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  1. cuckoldfantasies

    my wife don't know about my fantasy... how convince her to cuckold me ?

    I am horny when fantasy watching my wife riding a stranger cock, how turn my wife to hotwife?
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    Kinky Cuckold Couple
  3. S

    Seeking/trading fakes

    Hey guys, Been collecting fakes of my cum dump slutwife for years! Would love to trade with other cucks who have collections of their wives! Mainly into stuff like bukkake, blowbang, dogging, cuckold, etc. Dm for my email or shoot me a msg on kik Xcum_dump
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    Seeking/Trading tributes

    Hey guys, I have quite the collection of cum, cock, jerk tributes of my slutwife. I'd love to trade and share with other cucks who have collections of their cum dump wives. Dm me for my email or shoot me a msg on kik Xcum_dump Always seeking tributes as well! I also do tributes but only for...
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  7. lkhornybull

    Nishi's PVT session with a paid client for a soft BDSM

    The guy doing it is a BDSM master, he got some basic tools. He has a pvt client group he sells live sessions of whores like my wife doing stuff on cam. She got paid USD 80 for 30 mints. if you need the full video clip, DM me
  8. Simond

    Where have you seen my wife

    I know that a lot of guys have posted her pics on various websites.Let me know if you have seen her, and where. Screenshots would be great too.
  9. M

    Join my girlfriend’s Telegram group that shows off her and myself! Feel free to save anything in there!

    If you have telegram and want to join her group you can do so below! This group was created by another bull that saved everything and put it all in one place.Kellie’s & Jeremy’s party page
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    Hotwife K in lingerie
  11. JamesJoness

    PAWG slutwife from Asheville, NC

    This pawg slutwife seeking bulls to text and meet her for rough sex.KIK: babydollinblack No: 5189810760
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  14. *******.com_543253_0dbb0f89dfc1.jpg


    Claire, UK
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  16. I want more, honey - chapter I

    I want more, honey - chapter I

    I want more, honeyChapter IClaudia walked towards the bathroom on shaky legs. Suddenly, she stopped and looked at her husband, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, struggling to put on his underwear. She liked what she was seeing. Considering his age and the time they had been together...
  17. C

    Shes been a bad girl

    Punish her with you cock. Cock her picture and ill keep adding more!
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