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11 Inch FuckStick here

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New around here...
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Jan 28, 2005
If you can't feel that 4 inch white cock up in you or you are a female just hard up for some big strong cock to bottom u out hit me up in Michigan
mmmm unfortunately not in u.s.a. but it gives me wild dreams just looking at it. gawd would luv to get stuffed full of that while my hubby witnesses


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fuckmywife michigan

I would love to be stretch by your big cock it sure would fill me up!
[would love to fill er up if I was there
I think you're hot...if you're ever in jersey.... :twisted:


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Michigan also

from Michigan also, recently posted my pic on here..let me know where your at, Id love to meet you..

yhell yea girl where yea at in Mid-MI? Email me with some more details please!
looking very sexy in that pic :wink:
Damn, the things I could do with that BIG black cock....it would be a nasty thing to have you gag me with your big cock...I love the thought of your cock disappearing in my wet cunt....mmmmmmmmmmmm....Where are you? Are you in SoCal? Hope to hear from you soon, will be taking a business trip in Nov. and would love to ride your cock and taste my cunt juices all over it....c ya
hi michigan here

m/w/f 31 michigan indiana line my hubby wantsme to ride a big black cock my pic is in yahoo profile liz_mm2003
add me then girl

bigblackfreakshow on yahoo im
love that dick


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hi mwf 31 here

michigan indiana line my pics are in yahoo liz_mm2003 useme nasty forceme
Very Nice lookin man

You are really sexy...

need more black cock

hello livonia white married housewife in need get in touch and will send pics fre9560525@AOL.COM HAD FIRST BLACK COCK FRI NEED MORE BIGGER HEAVY CUMMER WELCOME
hung very well

i really like what i see you are so hot id love to be your white fuck toy
from Irena

My all holes for you.


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How would you feel about a bbw in Michigan having that cock inside of her. I wouldlove to try to ride your cock let alone suck on it. email me at lovelyredhead6482@hotmail.com

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