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Any black guy in Italy for my gf?

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Apr 11, 2005
26 yo beautiful girl is looking for a well hung BBC. My bf is 7.5''...so i would love to try a very big black cock (10'' or more and very thick).
It could be discrete, very clean, gentlemen and with a well shaped body.
my bf will take photos of our sex session (only this).
If u are interested in great fun with me please leave your message. We will reply for encounters..

contact me at sandy11111111@hotmail.it (remember to include pics of you and your cock!)

Comments will be appreciate...
Please reply to me...i'm so tired to suck white cocks!
please...i need to strecth my pussy with a very big cock...
Why not take a trip to N. Africa ? I'm sure the brothers would like to get tribal on your woman :lol:
i would like to give you all pleasure u want...just with my lips and tongue...

I would love to give you all this black dick in every hole. If you want it CUM get it


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u have a really attractive cock....i would like to meet u...
please let me see other pics of your big tool! i want to suck it untill it explod in my mouth...i will keep it dry and clean!
Very nice from JaxFloridaMandingo here...I would travel the world to get with that body....maybe I will.....
Thx u guys...very nice cocks...i' d like to suck them...and i hope to do it soon like i already told to u...
Any other man want to feel my wet and soft lips on his big cocks?
Let me know if u want to meet online again cam2cam...just to watch my wet pussy and your bbc...waiting for real encounters...
Other pics for u...
black 10

I would love to cam to cam, where did you go?


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i'm here, my dear...but u are not online! i need your cock in my mouth!!!

PS Hello guys!! where are u? nobody want to have fun with me???
other pics for your big cocks!!! this is my bf...but i hope to feel your big cocks soon....

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