nice," I said as I got in the car.

"Sorry about my father," Leslie said as I started the car.

"It's okay, to be expected," I said as I backed out of the driveway, "Your mother seems nice."

"Yeah," Leslie said as she stared out the window. "Stepmother by the way," she said quietly.

"You never told me that," I said as we got on the road.

"Yeah, Gail stole my Dad from my mother shortly after I was born. She used to work in my Dad's law firm, one day they went out to dinner, and she managed to weasel her way into his heart and his family, My mom didn't stand a chance."

"Huh?" I said, 'I knew just how she did it too,' I thought as we headed for the airport.
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I write long and detailed stories that are mostly interracially motivated. I have never been able to write small stories well. I like the how, when, and where. Most of my female characters are independent and strong-minded.


Have you ever thought of a story where a very white racist PTA and white teachers that are slowly and systematically turn into bbc sluts
mwoods said:
Have you ever thought of a story where a very white racist PTA and white teachers that are slowly and systematically turn into bbc sluts
I have never thought of that, but thank you for the idea! I will add it to my list of stories to write. You can follow the link in my profile for more stories if you wish.

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